RVShare Review: All You Need to Know

Traveling in an RV is more popular than ever! Millions of people are discovering the benefits of motorhomes and camping trailers for weekend getaways, cross-country road trips, or even as a fulltime lifestyle choice. RV sales are reaching new peaks, but an RV is an investment. For many, RV renting is a much better option than owning.

Why Rent an RV?

If you’re new to RVing, renting one to try it out is a great idea. You can find plenty of videos on YouTube about the RV lifestyle, but you won’t know if you love it or hate it until you give it a try.

If you’re shopping for an RV but aren’t sure which type would suit you best, renting can give you a chance to spend time in a few different kinds before committing to a purchase. Maybe you only want to travel in an RV for a few weeks every summer and just don’t think it’s worth making payments the other 11 months of the year. These are all great reasons to rent an RV.

For a long time, anyone considering renting an RV had few options. Commercial RV rental companies such as Cruise America offered the security of an established company, but with limited types of RVs available that had to be picked up and dropped off in a limited number of locations.

Renting an RV privately could save money and offer more options, but required significant risks when it came to safety, insurance, etc. Then came online platforms like RVshare, which revolutionized the world of RV rentals for both renters and owners alike.

What is RVshare?

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RVshare is a peer-to-peer platform that matches RV owners looking to rent out their rigs with people who want to rent them. Whether you are a renter or an owner, RVshare makes the rental experience easy, convenient, and safe with a nationwide database and protections such as insurance, identity verification, 24/7 customer service, and dispute mediation. 

RV owners can list all the details of the rig they have available for rent, complete with pictures, and set their own prices, schedules, and other conditions. Potential renters can then search these listings based on location, RV type, and a number of other criteria. After connecting the renter and the owner, RVshare also handles details such as payment, insurance, and any issues that arise as a neutral third party. 

RVshare for Renters

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How It Works

Start your RV adventure at https://rvshare.com/rv-rental to see the RVs available in your local area. In the top menus, select a location, how many beds you need, and your price range. If you know the dates you’d like to travel, enter those so that you only see rigs that are available on those dates. You can also select which type of RV you prefer from the menus of drivable (Class A, B, C) and towable (travel trailer, fifth wheel, toy hauler, or pop-up) options. 

When you find the right rig, you’ll be able to connect directly with the owner via the RVshare platform to ask questions and discuss details.

Follow RVshare’s easy procedures to complete your booking and then start packing for your trip. Depending on your agreements with the owner, you can either pick up your rental at the designated time and place or arrange to have it delivered and set up at your campsite, all ready to go. Enjoy your home-away-from-home, then return it in the condition you received it. It really is that simple.

Reasons to Rent from RVshare

RVShare offers renters a wide selection of RVs in thousands of locations around the United States and Canada. There are many advantages to renting an RV through RVshare.

  • Find the Perfect RV for You. Search for RVs close to home or search by destination. Explore your options near popular state and national parks. You can filter your search by type of RV, cancellation policies, or pet-friendliness. Indicate if you would prefer an RV that is deliverable or one that is available as a one-way only rental. You can even add filters for features in the kitchen, bathroom, or entertainment center if those criteria are important to you. All of this helps you find the ideal rig for your next adventure.
  • Excellent Customer Service. RVshare’s customer service is available to you around the clock at any point before, during, or after your renting experience. Call, email, or chat online and expect prompt, courteous service. Ask questions or get assistance with anything you need. If the owner is forced to cancel due to an emergency, RVshare goes above and beyond to re-book you in a comparable rig so your trip isn’t ruined. 
  • Peace of Mind. When you rent with RVshare, you know you have payment protection and an impartial mediator if disagreements should arise with the owner. Your rental always includes 24-hour roadside assistance and standard insurance coverage that covers comprehensive/collision and acts of God. 

Things to Watch out for

It is important to carefully read all policies and procedures before entering into a rental agreement to be sure that you understand what you are agreeing to. While RVshare does have some standard practices and policies, there can also be a lot of variation between different RV owners.

RVshare currently has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and the majority of complaints that have been filed there relate to disagreements with individual owners, not RVshare itself. RVshare works to mediate all disputes, but many issues stem from renters being unaware of the details of their contract.

Pay specific attention to cancellation policies, pick-up and return times, and specific stipulations such as whether or not pets are allowed, whether awning use is allowed, and what additional camping equipment is included (or not included). 

Renters should also be aware that additional fees can apply after the trip is completed, which should all be stipulated in the rental agreement. Fees for cleaning, dumping of waste tanks, refueling, propane or generator use, additional mileage, late return, and damages can all be charged post-trip, depending on each RV owner’s policies. 

While most of the complaints against RVshare could easily be the same with any peer-to-peer platform, the difference lies in how the company handles these issues.

There are many satisfied RVshare renters who have not had any issues, or who are happy with the way the company resolved their issues. Others argue that RVshare’s business model tends to favor the RV owner in a dispute. It seems to be hit or miss, but RVshare is a reputable company that will honor the terms of your contract, so read the agreement thoroughly and clarify anything you are uncertain about before money changes hands.

RVshare for Owners

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How It Works

If you own an RV that you would like to rent out, simply create a listing on RVshare and it will be added to the database and search engines. Take some great photos to showcase how amazing your rig is, set your price and availability, decide what policies you’re comfortable with, and you’re ready to get started. 

Note that in order to list your rig on RVshare, your RV must be no more than 15 years old and be valued at $200,000 or less. Full policies and information to help you get started can be found in RVshare’s Owner Toolkit.

As an owner, you are responsible for creating and maintaining your own listing. You also have the freedom to deny rental requests you aren’t comfortable with or limit how and when your RV is used.

Once you have a reservation, meet your renters at an agreed-upon location and give them a brief orientation, then wish them a pleasant journey. At the end of the rental period, receive your RV back, and perform any necessary maintenance in order to prepare for your next rental. RVshare handles all the payment and insurance details, making the transactions simple and secure for both parties.

Reasons to List your RV on RVshare

Many RV owners choose to rent out their rigs as a way to make RV ownership more affordable, while others own several RVs and have created RV rental businesses. Whether you are seeking to make this your main income or simply a side income, there is money to be made on RVshare. 

  • Coaching and Support. One of the advantages of RVshare over other peer-to-peer rental sites is that RVshare has rental coaching available to help owners maximize their listings and be as successful as possible. Coaches are available by phone or email during business hours Monday through Friday. RVshare succeeds when owners succeed, so they are motivated to support you throughout the process.
  • Simplify the Paperwork. RVshare takes care of processing payments and takes the guesswork out of the insurance process. You don’t have to be set up to process credit card payments or worry about the renter’s check bouncing. RVshare manages these administrative hassles for you.
  • Peace of Mind. When a renter comes to pick up your RV, you can rest assured that RVshare has verified his or her identity and thoroughly checked his or her driving record for red flags such as a suspended license, DUIs, frequent moving violations, or negligent collisions. You know that payment is guaranteed and that if any issues should arise, you have support and mediation available. Your RV is a significant investment, so be sure it is well protected.

Things to Watch out for

Make sure you understand all of RVshare’s policies, as well as your options for choosing your own rental conditions, before listing your RV or agreeing to a rental.

Pay close attention to cancellation policy options, as well as the Instant Book feature, which allows renters to book immediately without input or response from you. If you want the option to deny booking requests, be sure to disable this feature. Be aware, though, that disabling this option means your rig won’t appear when renters search for RVs that can be booked instantly. 

Do your homework when it comes to insurance. Yes, RVshare offers insurance coverage while your rig is rented, but you will need to carry your own insurance for the times when it isn’t rented. Let your insurance company know that you are renting out your RV since doing so can nullify some insurance policies.

Make sure you’re covered. You may also want to carry supplemental insurance that goes over and above what RVshare offers you. RVshare offers plenty of information about the coverage they offer, but they don’t list which insurance company is providing it. On the RVshare website, they describe the insurance company as the “most trusted,” and “most experienced,” but you have to take their word for it.

Investigate your insurance options independently to make sure your investment is covered, especially if you are considering using RVshare as a part of a small business.

While RVshare takes care of a lot of the paperwork and hassles for you, renting out your RV on a peer-to-peer platform is far from hassle-free. You are responsible for creating and updating your listing, responding to requests for information from potential renters, following through on the details of each rental, and making sure your RV is properly registered, inspected, and maintained. Approach this opportunity with realistic expectations. 

The Bottom Line on RVshare


Peer-to-peer RV rental is a wonderful opportunity for both renters and owners. RVshare is one of the leading companies in the industry and as such is certainly worth considering. Most customers have been satisfied with their experience but there are always people who have had negative experiences and warn others from doing business with the company. 

RVshare has improved its practices over the past several years. They have raised their rating with the Better Business Bureau from a B- to an A+ and they seem to respond well to complaints. There have been 89 complaints filed with the BBB against the company in the last three years, but given the number of transactions they handle, this number is relatively small in comparison.

If you are looking for a peer-to-peer RV rental agency to work with, either as a renter or as an owner, RVshare is definitely a great option.


How much is RVshare’s commission?

RVshare’s commission is the fee paid by RV owners for the services RVshare provides. The commission rate on rental price and fees can vary based on a variety of factors, and owners can negotiate this rate with a rental coach. Rates are usually between 15-25%. The RVshare commission rate on all post-trip fees is a flat 10% rate.

Is Outdoorsy or RVshare better?

Outdoorsy is RVshare’s biggest competitor and these two companies lead the peer-to-peer RV rental industry. For renters, the terms and conditions of both are very similar, so explore both sites to find the RV that suits you best or that is available in the location you are looking for.
For owners, insurance policies and fees can make a difference, so talk to representatives of both to see who can give you the best terms. Many RV owners choose to list their RVs on both platforms to increase their chances of fully booking their rig. 

Does RVshare have an app?

RVshare does not have an app available for Android or iOS.

Can you make money with RVshare?

Yes! RV owners can definitely make money by listing their RV for rent on RVshare. How much money you can make depends on a variety of factors, including the type and popularity of your RV, your location, and your per-night rental rate compared with your ownership and maintenance expenses. Visit the RVshare website for more information.

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