Best RV Roadside Assistance Plans

Best RV Roadside Assistance Plans: RVs, Motorhomes, Campers

You wouldn’t leave home without first investing in a comprehensive insurance policy or insurance plan and at least a basic tool kit.

After all, this is the trip of a lifetime you’re about to embark on, so if trouble strikes while you’re out on the road, it pays to be prepared with the best RV roadside assistance plans.

Yet despite this, so many people new to the RV lifestyle overlook what a major difference the best RV roadside assistance plans can make when it comes to overcoming the potential setbacks that could otherwise scupper their dream vacation.

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Good Sam is like the AAA, but specifically for RVs. We don't travel without it. Easily the most COMPREHENSIVE and responsive RV service we've experienced. Rest easy knowing that the unexpected breakdowns don't have to ruin your trip!

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Not convinced?

Just imagine that you’re hundreds of miles away from home. It’s late at night, but you’re heading to your nearest RV park, ready for a peaceful night’s sleep.

Then, all of a sudden disaster.

A flat tire, a dead engine. An empty gas tank.

Your only option is to leave your RV or motorhome -and probably your loved ones- out in the middle of nowhere while you walk several miles to get help or stay there until morning and go look for help then.

However, if you sign up to a roadside assistance program before you set off, something as simple as a flat tire or empty gas tank doesn’t have to turn your big trip into something out of a low-grade horror movie.

You simply pick up the phone and sit tight, safe in the knowledge that a trained professional will be with you in no time, bringing exactly the kind of help you need.

Bottom Line Up Front: If you are stuck deciding between the different roadside assistance service options, I personally prefer using the top rated Good Sam Roadside Assistance plan here. Try them FIRST, if at all possible.

Choosing an RV roadside assistance plan

So while it simply makes sense for even the most seasoned of RV drivers to take out a plan, selecting the best one for you and your loved ones isn’t always the easiest decision to make.

Even the briefest of Google searches for a quality roadside assistance provider will bring up a whole host of different companies, each one promising you that their plan really is the best of the bunch.

So how do you know which one is telling the truth?

What’s more, with even the most basic plans covering a whole multitude of aspects, where do you even start when it comes to determining the best option for you?

Simple, you start right here with our guide to the very best roadside assistance plans currently on the market.

Today, we’ll weigh up the pros and cons of a roadside assistance package from leading providers like Good Sam and AAA, providing an in-depth explanation into why certain plans may offer the best deal for your particular needs.

We’ll also do much more than that, taking the time to outline everything you need to know about RV roadside recovery services and answering your most burning questions.

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Good Sam is like the AAA, but specifically for RVs. We don't travel without it. Easily the most COMPREHENSIVE and responsive RV service we've experienced. Rest easy knowing that the unexpected breakdowns don't have to ruin your trip!

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Speaking of questions, let’s start with the most important one of all:

Why do I need a specialist RV roadside assistance plan?

For some people, it’s tempting to see roadside assistance as an unnecessary expense. They already know how to change a flat and, besides, they already have a great RV / motorhome or auto insurance plan with excellent incidental and liability coverage in place should something unexpected happen.

Even if you have a basic RV warranty or extended warranty, this typically does not cover incidentals and the immediate assistance offered by a roadside assistance program.

Look a little deeper, however, and you’ll soon find a number of compelling reasons why taking out a dedicated roadside assistance service plan before your big trip is such a good idea.

Here are just five such reasons:

Why RV roadside assistance Plan

Not everything is covered by insurance

You could have the very best RV insurance in the world, but even that isn’t going to help you out if you suffer a blown tire (tire change) or some kind of mechanical failure.

Typically, insurance covers you in the case of incidents involving third-parties or other major incidents, but they’re unlikely to be of any use to you in the case of a breakdown.

This is where a good RV roadside assistance plan comes into its own, helping you get back on the road no matter what kind of trouble you’re in. In short, an assistance program membership pays off, especially over time.

Get a better deal with more benefits

Of course, some insurance providers do offer roadside assistance, but this is typically sold as add-on concierge services.

While there’s certainly a great level of convenience in keeping your roadside assistance and insurance with the same company, sometimes it really does pay to get a better deal with a membership suited to your needs.

That could be because the plan offered by your insurance company is somewhat lacking and doesn’t contain all the services offered by a dedicated roadside recovery service.

Alternatively, it could simply be that your insurance company’s plan is on the expensive side, meaning you’ll be able to save money by shopping around and taking out a separate plan elsewhere.

Specialist RV and Motorhome knowledge

Some general automobile roadside assistance services and membership options simply won’t cover RVs. There are even some who will technically cover you, but who lack the expertise to do so. They’ll treat your recreational vehicle the same way that they’d treat a small family saloon car.

You don’t need us to tell you that more often than not, this simply won’t cut it.

Working with a company who provide dedicated support for the RV owner ensures that get the help you need – when you need it.

RV Protection For Family Assistance

Peace of mind and protection for your loved ones

There’s no telling when you might break down. If it’s late at night and you run out of gas in the middle of nowhere, you may find yourself walking for miles in the pitch dark while leaving your family behind in the RV.

It goes without saying that this isn’t exactly the safest option for anyone involved.

One alternative is to stay where you are, but that still leaves you and your loved ones vulnerable.

Good roadside assistance plans have help available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. So, even if it’s the middle of the night, you can enjoy the peace of mind which comes from knowing that help is on its way and that you and your passengers will remain safe.

Save money on towing

Towing fees are one of the biggest out-of-pocket expenses you’ll likely incur if you break down on the road.

If you break down in your car, you’ll usually incur a single hook-up fee plus a cost-per-mile. With an RV, however, most tow companies charge by the hour, and this can get pretty expensive.

The clock starts ticking the second the tow truck arrives and doesn’t stop again until all four tires hit the ground at the garage or other destination.

Typical per-hour fees range anywhere from $125 to an eye-watering $400 per hour, depending on the size of your vehicle. With that in mind, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that towing your rig can soon result in a pretty sizable bill.

Roadside assistance plans usually include free towing miles in their membership plan. Some will place a limit on these miles, while others will tow you as far as you need to go to get to the nearest mechanic or gas station regardless as to how far that is.

This means that even if you pay $100 for your plan, you’re still saving potentially hundreds of dollars in towing fees.

What to look for when choosing an RV roadside assistance plan

When it came time for us to pick our top five best RV roadside assistance plans of the year, there were four key areas we looked into:

Cost, features, limits, and restrictions, and miles towed.

In our experience, these are the four areas which really make all the difference in choosing the right plan for you, with cost and features, in particular, making all the difference between a good plan and a truly great one.

Here’s a brief breakdown of why these four aspects are so vitally important.

1: Cost

Cost always plays an important role when making any big purchasing decision, but here there’s a bit more to consider than the basic, upfront cost.

Some assistance providers charge you one set fee for the same package you’d get with any vehicle, then add an extra fee on if you want RV roadside assistance coverage.

Others may charge additional fees if you want your coverage to extend to other members of your family, while others still forgo things like free fuel delivery and charge more for that.

RV Assistance Features

It’s for this reason that when you look into the price of your preferred plan, you look for any additional fees or hidden charges beyond the initial price tag to find out the true cost of your protection.

2: Miles towed

While the best RV roadside assistance plans may offer unlimited towing miles, not all of them do, at least not free.

Some will place a limit on the number of free miles they offer. This can range anywhere from as low as five miles to as high as 100+ miles.

After that, they’ll still get you to where you need to be, but only at a price.

Again, the more miles you can get with your plan, the better off you’ll be.

3: Included features

We make a big deal out of towing miles, but this is far from the only feature included in a good plan.

Questions you’ll want to ask when determining the best plan for you include:

  • Will they deliver gas, oil, and water if needed?
  • Will they provide support if I blow a tire?
  • What about if my battery needs a jump start?
  • Will they send a locksmith out if I can’t access my vehicle?

The more services your plan includes, the better.

4: Claim limits and restrictions

Many plan providers place a limit on the number of times you can use their customer service. This is usually around four per year, though some do offer a little more.

Take this into consideration, and also look at other potential restrictions that might be in place, such as any parts of continental America in which you won’t be covered.

Best RV roadside assistance plans overview

Now that you know what to look for, it’s time to get into our in-depth reviews of the five leading roadside recovery plans currently available for RV owners.

If you don’t have time to check those out right now, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered with the following brief overview of the top roadside assistance providers for emergency roadside assistance service.



Price range

Miles towed

Gas Delivery?


Good Sam

$80 – $100





$180 – $280




American Automobile Association (AAA)

$50 – $106




RV Advisor 

$99 – $129




Better World Club



Yes (2 gallons)

Good Sam Roadside Assistance

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Good Sam is like the AAA, but specifically for RVs. We don't travel without it. Easily the most COMPREHENSIVE and responsive RV service we've experienced. Rest easy knowing that the unexpected breakdowns don't have to ruin your trip!

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Highly recommended by countless RV owners, it’s pretty tough to find a roadside recovery plan better than the one offered by Good Sam, especially at these prices.

Providing a basic level of service, the company’s RV Standard plan starts at just $64.95 for the first year and provides coverage for you, your partner, and your dependent children.

For that price, Good sam will dispatch an RV mobile mechanic in case of emergency and provide flat tire repair and replacement services, battery jumpstarts, a locksmith service, and free delivery of up to five gallons of fuel or fluid (emergency roadside service).

Unlimited towing comes as standard across all three of the company’s plans, as does a trip interruption protection service.

This means that if you have to put your plans on hold while your vehicle is being repaired at a repair shop or repair facility, they’ll cover some of your expenses for things like food, hotel fees, car rental (rental car) and might even cover a repalcement RV rental.

Good Sam Roadside Assistance

On the RV standard plan, this coverage amounts to $150 a day up to the total value of $100. On other plans, this extends to $1,200.

All being told, this makes even the low-cost plan a worthwhile purchase, though if you want your coverage to extend to multiple RVs as well as leased, rented or borrowed vehicles, expect to shell out for either the $79.95 per year RV Platinum plan, or the $119.95 RV Platinum complete package.

While Good Sam has a lot going for it, it isn’t perfect. If you’re traveling to Mexico, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands, the company will still cover you, but they’ll only provide support up to the value of $1,000.

Anything beyond that and you’ll be looking at additional charges. Still, if you’re staying in the US, you’ll find Good Sam particularly tough to beat.

Good Sam Roadside Assistance Program Specifications

Price range: $65 – $120 (see the latest discounts here)

Miles towed: Unlimited

Gas delivery? Yes

Good Sam roadside assistance pros

  • Unlimited towing
  • Full family coverage
  • RV-specialists
  • Speciality coverage for RVs, campers, cars, and travel trailer units
  • Has a mobile app for ease of use

Good Sam roadside assistance cons

  • Additional costs for coverage in Mexico, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands
  • The lowest-priced plan doesn’t cover leased, rented, or borrowed RVs.
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Good Sam is like the AAA, but specifically for RVs. We don't travel without it. Easily the most COMPREHENSIVE and responsive RV service we've experienced. Rest easy knowing that the unexpected breakdowns don't have to ruin your trip!

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With plans starting from around $180, Coach-Net is easily on the more expensive end of the scale, meaning they may not be the best option for those looking to get quality coverage on a modest budget.

Still, in our opinion, you do get exceptional value for money from this particular brand.

One of the few major-name providers to focus specifically on RVs and campers, we like that Coach-Net offers a level of expertise that some of their competitors sorely lack.

These guys really get RVs and RV owners, and their comprehensive assistance plan reflects that.

Coach-Net Roadside Assistance

Like others on our list, they offer unlimited towing miles, ensuring that even if you’re stranded in the back of beyond, you’ll still be able to get your vehicle to a garage or service center where it can be fixed appropriately.

Not that all problems necessarily require towing.

They’ll deliver emergency fuel, oil, water, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, and brake fluid all at no extra charge, and offer a complete tire replacement and tire repair service.

Unlimited battery boosts and locksmith services also come as standard, though perhaps our favorite thing about Coach-Net’s plan is their 24/7 technical assistance hotline.

This is particularly useful if you’re only struggling with a small problem that you could fix yourself with the right guidance, helping you to get back on the road quicker than you would be if you had to wait for a roadside recovery vehicle to show up.

Other than the higher price tag, the only major downside to Coach-Net is that their coverage is limited -even non-existent- in some parts of the US.

Those visiting places like Maryland, for example, found that Coach-Net simply weren’t able to help them when they ran into a problem, so it’s worth asking them if you’ll be covered in the places you plan to travel to before you sign up.

Coach-Net Roadside assistance specifications:

Price range: $180 – $280

Miles towed: Unlimited

Gas delivery? Yes

Coach-Net roadside assistance pros

  • 24/7 RV Technical Assistance Hotline to help you fix lots of mechanical problems yourself
  • Unlimited towing
  • Assist America medical emergency travel service

Coach-Net Roadside assistance cons

  • Higher cost
  • Restricted service in some parts of the US

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3: American Automobile Association (AAA)

AAA is one of the oldest and best-known federations of motor clubs in the United States, serving close to 58 million members across North America.

So it makes sense that their roadside recovery plan offers great value.

At least, it does on first glance anyway.

With plans ranging from $50 up to several hundred dollars, you get all the standard fuel delivery, jump start services, and tire replacements that you’d get under any decent plan, along with a replacement battery should you require it and lots of other membership benefits.

However, they put a strict limit on their towing service. They range from just five miles on their entry-level plan to 100 miles on their higher-tiered options.

Then there’s the additional expense if you want your coverage to include other family members (family membership), which can significantly ramp up the cost.

Otherwise, this is a good value-for-money option that is well worth considering.

AAA roadside assistance specifications:

Price range: $50 – $106

Miles towed: 100

Gas delivery? Yes

AAA roadside assistance pros

  • Free fuel and delivery
  • Four annual service call availability
  • $350 per person trip interruption protection.

AAA roadside assistance cons

  • Extra charges to cover other family members
  • Additional charge for RV towing

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4:  RV Advisor

As one of America’s leading RV membership clubs, it’s no surprise to see The RV Advisor offering a pretty solid roadside assistance plan that truly offers great value for money.

Whereas other companies price their plans on a sliding scale depending on the type of coverage (or in some cases, depending on the size of your rig), RV Advisor offers a fixed-fee on all of their plans.

For non-members, their roadside assistance plan costs $129 per year, whereas members can enjoy a $30 discount and get the same plan for only $99 per year.

Further discounts are available if you take out a two or three-year plan instead.

That’s all well and good, but what do you actually get for your money?

In short, quite a lot.


Not only do RV Advisor offer unlimited towing, but they also offer all the standard features of any good plan.

A flat tire repair and replacement tire delivery service are all included in the price, as are emergency fuel or fluid delivery and locksmith service (emergency roadside assistance), with all tire parts and labor included in your $99/$129 plan.

They’ll also jumpstart your battery, provide winching, help with emergency evacuations and return travel arrangements, and offer a trip interruption service.

Unfortunately, one of the few disadvantages of RV Advisor is that they’re very vague about what this last roadside service actually entails. Even when you sign up, they’re still not particularly forthcoming about the level of support you get for trip interruption protection.

The only other downside is that they don’t offer repatriation of remains, though we sincerely hope this is one service that none of our readers ever have to use.

On the plus side, we do like that the brand will extend their coverage to your whole family and for multiple RVs, all at no extra charge.

Their services even extend to cover you if you visit Mexico, Puerto Rico or the US Virgin Islands, again without having to pay a penny extra.

RV Advisor roadside assistance specifications:

Price range: $99 – $129

Miles towed: 100

Gas delivery? Yes

RV Advisor roadside assistance pros

  • Towing & Roadside Services in Mexico, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands
  • Unlimited towing
  • Fixed-price
  • Whole family coverage

RV Advisor roadside assistance cons

  • No details on travel interruption protection
  • Doesn’t offer repatriation of remains

5: Better World Club

Better World Club

Better World Club pride themselves on their eco-friendly nature. This means that most of their services are designed to get you up and running as quickly as possible without harming the environment.

This is good news for eco-conscious drivers, especially when you consider that they do offer all the standard features and services, including battery jumpstarts, flat tire changes, lockout service and winching.

However, they’re not the most affordable on the market.

For RV coverage, you have no choice but to opt for their highest-priced $97 per-year plan, and even then you’re forced to pay an additional $45 surcharge. To cover other family members, you’re also looking at an extra $51 per person on top of that.

With fuel delivery limited at two gallons and free towing restricted to 100 miles, Better World Club may not represent great value for money for those planning some seriously long-distance trips. Though, for those looking to take relatively short breaks, this green-fingered outfit should at least be given a look.

Better World Club  roadside assistance specifications:

Price range: $97+

Miles towed: 100

Gas delivery? Yes

Better World Club roadside assistance pros

  • Two free gallons of fuel and delivery
  • $750 per use/$1500max trip interruption protection
  • Four service calls per year

Better World Club roadside assistance cons

  • Additional charge for RVs
  • Limited 100 miles towing

Frequently Asked Questions about RV roadside assistance plans

By now, we’ve hopefully given you all the information you need to make a fully informed decision about the best plan for you. If you still have questions, however, you may find the answers you’re looking for below.

What doesn’t roadside recovery include?

It’s worth pointing out that roadside assistance plans aren’t designed to offer a complete fix and repair of your vehicle benefits. Rather, they’re designed to get you back on the road so that you can take care of any major problems yourself.

For example, if you run out of gas, your roadside assistance provider will likely deliver enough free gas to help you get to the nearest gas station where you can fill up by yourself, but they won’t bring so much that you can easily get to your next destination several hundred miles away.

Likewise, if you suffer a major mechanical breakdown, they won’t fix the problem themselves but will tow you to a reputable service center who will be able to fix it.

Does using roadside assistance affect my RV or car insurance coverage?

Not usually.

Even if you take out a roadside assistance plan with the same company that provides your RV insurance, the cost of that insurance coverage is unlikely to be effective even if you take advantage of your plan several times per year.

How long will it take a roadside assistance vehicle to reach me?

Naturally, that all depends on where you are.

If you’re stranded five hundred miles from civilization, it’s going to take a lot longer for someone to reach you than it would if you’re only a hundred miles beyond the nearest city limits.

roadside assistance vehicle

That being said, any good roadside assistance company will have an extensive network of vehicle towers and mobile mechanics on hand across the length and breadth of the country.

When you call them (Service Call), they’ll get right to work on finding the nearest one close to you and sending them out to you immediately.

Where does RV coverage extend to?

This varies from company to company.

When we created our list of the top five plans, we looked at those whose coverage extended beyond the United States to provide support even if you’re traveling in Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands.

Only Good Sam limit the amount of support they’ll provide in those countries up to a certain value.

That being said, other companies not featured here will restrict your service to the United States only or, at most, to the US and Canada.

Before you sign up to any plan, it’s always worth looking at the regions they service to ensure you’ll be protected on your next trip.

When should I sign up for a plan?

As soon as you start planning your next trip, you should start looking into choosing a plan.

Keep in mind that most leading plan providers operate a three-day wait policy, meaning you won’t be eligible to receive any roadside assistance until three days after your sign-up date.

With that in mind, the sooner you sign up for a policy, the better.

If you enjoyed this review, you might also enjoy reading our guide to the best RV insurance plans. Alternatively, if you’re planning to upgrade your rig this year, why not check out our pick of the very best Class A motorhomes?

Conclusion: What is the Best Roadside Assistance for RVs?

As you can see, all roadside assistance plans have their strong points as well as their weaknesses. No single plan is absolutely perfect. However, we do believe that Good Sam is about as close as you’re going to get to flawless protection.

Like the very best plans, they offer unlimited towing and call outs and provide coverage for the whole family at no extra cost.

We also like the fact that Good Sam is a company driven by RV specialists. This means they come with a good level of expertise about your vehicle.

Still, we understand that the restrictions on travel to places like Mexico may not make them ideal for everyone, which is why we’ve also offered up some high-quality alternatives.

Any single one of the five leading brands featured on our list will help ensure you, your vehicle and your loved ones are safe while out on the road.

Don’t just take our word for it. We’ve included links to all five plans so that you can do your own research and decide which one works best for the trip you’re about to take.

Bottom Line: If you are stuck, I personally prefer using the top rated Good Sam Roadside Assistance plan here. If you can, try them first.

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Good Sam is like the AAA, but specifically for RVs. We don't travel without it. Easily the most COMPREHENSIVE and responsive RV service we've experienced. Rest easy knowing that the unexpected breakdowns don't have to ruin your trip!

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We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

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