Outdoorsy vs RVShare: Which is Best?

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​Before you decide to plan your next camping trip vacation to a National Park (or anywhere), you need to make sure you have access to a reliable RV or motorhome to relax comfortably while exploring nature.

Bottom Line Up Front Summary: Both of these platforms are great, but Outdoorsy is starting to overtake RV Share in many markets. All things being equal, I would check Outdoorsy here first because of their more thorough vetting, roadside assistance, and customer service, particularly if you are within 40 minutes of a major city. It’s still worth checking the selection on RV Share here, as the two marketplaces vary in strength by region.

Main Differences Between Outdoorsy vs RVShare

The main differences between Outdoorsy and RVShare are:

  • Outdoorsy has an easier to use rental system, while RVShare can be a little more complicated
  • Outdoorsy offers setup and delivery, whereas RVShare does not
  • Outdoorsy offers more community support, whereas RVShare historical has a wider selection of RV options to choose from

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There are a lot of different RVs and motorhome options out on the market and all of them offer their own unique benefits when compared to one another. Some RVs come with amenities like integrated solar panels, stone countertops, water heating systems, air conditioning and more.

While other RVs available on the market are simply outfitted with basic features like a kitchen, bathroom, and resting area. Depending on the size of your camping group, you’ll need to make sure that the RV you choose is able to accommodate all of your needs while out in the wilderness. Commonly, people who are interested in camping will go out and purchase an RV or motorhome to use during their adventures.

RVs and motorhomes can be quite expensive though which is why many outdoor enthusiasts have been looking for an alternative to buying an RV for quite some time now. Thanks to advancements in technology, the days of having to buy an RV or motorhome to experience the pleasures of being outdoors are far gone.

In recent years, there has been a slew of companies that have started to pop up which offer camping enthusiasts and other outdoor explorers the ability to obtain a reliable RV or motorhome without having to buy one.

These companies typically allow you to rent an RV by way of using one of their convenient apps that are available on a wide array of smartphone devices and other platforms.

What’s more, one-way, delivery and pet inclusion are all available options for the renter. Renters can also have their trips and motor home rental options cut short or extended, but this should come to an agreement between the RV owner and the renter.

Similar to apps like Uber and Lyft that let you hitch a ride from an independent contractor instead of a taxi, these RV rental apps give you access to a wide range of different RV selections for rent that you can choose from.

Interested RV owners and renters can take to the RV Share or Outdoorsy website and view the available RV sharing listings in their respective areas. This can be done for free. Both give you more savings and value as compared to going the traditional corporate RV rental route. All in all, both are great platforms for those who are looking to rent RVs and those looking to make extra cash with their owned motor homes.

These RV rental apps use very strict requirements to screen potential users so that you can always rest assured that you’re renting a high-quality motorhome for your travels across the road.

There are several different RV rental apps to choose from and each of them offers their own unique benefits to using the platform over another competing app on the market. If you’re interested in learning more about the various RV rental apps available for download, you’ve come to the right place.

In this guide, we’re going to breakdown some of the key differences between all of the RV rental apps out on the market so that you can make a decision on which platform provides the exact features and benefits that you’re looking for.

We’re going to cover all of the most important information that you need to know to help you avoid wasting time and money. For RVs, camper trailers (often called travel trailer), and campervan options, you only really have 2 main players right now and they are RV Share and Outdoorsy. There may be a few other small players out there but for now, those two are the main ones you get to choose from.

The concept with both of them is the same. You have an RV or camper trailer owner that wants to make some money renting their RV and you have a renter that wants to rent an RV.

What these two websites do is they help the two parties find each other and take care of all the risky stuff such as facilitating payment and handling the insurance stuff.

They both function pretty much the same way. A person goes to either RV Share or Outdoorsy and they put where they want to rent an RV and the dates and then the websites list all of the available RVs to rent and the prices. The two websites are similar in a lot of ways but they are also different in a lot of ways also.

We’ll also give you recommendations about which app we think is best and how you can begin renting high-quality RVs in your local area as soon as possible. There are two very prominent RV rental apps available on the market and they’re known as Outdoorsy and RV share.

Both of these apps make it very easy for you to find high-quality RV rentals in your local area and across the country so that you can camp and explore with security and peace of mind.

Let’s begin by comparing some of the main differences between both of these apps so that you can get a quick view of what features they offer.

Similarities and Differences Between Outdoorsy vs RVShare

Outdoorsy and RV Share are considered to be the premier platforms for those interested in RV rentals and for good reason.

Both platforms offer a roadside assistance service designed to help you remain safe in virtually any circumstance.

Outdoorsy and RV Share allow you the opportunity to make money from your existing RV if you own one by renting out your motorhome to interested renters. There are so many things that you can do with both of these apps which make them very convenient and efficient.

At a Glance Comparison


RV Share

  • Easy to use the rental system for quick access to reliable RVs
  • Set-up & Delivery option for those interested in renting an RV
  • Community support which allows you to get answers to all of the questions you have before choosing an RV
  • Road-side assistance
  • Wide range of RV vehicle options to choose from
  • 24/7 Emergency roadside assistance support
  • Online vehicle selection capability
  • Cash back program for regular RV renters
  • Optional insurance coverage available

Each platform comes with its own unique benefits and disadvantages, depending on your specific needs, you’ll want to select the platform that offers the most value and incentives for your money.

Before choosing an RV rental platform, you want to take into consideration a few key elements which will determine your overall satisfaction level with the experience you have with your chosen RV rental app.

Key Elements to look for in an RV rental service

There are a few key elements that you want to take into consideration before choosing an RV rental service that is perfect for you and your exploration needs, consider the following factors.

By using the factors listed below to help you decide on which RV rental service is right for you, you’ll be able to avoid signing up for services that simply don’t provide the level of service that you expect.

The key elements to consider when choosing an RV rental service are as follows:

Roadside Assistance

While most RV rental services offer inclusive roadside assistance services, many of the programs vary drastically in terms of the amount of assistance and coverage that you receive.

Availability and response time may also be an issue to consider when choosing the right RV rental service so make sure that you confirm all of this information prior to booking a rental request.

Both Outdoorsy and RV Share provide 24/7 roadside assistance coverage to everyone who books an RV through their rental service, which allows you to get the perfect RV for your travels without any compromises.

Both services offer very responsive roadside assistance services which will help you in virtually any situation that you may find yourself in while traveling on the road.

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Insurance Coverage & Protection

To keep your family and property safe while exploring the country, you need to make sure that your chosen RV rental service provides renters insurance and coverage. Both RV Share and Outdoorsy provide high-quality RV rental insurance to make sure that you’re protected while traversing the roads.

Both of these apps provide RV insurance for both yourself and the vehicle so you won’t have to worry about being responsible for any damages or accidents that may happen while driving. This allows you to rest confidently knowing that you are protected regardless of the roads that you travel.

Payment & Delivery Method

Every RV rental service provides various methods in which you can pay for their services, depending on your budget and available payment methods, each of these apps offers their own unique way for you to utilize their services.

Some apps allow you to simply book an RV online with your credit card while other services require that you go to a local dealership and physically pick up the motorhome that you’re interested in. Be considerate of this fact before choosing a particular RV rental service that is right for you.

Battle of The RVs: Outdoorsy Vs. RV Share Which one is best

Outdoorsy Review

Outdoorsy is a premium RV rental platform that allows you to select thoroughly verified motorhomes from local owners and dealerships in your area.

Outdoorsy makes it easy for you to browse through thousands of local RV listings in your area so that you can select the right RV rental option for your particular needs. Outdoorsy has a vast service maintenance network through Canada and the US including over 400,000 facilities that you can use to get service for your RV anywhere that you are.

Outdoorsy RVs come with an array of benefits including lockout locksmith services, emergency roadside assistance, jump-start battery boost, flat tire changes, RV towing, mobile mechanic access, and a lot more. Outdoorsy makes it easy for you to rent a reliable RV and get it delivered straight to your door for ultimate convenience and hassle-free service.

Outdoorsy makes sure that you’re protected by performing a through DMV check on all drivers who participate on the platform so if you’re interested in renting or leasing, you’ll always be in good hands.

Outdoorsy also offers a wide selection of different class RVs for you to choose from including Class A RVs, Class B RVs, and Class C RVs.

Outdoorsy also gives you access to an array of the most popular resorts across the country that you can visit once you confirm your RV rental. Outdoorsy makes it very easy for you to gain access to all of the essential things that you need when renting an RV. Outdoorsy provides high-quality RV rental services in a peer-to-peer marketplace atmosphere as well to further increase convenience and efficiency.

There are several RV rig types ranging from Class A to Class C and everything else that you can imagine including Truck Campers, Vintage/Stationary Trailers, RV Park Models, Non-Mobile Destination RVs, Fifth Wheels, Pop-Ups, and Towing Vehicles.

RV owners who choose to use outdoorsy get 80 percent of the whole reservation fee costs (rental fee) and any add-ons that the renter requests such as generator fees and extra mileage.

For an idea of how the percentages are calculated on outdoorsy, check out the listing calculator on their website for more information. Outdoorsy keeps 10% of the total reservation costs for on-demand insurance coverage and for roadside assistance services to safeguard you from any potential issues while on the road.

RV renters are given access to several secure partnerships throughout their booking with Outdoorsy so that they can rest assured that they’re getting quality service.

One advantage outdoorsy has over RVShare is the fact that it offers greater coverage at a lower price so you can still get the insurance coverage that you need without sacrificing the things that you want.

Renters who use Outdoorsy are also subject to a comprehensive background check and a motor history before they can book an RV to ensure the quality of the platform.

Outdoorsy even provides GPS tracking options so the RV owner knows the location of his or her RV at all times which also helps the renters with safety. Once the selected RV is handed to the renter, a $250,000 comprehensive and collision insurance policy and $1M liability protection begin.

There’s no extra rental cost for this service, nor do renters have to sign up an endless number of forms or speak with an insurance agent to begin which makes it very easy.

More often than not, the RV renter won’t need to make any changes regarding coverage or their own policy, which means you spend less time going through the paperwork and more time for your R and R. Make sure you can pass the DMV screening which is submitted online and viewable after 24 hours upon submission to avoid any interruptions or delays.

Keep in mind that personal items aren’t protected under the outdoorsy insurance policy. Personal belongings and convenience items like portable TVs are part of the RV, so renters will have to take care of the coffee maker, toaster, and any add-ons. Any missing items will get deducted from the security deposit after the booking is completed so you want to make sure that you take care of the property.

Outdoorsy Pros & Cons

Outdoorsy is a high-quality RV rental platform that puts the power to rent in your hands. Outdoorsy comes with its own set of benefits as well as disadvantages, this section will list some of the main benefits and disadvantages to using Outdoorsy so that you can make the right rental decision for your needs.

Outdoorsy Pros

  • Outdoorsy has a functional and easy to use website that works great and is pleasing to the eye so you can rent or lease your RV in no time.
  • Paperwork and booking confirmation are easier if you do your listings and bookings in Outdoorsy. All the work and money transfers are done by the RV renting platform and leaser, which means you deal with less fuss and more time spent planning your next adventure.
  • Outdoorsy includes optional setup and RV delivery for better convenience.
  • Interested RV buyers can use the peer to peer platform offered by Outdoorsy to get a feel for the right RV for their needs and before they fully commit to such a large investment.

Outdoorsy Cons

  • Not all Outdoorsy RVs are pet-friendly. Make sure to check descriptions or send a message to the RV owner.
  • Outdoorsy RV owners get added mileage along with wear and tear. However, you’re paid for it and any extras.

Outdoorsy also provides coverages for all of the following situations:

  • Backup accidents
  • Vandalism
  • Fires
  • Stolen RV
  • Power surge
  • Earthquakes
  • Fallen trees
  • Windstorms
  • Hailstorms
  • Animal collision

Outdoorsy is a great RV rental platform for owners and renters interested in access or providing access to premium motorhome options. Outdoorsy has a wide range of different RV options for you to choose from if you’re someone that’s looking for versatility and access to trusted RVs for rent, Outdoorsy is the perfect platform for your needs.

With their included premium insurance coverage and trusted roadside assistance service, Outdoorsy simply can’t be beaten when it comes to RV rental platforms. If you’re interested in renting a high-quality RV or would like to lease your existing vehicle to make some extra money, Outdoorsy provides the perfect platform for you.

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Trusted RV rental marketplace | Outdoorsy

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RV Share Review 

RV Share is very similar to Outdoorsy however the service offers some distinctively different service options. RV Share gives you access to a wide range of premium RVs to choose from and ensure your safety by providing 24/7 roadside assistance with all of their RV rentals.

RV Share makes it easy for you to browse and choose the right RV for your needs according to the body style and feature options for towing. RV Share provides an array of different motorhome and RV options to choose from including Fifth wheels, travel trailer, Class A motorhomes, and Class C motorhomes. RV Share also gives you access to a list of the most well-known RV trip destinations and vacaction spots across the country so that you can enjoy your getaway with a quality guarantee.

RV Share is the perfect RV rental platform for those that are interested in gaining access to reliable RVs that have been routinely maintained and checked for any potential operating issues. RV Share offers RV rental options from dealerships and private owners.

RV Share is an online rental marketplace specifically designed for renting out RVs of all makes and models so that you can get the motorhome you want while saving money in the process. Both owners and renters who use the RV Share platform can sign up for free and create their own listings, which fall into 4 categories- Class A, B, C and Travel Trailer. Expandable Trailers are typically subdivided into Truck Camper, Fifth Wheel, Toy Hauler, Pop Up Camper, and Wheelchair Accessible.

A call to the RVShare support team gives renters access to the nearest qualified towing company in their current location. The representatives of the roadside assistance service are all qualified RV experts and will help renters every step of the way. The Roadside Assistance team provides free tire services anywhere in the United States.

This includes re-inflation of flat tires and tire replacements plus an inflated spare. Each confirmed rental booking made on RV Share comes with standard 24/7 roadside assistance service and travel concierge services. There’s no extra charge for these coverage options as long as you confirm it on the site before picking up your rental.

Reservations start within 30 days of the official start date. Reservations with the RVShare.com Rental Insurance give the owners $500,000 of coverage in liability, plus comprehensive and collision for their RV’s value (not exceeding $200,000). The owner of the RV may opt to upgrade to a higher coverage for a nominal fee, which extends the liability coverage up to $1M.

For RVs that are 15 years and older and are valued at $200,000 or less are automatically enrolled in liability coverage regardless of whether they’re travel trailers or motorhomes. Keep in mind that this covers Acts of God instances as well.

These are great bonuses as they give both renter and RV owner peace of mind whenever the motorhome is out on the road. You can call RV Share support or Roadside Assistance directly via the number listed on the website. RV Share rental insurance is provided to trailer owners free of charge.

Other RV owner and renter privileges include no startup fees, no membership costs, and renewals. Owners just have to list your RV online at RVShare.com and avail of the built-in rental insurance. Insurance costs are covered by the renter.

The deductible for booking is set at $1,500 on a per-occurrence basis and is default payable from the renter’s security deposit. Insurance starts the moment the booking is confirmed and when the renter signs the agreement.

RV Share Pros & Cons

Much like with Outdoorsy, RV Share has its own set of benefits and disadvantages depending on the type of RV rental that you’re interested in. RV Share gives you access to a slew of high-quality RV rental options in various categories and motorhome classes so that you can get the perfect vehicle for your travels anytime.

To help you get a better understanding of how RV Share works, the section below is going to include some of the main benefits and disadvantages to using RV Share as your preferred RV rental platform.

RV Share Pros

  • You can browse through real listings on RV Share without having to drive to the nearest dealership or speak with a salesman.
  • RV Share has an optional $1M insurance coverage option if they choose to upgrade from the standard policy automatically given by the RV renting platform.
  • There’s a cash back program with RV Share if you’re planning on renting RVs occasionally.
  • RV Share renters automatically get a $10,000 peace of mind guarantee if they book the RV via the Share Payment System.

RV Share Cons

  • RV availability, especially models and certain types will be limited when you search in remote cities using RV Share.
  • Response time leaves a lot to be desired. This isn’t RV Share’s fault as the RV owner is responsible for answering any queries they might receive. These owners may have changed their mind about having their RVs rented and forgot to remove the listing from the website.

RV Share is a great RV rental platform for those individuals that are interested in accessing high-quality RVs that they can use anywhere they go. RV Share puts the power to rent traditional, modern, and novelty RVs from a wide range of trusted owners who will be more than happy to help you experience your travels across the road in a new light.

RV Share is a great platform for people interested in gaining access to a wide selection of RVs that they don’t have to purchase in order to enjoy. If you’re interested in renting an RV and have been wondering which platform is best, continue reading to find out more detailed information about the two options.

Policy & Payments: Outdoorsy vs RV Share

While Outdoorsy and RV Share offers very similar platforms, they do differ significantly in terms of how they handle processing and payment options for those interested in their services.

If you’re interested in learning more about how RV Share and Outdoorsy differ drastically from one another, continue reading so that we can help you determine which service provides the essential features that you need.


Owners get the payout for their rentals released at the 1st business day once the reservation is complete. For reservations that took place on Fridays and Weekends, the funds won’t be released until Monday.

Once the reservation is accepted the renter gets charged the full amount of the booking. Outdoorsy holds the funds and releases them to the RV owner after a 24-hour window.

RV owners can then wait for 3 to 5 business days for the payment to appear on their bank accounts. Booking online at the RV Share site gives you the $10,000 guarantee for peace of mind.

Cancellation Conditions [Cancellation Policy]

The cancellation policy applies when the renter initiates it, or when the RV owner gives notice for it which presents the renter with a full refund.

Outdoorsy allows the owners to choose from 3 standardized cancellation policies, namely the Strict, Moderate and Flexible, to ensure that both renters and owners are protected.

With RV Share, there are 6 policies owners can choose from- Forgiving, Flexible, Standard, Strict, Very Strict, Most Strict.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an Airbnb for RVs?

Even though Airbnb is not an RV Rental Company, the potential renters are allowed to list their RVs as a rental. If you are specifically interested in this option. you can select the option “RV/Campers” in the search bar.

What is the cancellation policy for Outdoorsy?

The cancellation of a recreational vehicle reservation in Outdoorsy can be categorized in 3 cancellation policies: Flexible, Moderate, Strict. Before you reserve an RV Camping trailer, the Rental Company will make you choose between three 4 options.

The Final Wheel: RVShare vs Outdoorsy?

Both Outdoorsy and RV Share provides the perfect platform for individuals interested in experiencing the RV life without having to actually buy one. Whether this is a first time vacation or repeat holiday experience.

When I recently booked an RV, I looked at both sites to see what one had a better deal. Now I will tell you that I was not going to an area that was very populous so I did have a limited selection.

You do have a few differences between the two. Outdoorsy has better insurance and customer service. RV Share has a bigger selection of RVs to rent and tend to have cheaper prices. From all the reviews and research, I have done it seems that RV Share is almost impossible to get a hold of and Outdoorsy is a lot easier to get someone on the phone or to answer an e-mail.

You also have to take into mind that both companies are still relatively new and growing like crazy and keep adding on new features. A good example is that when I booked an RV on RV Share in late 2017, they did not have the instant book feature and now both websites have that.

I am not guaranteeing that your experience will be perfect but I am 2 for 2 so far. You just have to make sure you read through everything thoroughly and make sure you don’t book at the last minute because you are dealing with owners on the other end and not some employee who sits by his computer and phone all day.

Sometimes when you message people they will not get back to you. That’s why I recommend not booking at the last minute and really walk through things with the RV owner before you rent.

You are going to continue to see both sites add on new features and improve the services that they do have such as I heard that it is easier to get ahold of someone at RV Share now.

As far as everything I have read Outdoorsy edges out RV Share if you need to get ahold of the company for whatever reason. But RV Share tends to have a bigger selection to choose from and a tad bit better pricing. But as a write this article I am sure more and more people are listing on Outdoorsy.

Now the selection was not bad but I was not near a major city where you tend to have a lot to choose from.

What I found was that RV Share was cheaper and had a better selection so I did book through RV Share.

If I would have found a better deal on Outdoorsy, I would not have hesitated to book. I would not hesitate to list an RV or rent an RV from either service. As far as listing why not do both. It’s free to do so. You just have to make sure that you don’t double book. Or why not do both and see which one you like better and get the most action from.

I have rented from RV Share a couple of times and had no problem at all.

If you’re in the market for a high-quality RV rental platform, both Outdoorsy and RV Share provides the perfect place for you to obtain access to the RVs that you are interested in the most RV Share and Outdoorsy provides access to premium RVs that you can trust renting.

If you’re an RV owner or someone who is interested in renting an RV, both Outdoorsy and RV Share platforms are placed that you need to check out.

Bottom Line on Outdoorsy vs RVShare?

Bottom Line: Both of these platforms are great, but Outdoorsy is starting to overtake RV Share in many markets. All things being equal, I would check Outdoorsy here first because of their more thorough vetting, roadside assistance, and customer service, particularly if you are within 40 minutes of a major city. It’s still worth checking the selection on RV Share here, as the two marketplaces vary in strength by region.

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Trusted RV rental marketplace | Outdoorsy

Outdoorsy is safe, easy, fully insured, and has a great local selection. They're free to join and have no membership fees of any kind. Discover amazing RVs to travel in - or rent out your own!

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