Progressive RV Insurance Review: Pros and Cons

RV insurance is a critical component of RV ownership, whether you travel frequently or only a few times every year. All insurance companies offer different coverage options, and some even go through third parties to provide everything you need because they can’t underwrite the policies in-house. Progressive offers RV insurance policies at a reasonable price, but you may find some of the other aspects of their service a bit lacking. If you already have Progressive auto insurance, it may be worth it for the multiple vehicle discounts. Otherwise, think hard about whether you want these insurance policies for your RV. Progressive RV Insurance Review

Coverage and Benefits

Progressive offers a couple of different insurance plans, but because they tailor their plans for auto coverage, you’ll find more of w

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Best RV Jack Stands: All You Need To Know

  best rv jack strands Whether you RV full-time or you take your big rig on vacation once a year, you should be prepared. As a matter of fact, with any vehicle comes maintenance. The bigger the vehicle, the bigger the maintenance jobs, and the bigger the tools you need to tackle it. When it comes to maintenance, a lot of times you need to lift your RV to get underneath it. That means crawling under a really heavy ride. Along with that comes the need to be able to trust whatever is holding it up. In addition to maintenance, sometimes you need RV jacks or stabilizers to keep your rig steady while you’re parked. Especially if you don’t have a self-leveling system, you need tools to help you get the RV le

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What is Boondocking: All Your Questions Answered!

My wife and I get this question a lot. To be fair, we asked it a lot in the beginning, too. We had absolutely no clue what boondocking was, and people outside of the RV community don’t either. Some call it dry camping, but essentially, boondocking is camping without the hookups. You can stay in your RV or camper, but you won’t have water, electricity, or sewer. It’s a chance to get off the grid and be in the quiet. You’ll find plenty of beautiful destinations with epic scenery, outside of the confines and rules of a traditional campground. Not to mention, without having to pay for hookups, you’re living dirt cheap for days, weeks, or months at a time. It might sound like you’re getting closer to nature, but there are a lot of implications here that you might not think about.

Behind the

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Top Tax Deductions for RV Owners You Need To Know Of

While talking about RVing may be one of your favorite things to do, talking about taxes probably isn’t. However, it’s a necessary evil, and the two overlap, believe it or not, so you’ll want to read on to find out how you can maximize your deductions at tax time. If you have an RV that you use for traveling, you may not already know that you can take some deductions on it. Whether you live in a house and you only use your RV part-time or you live in our RV full-time like a regular nomad, you can take advantage of some of these deductions to get the most out of your RV lifestyle. For RV owners who full-time, our tax deductions are limited when it comes to the traditional brick-and-mortar homeowner. However, there’s an overlap you’ll want to know about because you can still take some of these deductions and you may not even know it.

1. Deduct the interest on your RV loan

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Farmers RV Insurance Review: All You Need To Know

An RV is a big purchase, and much like your home or your car, you’re going to want to insure it. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of options out there. However, just because your RV might seem like a home on wheels, an insurance policy for homes won’t do the trick, and neither will one intended for a motor vehicle. You need the best of both worlds to get the job done. It’s a unique offering that not everyone provides. You can opt for your current homeowners or auto insurance provider if you want some multiple policy discounts, or you can choose a company that specializes in RV insurance to get some additional benefits you won’t find anywhere else. Since my family lives in our RV full-time, I’ve done a lot of research into these options and for us, it made the most sense to stick with our current provider, Farmers. While it may not be the best option for you, I’ve never had anything but good luck with my Farmers agent, for several reasons, so I thought this

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Airstream vs Winnebago Compared: The Ultimate Battle

When it comes to RVs, Airstream and Winnebago are probably the two most popular names. They immediately come to your mind when you think about RVs and they offer some of the most iconic designs in RV history. They each have their own advantages, and despite being very popular, are very different. We’re going to review each in detail and then leave it up to you to decide which better suits your needs.

The Main Differences Between Airstream and Winnebago

The main differences between Airstream and Winnebago are:

Best RV Leveling Blocks For Your RV Needs

RV leveling blocks are something that every RVer needs. Even if you have an auto-leveling rig, leveling blocks can serve many useful purposes at a campsite. For one thing, if your RV has an absorption refrigerator (and most RVs do), it has to be completely level. Many smaller RVs and travel trailers don’t have auto leveling jacks, so it’s up to you to do it yourself. But even if you do have auto leveling jacks, you can benefit from some leveling blocks in certain cases. Let’s learn a little bit more about what leveling blocks do, the different types there are, and why they’re useful to you.

Why You Need to Be Level

via GIPHY For obvious reasons, it’s not very comfortable to live, e

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