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Roadtrek vs Airstream: Which Model is Better for You?

There’s nothing quite like hitting the open road is there? And to make the most out of a road trip, you’ll want to get your hands on a suitable RV. But which one do you go for? We’ll take a look at Roadtrek vs Airstream, two of the biggest RV companies out there, and find out which one will be best suited to your requirements.

Each make has its own advantages – and, of course, some disadvantages too. There are also plenty of things that are similar about them, but then again, plenty of things that make them different and distinct.

And if neither Roadtrek or Airstream tick the box for you, you can have a look at the best Airstream alternatives to consider.

So without further ado, let’s get on the road and take a look at Roadtrek vs Airstream.

Before we plunge into the nitty-gritty of each RV manufacturer, let’s take a look at the main differences between Roadtrek vs Airstream.

Main Differences Between Roadtrek vs Airstream

The Main Differences Between Roadtrek vs Airstream are:

  • Roadtrek only produces motorhomes, whereas Airstream produces motorhomes and travel trailers too.
  • Roadtrek’s motorhomes are a little more traditional, whereas Airstream travel trailers are some of the most iconic on the market
  • Roadtrek products are quite reasonably priced, whereas Airstream products are extremely expensive.
  • Roadtrek products aren’t as eco-friendly, whereas Airstream products are more eco-friendly, using recycled products wherever they can
  • Roadtrek products can sleep only a maximum of five people, whereas some Airstream products can sleep up to eight people.
  • Roadtrek products are slightly more limited in their floorplan options, whereas Airstream products can have a wide array of different floor plans to suit any purpose

Let’s take a closer look at Roadtrek vs Airstream in some more detail.

Roadtrek – In Detail


So what’s Roadtrek all about? Well, Roadtrek started way back in 1974 when the founder, Jan Hanemaayer, had a go at adapting and creating his own RV.

Originally working with Home and Park Vehicles Limited, Jan enjoyed the process of creating something that had the comforts of a large motorhome as well as being compact and easy to drive so much, he actually bought the company!

Roadtrek came to life properly in 1980, which is when Jan redesigned the vehicles to have the now iconic Roadtrek sweeping roofline, the lowered floor, and the classic three-section floor plan.

They’ve come a long way since those humble beginnings, and now offer a range of comfortable and functional Class B motorhomes built on Mercedes and Ram ProMaster chassis, and are often seen as a leading Class B motorhome brand.

If you want to find out more about Class B motorhomes, check out our article about how to find the best Class B motorhomes and campervans.

Let’s take a look at Roadtrek’s various models and features.

Roadtrek – Models

Roadtrek offers up six different models of RV – it may seem like a shortlist, but this doesn’t detract from the quality and craftsmanship that their products uphold. The models that you can choose from are:

  • The 2021 Play
  • The 2021 Zion Slumber
  • The 2021 Chase
  • The 2021 Zion SRT
  • The 2021 Zion
  • The 2021 SS Agile

What you plan on using your Roadtrek RV for depends on which model you should go for – from a cross-country road trip to a weekend away, Roadtrek should have you covered for all your RV needs. Alternatively, you can even build your own Roadtrek RV if you have something particular in mind.

So what do each of these different Roadtrek models offer you? Let’s take a look.

The 2021 Play

Roadtrek 2021 Play

The Roadtrek 2021 Play model is described as being one of the best entry-level RV’s they offer – it’s practical, reliable, and easy to service, offering you everything you need to get out there and play!

The Roadtrek 2021 Play has all the comforts and conveniences you could ever need after an epic day on the roads. And starting at a cost of $104,986, it’s the cheapest RV model that Roadtrek offers too.

Main Features

  • Retractable awning
  • Outdoor and indoor shower
  • Twin-bed floor plan that can be transformed into a king size bed
  • Optional folding mattress that transforms captain chairs into extra bed
  • Lots of storage space
  • Preformed work surface with fridge, propane stove and a microwave

The 2021 Chase

Roadtrek 2021 Chase

Ideally suited for one or two travelers, the Roadtrek 2021 Chase takes elements from their other models but steps up the comfort levels to 11, making it perfect for those who love the features of classic Roadtrek RVs but don’t want to forgo their home comforts and conveniences.

With all mod cons and everything you might need to chase your dreams and feel the road rumble beneath your wheels, the Roadtrek 2021 Chase starts at a cost of $142,660.

Main Features

  • Retractable awning
  • Outdoor and indoor shower facilities
  • Twin beds that can be made into a king-size, with an optional third bed available
  • 24” TV on rotating bracket
  • Optionally mounted induction cooktop

The 2021 SS Agile

Roadtrek 2021 SS Agile

The most expensive option that Roadtrek offers, the Roadtrek 2021 SS Agile has all the trappings of a much larger, fully-equipped motorhome, but in a much more manageable size. Even though it’s on a shorter chassis than some of the other models, you’ll find yourself surprised as it really doesn’t seem like it.

Bright and amazingly spacious, the 2021 SS Agile is perfect for a dynamic traveling duo. Prices start at $167,986.

Main Features

  • Retractable power awning
  • Outdoor and indoor shower
  • Two recessed propane burners, a small fridge and a microwave
  • Rear sofa converts into twin or king-size beds
  • 24” TV on rotating bracket

The 2021 Zion

the 2021 Zion

Now moving on to the Zion range of Roadtrek RVs, starting off with the 2021 Zion. With an open concept floor plan, the 2021 Zion is ideal for outdoor adventuring.

Light and spacious, with a whole host of different storage options, the 2021 Zion is the perfect travel companion, and prices start at $139,860.

Main Features

  • Indoor & Outdoor shower
  • Retractable awning
  • Large center aisle for storage purposes
  • Automatic propane heating system
  • Built-in fridge, microwave, and propane stove with optionally mounted burner
  • Optional rear power sofa

The 2021 Zion SRT

2021 Zion SRT

Small in size, but mighty in what it offers, the Roadtrek 2021 Zion SRT is absolutely perfect for people who want to hit the open road but don’t want the hassle that comes with driving a massive RV.

The 2021 Zion SRT has lots of great features that truly make it a home from home – and it can be yours from prices that start at $132,860.

Main Features

  • Retractable awning
  • 24” Smart TV with an antenna
  • Slide-out pantry and large pot drawer
  • Forward-facing sofa that becomes a queen-sized bed
  • 2-burner propane stove and microwave

The 2021 Zion Slumber

2021 Zion Slumber

Last, but by certainly no means least, we have the Roadtrek 2021 Zion Slumber. The most expensive of the Zion range, this RV is perfect for both couples or small families who want to hit the highways.

With sleeping space for up to five people, the 2021 Zion Slumber’s price tag starts at $153,986.

Main Features

  • Slumber pop-top for additional sleeping capacity
  • Retractable power awning
  • Permanent bathroom with indoor and outdoor shower facilities
  • Plenty of storage space
  • Fully-equipped kitchenette

I don’t think Roadtrek is for me – are there any good alternatives?

Roadtrek RVs certainly isn’t for everyone, particularly if you’ve got lots of family members and friends. Here are some great alternatives to Roadtrek:

  • Coachmen – they’ve got a huge range of different sized RVs that suit just about any budget
  • Outside Van – if you’re looking to customize for an outdoors adventure, then look no further than Outside Van
  • Advanced RV – does what it says on the tin really! They specialize in advanced and often completely customized RVs.

Airstream – In Detail

A brand that needs little to no introduction, with their absolutely iconic aluminum travel trailers, Airstream has been putting their sleek silver products on the roads since the 1920s and hasn’t looked back since.

In 1989, Airstream started to manufacture touring coach RVs to try and rival the boom in touring coach manufacturing across the country. Alongside their iconic travel trailers, they also have a range of different RVs that would suit any budding road tripper or traveler.

Having an iconic wagon comes at a price though – if you are looking for something a little cheaper, then have a look at our article on the best airstream alternatives to consider.

Let’s see what these road trip icons have on offer.

Airstream – Models


What Airstream offers that Roadtrek doesn’t is their series of travel trailers. These are the ones that most people will love and recognize. However, as we’ll see, they come with a pretty hefty price tag. The travel trailers that Airstream offer, and their prices, are as follows:

  • The Classic (sleeps 5) – prices start at $161,900
  • The Globetrotter (sleeps 6) – prices start at $99,300
  • The International (sleeps 6) – prices start at $94,600
  • The Flying Cloud (sleeps 8) – prices start at $81,200
  • The Caravel (sleeps 4) – prices start at $64,000
  • The Bambi (sleeps 4) – prices start at $51,400
  • The Basecamp (sleeps 4) – prices start at $39,100

So you can see that the price tag is substantial! It’s also worth noting that these are all trailers – so you’ll need your own vehicle to tow them about.

As we mentioned, Airstream makes a range of touring coaches as well. Their range is slightly smaller than the Roadtrek range and only consists of five different models to choose from. These are:

  • The Atlas
  • The Interstate 24GL
  • The Interstate 24GT
  • The Tommy Bahama Interstate
  • The Interstate 19

Let’s take a look at their touring coaches and see how they compare to the models offered by Roadtrek.

The Atlas

The Atlas

The most luxurious touring coach that Airstream offers to date, the Atlas is a wonderful Class B+ RV that offers a new standard in motorhome ownership.

Replete with a mind-boggling array of extras, and several different opportunities for floor plan customization, The Atlas starts at $244,046.

Main Features

  • Retractable awning
  • Power slide-out Murphy suite, giving you extra room inside
  • Hideaway 40” Smart TV
  • High-end indoor bathroom and kitchen fittings with burner, microwave and sizeable fridge
  • Optional bed fitted into the cab

The Interstate 24GL

Interstate 24GL

Whatever experience you’re looking for, from beach house weekender to the big game tailgate, the Interstate 24GL will enhance them all. All the comforts of home, on four wheels – gamechanger!

The Interstate 24GL is the best-selling Class B motorhome for the past 6 years running as well, so if you want to get your hands on one yourself, prices start at $194,256.

Main Features

  • Seats up to 9 people, with sleeping space for 4
  • Retractable power awning
  • 2 widescreen HDTV’s
  • Built-in bathroom and kitchen facilities
  • Four-wheel drive option if needed

The Interstate 24GT

The Interstate 24GT

The perfect Class B RV for 2 people, the Interstate 24GT will make those road trips with your partner just that bit more comfortable. Not too far removed from the Interstate 24GL, you’ll still find comfort in abundance.

Like all Airstream touring coaches, their partnership with Mercedes Benz makes their coaches that bit more convenient. Prices start at $194,256.

Main Features

  • Seats up to 7 people with sleeping facilities for 2
  • Great storage space and modern kitchen facilities
  • Modern bathroom fittings
  • 2 mounted HDTV’s
  • Multiplex controls for lights, shades, awning, and water heater

The Tommy Bahama Interstate

The Tommy Bahama Interstate

This special edition Tommy Bahama Interstate, a version of the classic Interstate model, features an exclusive collaboration with Tommy Bahama, giving a true sense of island style.

With all the decor to make your journey feel like a tropical paradise, the Tommy Bahama Interstate has prices that start at $169,250.

Main Features

  • Retractable awning
  • Modern bathroom and kitchen fittings including a built-in bar
  • Tommy Bahama-styled upholstery and wall decorations
  • 2 Samsung HDTVs
  • Seats up to 9 and sleeps 2

The Interstate 19

Interstate 19

The smallest and least expensive member of the Interstate family, the Interstate 19 sure packs a punch and is perfect for a solo getaway or some good one-on-one time with your significant other.

With all mod cons offered by the other Interstate models, yet also able to fit into a standard parking spot, Interstate 19 has prices that start at $165,143.

Main Features

  • Modern bathroom and kitchen fittings
  • Seats up to 4 with sleeping for 2
  • Retractable awning
  • Features the largest double bed in its class
  • Widescreen Samsung TV

Airstream is a little out of my price range. What kind of alternatives are there?

They may be iconic, but the price tag is substantial. Let’s have a quick look at some alternatives to Airstream.

  • Winnebago – the other ‘kings of the road’ for certain, and almost as recognizable as Airstream products. Have a look at our Airstream vs Winnebago Compared article for more info.
  • Chinook RV – one of the top names when it comes to RVs, you can’t go too wrong with a Chinook
  • Oliver – Oliver only sells travel trailers, but they are definitely rivals to the Airstream classics. Have a look at our Airstream vs Oliver comparison if you’d like to know more.

Roadtrek – Pros and Cons


  • A wider range of RVs available
  • Reasonably-priced
  • Optional features available for extra sleeping space
  • Customization abilities


  • Fewer technological features
  • Smaller seating options
  • Warranty not quite as comprehensive

Airstream – Pros and Cons


  • More environmentally friendly
  • Additional space for seating and sleeping
  • Excellent warranty options
  • More modern features


  • High prices for all models
  • Fewer models available
  • Less choice of vehicles

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s take a look at some of the more commonly asked questions when it comes to Roadtrek RVs.

Question: Does Roadtrek offer any warranty with their RVs?

Answer: Yes. All Roadtrek RVs come with a 2 year, comprehensive, no mileage limit warranty. They also come with a chassis warranty – a 5 year/100,000km limited warranty covering all repairs, and a 3 year/60,000km limited warranty providing bumper to bumper coverage.

Question: Can I choose what color my Roadtrek RV is?

Answer: Absolutely! They have a choice of four different colors you can have – Granite Metallic, Silver Metallic, Bright White, and Sandstone Pearl.

Question: Can I customize the existing Roadtrek models?

Answer: If you want to switch up your Roadtrek RV, you absolutely can. Just head over to the Build Your Own section of the Roadtrek website to customize any of the models they have on offer.
Let’s take a look at the most frequently asked questions about Airstream products.

Question: Will my Airstream come with a warranty?

Answer: Yes. All Airstream RVs come with a 3 year/36,000-mile warranty. On top of that, the Mercedes Benz warranty is also 3 year/36,000 miles, and the Mercedes Benz engine warranty is 5 years/100,000 miles.

Question: What colors do Airstream RVs come in?

Answer: The Interstate models come in 5 different color schemes, which cover a palette on the interior of the RV. These are:
• Modern Greige
• Lux White
• Formal Black
• Tommy Bahama Special Edition
• Refined Brown

Question: Would I be able to customize my Airstream RV?

Answer: Yes. Head over to the Build Your Own section of the Airstream website, and you’ll be able to customize any of the existing models to your taste. Each model also has a choice of floor plan you can select from as well, so the customization abilities on Airstream products is great.

Roadtrek vs Airstream – Which RV is Better?

So what’s the final verdict? As you can see, Roadtrek vs Airstream are pretty evenly matched. At the end of the day though, it comes down to what you want to use your RV for.

If you’re planning on going on more off-road style adventures, you’ll want to go for an Airstream with their 4×4 option. However, Airstreams come with a hefty price tag, so if you can’t afford to fork out a big wedge for one of their products, you won’t go wrong with a Roadtrek model.

All in all, we would go for an Airstream if money was no option. They offer just that little bit more space, additional home comforts, and a broader warranty, so you’ll have all bases covered. Which one would you go for? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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