Best RV Water Pressure Regulators

The Best RV Water Pressure Regulators On The Market!

All experienced Recreational Vehicle (RV) users understand the value of picking a quality water pressure regulator since it is essentially the finest method to guarantee consistent water pressure, especially if you are going camping with your RV.

When your RV is equipped with the best water pressure regulator, you no longer need to worry about things like leakage and breaking pipes. However, with so many brand names and designs, how do you know which one to choose for your RV? Well, this article is here to help you choose the best RV water pressure regulator for your RV.

But first, what is an RV water pressure regulator?

A water pressure regulator installed in your RV is practical in minimizing the water pressure, which passes through your pipes. It can take high-pressure community water that typically reaches up to 150 pounds per square inch (psi), then reduce such pressure into 50 to 80 psi.

The water pressure regulator in your RV is often located in the exact place where your primary water line is located and right after the primary shut-off valve. Such location makes it easier for you to shut the water main off immediately each time you need to change or work on the regulator.

Without the regulator, the chances of having water blast through and affect your appliances are high (especially when the pressure is high). However, it is highly recommended not to go beyond 50 psi so as to increase your chances of lowering your water bills significantly and reducing water waste.

rv water pressure how to use

How to use an RV water pressure regulator

To use an RV water pressure regulator correctly, you have to know the different signs of high-water pressure. However, take note that detecting high water pressure is not that simple. It is mainly because the water pressure tends to change throughout the day as the water consumption in the specific place you are staying fluctuates.

In this case, it would be best to seek the help of a professional plumber to assess it. You can also invest in a pressure gauge and use it to do your test. It is essential to use a pressure gauge so you can constantly register around 40 to 60 psi. Because the flow of water varies, it might be necessary to do tests at various times every day.

Also, take note of certain signs of high-water pressure, including frequent rupture of seals and gaskets found in your plumbing fixtures, hammering or banging sound when running water, especially when you’re doing the laundry or showering, leaking faucets, running toilets, and rushing water from your shower or faucets.

If you have experienced the signs mentioned above, then the water pressure in your RV may be too high. This might require you to invest in an RV water pressure regulator and use it by making adjustments to it based on what is necessary.

Types of RV water pressure regulators

Valterra A01-1117VP

Valterra A01-1117VP Pressure Regulator

This product is also one of the offerings under the Valterra water regulator category. Just like the previous product, it is safe with its lead-free and brass construction. It works well in keeping your plumbing system from uncontrolled water pressure.

Note that while it comes with a preset psi of 45, it is still adjustable to reach a max water flow. One thing that leaves a good impression on users is its full flow design. It is a pleasure to use because aside from being user-friendly, mounting it and hooking it up is also easy.

Many also say that it is a must-have for all RVs and campers that connect to the water supply of campgrounds. It makes a lot of difference in terms of regulating water pressure as well as providing an impressive flow and volume.

It is well-built, works accurately, and is easy to adjust. While it is a bit costlier than other water pressure regulators, you will get your money’s worth right away with its effectiveness in fulfilling what it intends to do.

Why Valterra A01-1117VP is the best all-rounder

Durable, adjustable, and easy to install, Valterra A01-1117VP is the finest RV water pressure regulator in regards to all-around performance. Made from lead-free brass, the regulator can last for a very long time while offering safe drinking water.

This is an RV adjustable water pressure regulator with an attached gauge which indicates you could set the water pressure as you see fit. To adjust the pressure, all you need is a flathead screwdriver. There are plus and minus indicators on leading, turn the adjustment screw towards either of them to increase or decrease the water pressure.

Valterra RV Water Regulator, Lead-Free Brass Adjustable Water Regulator with Pressure Gauge for C...
The Valterra RV Water Regulator keeps water pressure at safe and acceptable levels. Everyone wants to prevent pipes from bursting and connections from having issues, such as leaks.
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Similar to other products, the gauge of Valterra A01-1117VP reads in psi and follows water fixture guidelines. The Valterra regulator also consists of a helpful filter screen washer that avoids unwanted item and foreign particles from getting in.

For the adapters, this item possesses a 1/2-inch female fitting and a 3/4 male fitting. The female fitting would connect to the source of water while the male would connect to your water supply pipe. About out post-purchase support, Valterra back their product with a 1-year limited warranty. With all these listed features, the Valterra is definitely the best all-rounder option.

Pros and Cons Associated with the Valterra A01-1117VP Water Pressure Regulator



Easy to work with

The gauge quality is subpar

Excellent customer service

Quality control should be improved

Let you adjust the pressure

Several customers complain about thin fittings

Well-made and long-lasting

Renator M11-0660R

Renator M11-0660R

One option for the best RV adjustable water pressure regulator is Renator M11-0660R. This lead-free device is equipped with a sturdier pressure gauge. The gauge has oil, which is the key to minimizing friction that might happen on the interior components. It also works in extending the lifespan of the device.

It is an adjustable regulator, which means that you can make adjustments to it up to 160 psi. You won’t have problems installing it as the product already comes with an easy to follow installation guide. It is well-built. The brass material’s finish and the seals are even carefully thought out.

Since it is lead-free, it is safe for those who use it, too. As for the gauge, you can expect it to work for a long time while staying crystal clear without any sign of rust even if you expose it to all kinds of weather frequently.

It is also constructed in a way that it will be compatible with all sources of water, including the NH threads as well as the garden tube threads. Besides, it is equipped with an inlet screened filter.

Why the Renator M11-0660R is considered as the most reliable regulator on the market today

Renator is a widely known brand in the RV organization because their quality water pressure regulators and M11-0660R is no exception. To enhance the reliability of the connected gauge, the 2016 Improved Version of this regulator introduced oiled gauge to minimize internal friction between elements.

The regulator part consists of low lead material (.13%) however still under the NSF lead-free requirement (.25%), so you don’t have anything to stress over. In terms of thread size and pitch, the regulator works with all garden pipe threads and NH threads.

Renator M11-0660R Water Pressure Regulator
This valve is the improved version of its previous model. They mean serious business for having major upgrades. The model offers safety and is compliant with the lead-free requirement.
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Beside the Renator M11-0660R regulator itself, it comes with an extensive installation guide. In many cases, you could get the regulator up and running within minutes. Because it’s a Recreational Vehicle adjustable water pressure regulator, you can control the pressure of the pipes at will.

The regulator is adjustable approximately 160 psi, more than enough to deal with the water pressure at an average campground. To make changes to the pressure, merely turn the adjustment screw till you see a preferred reading on the gauge. The regulator includes a 1-year restricted service warranty.

Pros and Cons Associated with the Renator M11-0660R Water Pressure Regulator



Deliver a reasonable flow rate

A couple of people report malfunction gauges

Keep the pressure consistently

Certain products turn up covered in thread tape

Helpful post-purchase support

Doesn’t cope well the low temperatures

The best RV water pressure regulator at its price range

Woodlev RV Water Pressure Regulator

Woodlev RV Water Pressure Regulator

It is also possible for you to use this adjustable water pressure reducer from Woodlev in your recreational vehicle. It is a safe and user-friendly device with its lead-free and sturdy brass construction. What’s good about the device is that it was manufactured in a way that highly advanced technology is used to purge lead.

You will not experience problems connecting it to the water supply in the campsite as the whole connection process is easy. Once connected, it can immediately reduce water pressure, which is the key to protecting the plumbing system in your vehicle from possible damage.

With this device, you can adjust the water pressure up to 160 psi. Do the adjustment once you make sure that all water sources and supply inside your recreational vehicle are turned off. Turning them off is necessary for doing the regulation and adjustment more properly and effectively.

You will also have more reasons to invest in this water pressure reducer once you notice that it has an easy to read and clear gauge. It is well-designed while also taking pride in its hassle-free installation process. It is also sturdy with its heavy-duty brass construction. Also, it works without leaking.

Why the Woodlev RV is considered as the easiest regulator to install

If you choose to utilize something easy and uncomplicated, the Woodlev regulator shall please you with its robust performance. As a lead-free water pressure regulator for RV, its whole body is made from top quality brass which makes Woodlev a resilient item.

Advanced innovation is used to purge lead and keep the material below the NSF lead-free requirement. The regulator is prepared to be used out of the package, and you would have a simple time running it. In terms of adjustment, this regulator could work with water pressure as high as 160 psi.

Couple with the hassle-free installation, the Woodlev regulator, also has a well-designed and clear gauge. When you wish to change the water pressure, simply turn the modification screw while keeping an eye on the gauge.

Nevertheless, before you try to change the pressure, you need to turn off all water fixtures inside your RV. Only by doing that might you make appropriate and reliable water pressure modification. Problems like leaking water and alike are minimized due to the regulator’s durable build.

Pros and Cons Associated with the Woodlev RV Water Pressure Regulator



Quick delivery

The regulator fitting should be enhanced

Inexpensive price tag

The screw adjustment mechanism is not exactly durable

Quality pressure gauge

Some customers receive damaged products

Easy to install and adjust

Camco 40055

Camco 40055 Pressure Regulator

One of the most noticeable qualities of the Camco 4055 RV Inline Water Pressure Regulator is its sturdy brass construction. It is sturdy enough that it can serve its purpose for several years. Aside from being sturdy, the overall brass construction is also lead-free, making it drinking water safe.

It also performs its main function of preventing possible damage to water lines, pumps, hoses, and the overall plumbing system of your RV that might be caused by inconsistent and high-water pressure often present in campgrounds. It can, therefore, prolong your plumbing’s life while also preventing the failure of water hoses.

In terms of regulating or reducing pressure, it can do so at a consistent and safe level of around 40 to 50 psi. That would be safe enough for most of the water fixtures and facilities present within your RV. It is also designed to work outdoors, which means that it can also withstand different weather conditions, even the harsh ones.

Using and installing it is also effortless and hassle-free. You will have an easier time threading it to the hose and trailer. Besides, it works well in preventing too much water pressure from blowing out the water pipes. It also holds tightly and does not leak while also being easy to attach to the hose and faucet without twisting the hose or causing some pain to your fingers.

Why the Camco 40055 is considered as the budget-friendly water pressure regulator

In terms of cost-effectiveness, Camco 40055 is the very best RV water pressure regulator readily available for purchase. Particularly designed to handle pressure insistencies, the Camco product can keep your automobile pipe and pipes system from getting harmed.

The regulator brass building permits it to function completely for years without stop working. Thanks to the efficient internal sealants, the regulator is well secured versus water leakage.

Camco RV Brass Inline Water Pressure Regulator
The 40055-water pressure regulator will give put you at ease by knowing that your system will work flawlessly without suffering abnormal water pressure. It works compatibly with all US water sources.
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Considering that the regulating pressure is kept at 40– 50 psi, this product is a great match for both old and new RV models.

Camco 40055 is CSA low lead content certified, so the regulator is safe to use in any setup with a long shot of water contamination. About its installation, the regulator might link to all basic hose pipes and water tanks. The regulator rate tag makes it amongst the most budget-friendly product you might ever face.

In reality, it’s substantially cheaper than the majority of the items discussed on this list. As an outcome, if you need something to deal with high water pressure, the Camco product would not let you down.

Pros and Cons Associated with the Camco 40055 Water Pressure Regulator



Quite cheap

The circulation rate is significantly limited

Tough building

The ports are a bit challenging to work with

Maintain pressure well

Not a great option when you check out campgrounds with low water pressures

Trusted and hassle-free

Camco 40064 Water Pressure Regulator

Camco 40064 Water Pressure Regulator

Camco also made a pretty excellent task when it manufactured the 40064-water pressure regulator with a brass building. With its effectiveness in giving you complete control over water pressure, you will acquire peace of mind because you are one hundred percent sure that the pipes system of your RV, as well as the water hose pipes, are secured from high water pressure.

This gadget is drinking water safe. Such a high level of security can be credited to the low lead content of this gadget. Considering that lead is low, there is also a lower risk for bacteria to grow and establish. It is a set unit with a factory preset pressure of 40-50 psi. It is ensured safe for usage outdoors, too.

One more feature in this water pressure regulator from Camco is the gauge, which you will love because it is legible and reasonable. It shows a green color to reveal that the regulated water pressure is in between the preset 40-50 psi.

The Camco 40064 is a great product to buy as it promotes ease of connecting it to garden pipe threads that are around 3/4 inches. It is a solid water pressure regulator, which is simple to install and is shown to last for a long time. Besides, the brass product utilized in the device is less vulnerable to rust.

Why the Camco 40064 is the basic regulator that can be used by anyone

In the case you are looking for a pressure regulator with forgiving attributes, then you need to take a look at Camco 40064. While it looks similar to a common water pressure regulator for RV, its regulating ability is decent compared to other items.

The attached gauge offers pressure reading in color zones so that you can quickly be aware of the current state of the water pressure. Unfortunately, without any measurement systems on the gauge, you are unable to figure out the specific pressure at the minute. There are 3 zones in total: Yellow (Below 40 psi), Green (40– 50 psi) and Red (Above 50 psi).

Camco 40064 Water Pressure Regulator
First and foremost, Camco is a top brand in this field. It has been around for many years offering top quality and highly functional RVs. The Camco 40064 is factory preset from 40 to 50 PSI and it comes with an easy to read gauge.
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Camco 40064 is pre-programmed to keep the water pressure at around 40– 50 psi which is sufficient to keep your RV safe from excessive camping site pressures. Its lead content satisfies the CSA lead-free requirement so you might use the regulator with no worry about water contamination.

For the connection, the Camco product should have the ability to attach itself to all standard garden hose pipes. As a solid regulator made from long-lasting brass, Camco 40064 is less vulnerable to rust.

Pros and Cons Associated with the Camco 40064 Water Pressure Regulators




Moderately impair the flow rate

Fast shipping

No measurement unit on the gauge

Quality performance

The gauge cover is not an effective design

High endurance and excellent resistance

Why Use RV Water Pressure Regulator

Installing a water pressure regulator in your recreational vehicle allows you to enjoy numerous benefits. Below, we’ll discuss some of the positive effects of having this regulator around during traveling:

Can help save your plumbing fixtures – Each time water rushes through your faucets and pipes, you can expect them to be put under a lot of stress and pressure. With that in mind, it is advisable to replace the seals and gaskets frequently. Note that such items are only capable of handling little pressure.

You do not want your water to come out as a slow trickle, too, do you? If you do not want to put too much stress in your plumbing fixtures and affect the flow of your water, then having a water pressure regulator can help.

It works by setting the ideal water pressure, which helps extend the life of your plumbing fixtures. With the regulator around, you also have a hundred percent guarantee that your showers will be more enjoyable since these won’t be just a little trickle.

Can save your onboard appliances and devices – You are fully aware that your water heater, dishwasher, and washing machine are not just trivial investments. You spent money on them so you would not want them to experience undue stress and become faulty.

The problem is that if water rushes through your appliances too fast, then there is a great chance for it to experience the same stress and pressure, it often puts on your plumbing fixtures. With that in mind, it is necessary to regulate the flow of water in your RV.

In this case, you need the help of a high-quality water pressure regulator. With this unit around, you can protect your onboard appliances and minimize the risk of having to pay for repairs and costly replacement parts sooner than necessary.

You should also save the warranties of your appliances since these often have guidelines surrounding water pressure. Note that an extremely high-water pressure might void your warranty, so you need something to regulate it as much as possible.

Best RV Water Pressure Regulator

Prevents water from flooding your RV – Due to the proper regulation of water that goes into your vehicle, you do not have to worry about it flooding your RV. You will have peace of mind and experience the utmost convenience while traveling on the road.

Saves water, energy, and wastewater – Remember that water flows two times as much through a 150-psi system than at a 50-psi system. This can cause you to waste most of this additional water. With the help of your water pressure regulator, you can reduce your risk of wasting water.

It can also help save on energy as it ensures that less water penetrates the system. It can subsequently lessen the energy that you need to heat hot water. This regulator is capable of saving up to 30 percent on water heating costs.

Regulates pressure – This is the main function of the water pressure regulator, which is immediately an advantage for the majority of RV owners. This device can help ensure that you constantly meet the water pressure recommended for your vehicle.

This prevents you from having to worry about connection problems, bursting in your plumbing fixtures, and leaks. It is also possible for you to make use of your regulator as a means of adjusting the pressure of water that enters your water system.

Prevents elements from getting into your constant supply of water – What is good about most water pressure regulators today is that they can also filter gravel as well as other harsh elements that might cause damage to the valve. This ensures that the water that flows to your RV is safe.

Lead-free – You will also be pleased to know that RV water pressure regulators are free of lead. This can help you get a constant supply of clean and safe drinking water. Some of these regulators are constructed out of brass.

This guarantees a sturdy and solid construction. Some models are also constructed with low lead content, thereby keeping water safe as much as possible.

How to Select the Best RV Water Pressure Regulator

Product and Construction

For the majority of the time, the typical regulators are typically made from brass which is resistant. There are also other options readily available, but producers prefer to stick to brass because of its constant efficiency. But no matter what sort of product you choose, you need to ensure that it possesses sufficient endurance and resistance.

It’s advised to pursue a durable design which is invulnerable to common components and rust. An excellent regulator must be built in a manner which makes it less susceptible to contaminations.

rv water pressure flow

The Managed Pressure

Modern entertainment lorries normally have a water supply which might deal with a maximum pressure of 100 psi. Because camping sites might have water pressures as high as 150 psi, it’s advised that you get a product that might keep the pressure at 50 psi.

In general, the water pressure inside your automobile should stay around 40– 60 psi even if you are confident that your automobile might deal with a higher pressure. Much better safe than sorry, so do not take unnecessary dangers here, particularly when they might cost a lot in repair and upkeep fees.

The Flow Rate

It’s worthless to keep the pressure at an appropriate level only to get stuck with a dribble flow rate. For that reason, stay away from items that regulate the general pressure by sacrificing the water flow rate. If you use them, it will take permanently to clean your hands, tidy the meals, or perhaps take a shower.

Connecting these regulators with high circulation port hoses could improve the scenario rather, but that is not an inefficient arrangement. If possible, you need to attempt to get a high circulation Recreational Vehicle water pressure regulator; it keeps the pressure under control while increasing the circulation rate.

Price and Spending plan

The regulator is a quiet little component general, but it’s essential, so do not get stingy here. However, you do not need to pursue a top of the line item and train your wallet at the same time. You could constantly discover a quality and affordable item as long as you want to look.

To make an affordable purchase, you could compare several items with each other. That need to permit you to pick up a regulator at an affordable rate without dropping your quality requirement.

Frequently Asked Questions about RV Water Pressure Regulators

Where should I install the regulator?

Typically, regulators are put on the spigot before the hose. This will limit pressure in the hose and the filter system as well as the RV plumbing. If the regulator is to be left outside in the weather and elements, stainless steel screws and oil-filled gauges are recommended to prevent rust.

How should you use an RV water pressure regulator?

The device is easy to use. You just have to connect it to the water supply easily. But for specific instructions, we recommend checking and following the instruction manual of a specific brand like a Valterra water regulator for the best results.

On a pressure regulator with a gauge, which pressure does the gauge read?

As you may have read in the article, some regulators come with adjustable gauges. The gauge shows the regulated pressure, which is the pressure you’ll get in your RV. The gauge enables you to set the exact pressure you want.

Assuming they all work as designed, why choose one over another?

The answer comes down to flow. The bigger the regulator, the more water it will pass. Some models are all lead-free as they come from Watts or Fairview. Always choose a regulator with a flow rating that is as much as needed by you.


While the best RV water pressure regulator is only a small device, you will find it to be an amazing investment for a more enjoyable and fun camping experience.

It minimizes the risk of damage to the inner workings of your recreational vehicle, thereby saving money for future repairs. Also, it can contribute to the longevity of your RV as well as the level of comfort you will experience when you are traveling on the road.

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