The Best Preowned RV Options Built to Last

So, you’re in the market for an RV but what are the best-preowned RV options that are built to last?

Buying an RV isn’t a choice to be taken lightly as it is a big investment however owning an RV brings a lot of rewards and satisfaction. From hitting the open road, staying in beautiful spots around the country to having the freedom to travel and explore whenever you want – owning an RV can become a way of life.

This is why I’m going to show you the best pre-owned RVs that will last you years down the line.

How long do RVs last?

There isn’t really one answer to this as it can vary significantly between RV models and how they are used. However, as a general rule, an RV will last around 20 years or 200,000 miles.

This can depend on a number of factors such as how much the RV has been cared for and if regular maintenance has been carried out over the years. Some RVs will last well beyond the 20 year mark if they have been looked after and others will not even get to 200,000 miles if they haven’t been looked after.0

This brings us to the question – are preowned RVs worth it?

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Should you buy a preowned RV?

RVs can be very expensive and, after the purchase of your home, it is probably one of the biggest things you will ever buy.

So, should you buy new or preowned?

There are several advantages to buying a preowned RV.

Lower cost

The biggest advantage you have when buying a preowned RV is the cost. It is obviously going to be cheaper than a brand new model and this can mean it is a lot more accessible for many people.

You can save thousands on a preowned RV rather than opting for the latest model and it can even give you the opportunity to test drive it as well rather than ordering a new RV that hasn’t been built yet.

Depreciation will be much less

This ties in with the cost – a used RV is going to be cheaper and while it won’t last as long as a new one, the value won’t depreciate as much.

As soon as you drive a new RV home the value has already started depreciating. While you might use it for 20 years and have lots of memories and fun trips to make it worth the money, like all vehicles, the value will depreciate rapidly. Even if you buy a new RV and sell it down the line, you’ll probably lose more money than if you bought a used model.

You might get some unexpected upgrades

The previous owner of the RV might have put in some great upgrades over the years which you may not get in a new model.

They could also have added various perks and new technology as well so you’re getting a used RV but with the latest gadgets installed. This is certainly a cheaper method of owning a great RV without a huge price tag.

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Different types of RVs

RVs aren’t all the same – there are many different types of RVs. They come in different shapes, sizes and some will appeal to certain people more than others.

I’ve brought together the main types of RVs that you’ll find on the market.

Class A Motorhomes

When you think of an RV, a Class A Motorhome is probably the model that springs to mind. These monster vehicles almost look like a coach at first glance and they are the top level of RVs with a lot of space and amenities.

Class A Motorhomes offers a lot of comfort and luxury on the road. It isn’t surprising that they are the most expensive either but as a real ‘home away from home’, these tick all the boxes.

Class C Motorhome

Class C Motorhomes are built with a cutaway chassis so the front looks like a van while they have a characteristic overhang. These types of motorhomes are very recognizable and many people prefer them because even though they don’t provide the same amount of space as a Class A motorhome, they do offer a comfortable living area and the front structure is very similar to a normal van.

Camper Van

Probably the most mobile of motorhomes, what a Camper Van lacks in space it more than makes up for in being able to drive it pretty much anywhere and camp up for the night. They are compact but you can live like a proper nomad with a camper van as they are easier to drive and they have a real retro feel to them.

Truck Camper

Another recognizable motorhome, Truck Campers aren’t too far away from an RV but they have their own unique design. They are latched onto the bed of a pickup trip so they can be detached and they have several advantages such as having a good amount of space while being easy to drive around.

Things to consider when buying a preowned RV

Before you dive into purchasing an RV whether it is a Class A, Class C, Truck Camper or a Camper Van, there are some things you need to consider first.

What type do you need?

It can be tempting to go for the very best on the market – usually a Class A motorhome – but is that really what you actually need?

If you are a couple and don’t require a whole lot of space and simply want to head away for the odd weekend here and there, maybe a camper van would be more suitable? Obviously your budget is going to dictate what type of RV you choose but also consider your own needs so you aren’t lumbered with an expensive preowned RV that is too big for what you require.

Research the insurance

Your RV needs to be insured like any vehicle that is on the road but because it’s a kind of home away from home, you’ll need specific RV insurance to cover contents and everything else too.

This is something you’ll also need to factor into your budget not just when you purchase the RV but also every year that you have it as well.

Don’t focus too much on the mileage

It is common for people who are buying a preowned RV to focus on what mileage the vehicle has done as an indicator of its condition and how long it will likely last for.

While mileage is important don’t overestimate it when considering a purchase. A preowned RV with very low mileage isn’t necessarily a good thing because it could have been sitting unused for long periods of time which can bring up many problems. An RV with a lot of mileage on it but that has been maintained and looked after can often be a more sensible purchase.

Best RV brands

Before we get into the best toilet treatments that you can buy for your RV, there are a few things you need to know before you make a purchase.


This is probably the brand most people come up with when they think of an RV. Winnebago is one of the most recognizable and longstanding RV brands as they’ve been around since the early 1960s.

If you see a Class A Motorhome on the road then there is a good chance that it is going to be a Winnebago.

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Lazy Daze

If you are in the market for a Class C Motorhome, Lazy Daze are one of the top brands that you can buy.

These well-built RVs and crafted for longevity which is what you want if you are buying preowned. While some people might not necessarily like many of the designs that come from Lazy Daze, in terms of their construction and durability they are among the very best.

Northern Lite

For Truck Campers you can’t go wrong with Northern Lite and they are a very recognizable brand. They are known for their high quality and durable Truck Campers.

Their Truck Camper models are compact but still offer good space and they are compatible with Ford, Dodge, and Chevy full-size trucks.

Mercedes Benz Sprinter

Mercedes Benz are a well-known vehicle manufacturing and it is no surprise that their Sprinter vans have been converted into camper vans time and time again.

With durability and functionality secured due to the high quality of manufacturing by Mercedes, these vans offer an ideal way to convert a road vehicle into a camper van for road adventures.

Best Preowned RV Options That Are Built to Last

Now you know the different types of RV that are available, the things you need to think about before you buy one as well as the best brands.

What are the best preowned RVs to buy that are going to give you comfort as well as durability?

Winnebago Grand Tour Class A Motorhome

If you are searching at the top end of the market and want a Class A Motorhome, the Winnebago Grand Tour is a very good choice.

Not only are Winnebago one of the most recognizable names in the industry, but the Grand Tour model will appeal to anyone who wants a Class A RV. This motorhome offers a great deal of space so you won’t be on top of each other when traveling around the country. Some of the other fantastic features of this motorhome include heated massage seats, quartz countertops which provide a luxury look and are great for sanitation, ultra-leather seats throughout as well as various other top-end facilities. It can sleep four people comfortably and it also benefits from fuel efficiency as you’ll likely get 7 miles per gallon.

If you want a real luxury motorhome, it is hard to go wrong with the Winnebago Grand Tour.


  • Provides a lot of space and is the best top-end motorhome
  • Various facilities to provide comfort with an elegant look
  • Has good fuel efficiency for a motorhome of its size
  • Offers a real home away from home design no matter where you are


  • Is expensive and large so you’ll need plenty of space to park up

Lazy Daze 24 Front Dinette

For anyone that is in the market for a Class C Motorhome and that offers comfortable living without too many frills, the Lazy Daze 24 Front Dinette ticks all the boxes.

As it is a Class C RV it obviously isn’t going to have the space of some of the bigger models out there but it can still sleep up to 5 people. This RV offers a basic but functionally interior and the painted aluminum roof is both sun and tear-resistant so you have good durability with this motorhome. It features granite countertops for added long-lasting effects and the Lazy Daze models are well known for being sturdy.

If you are after a motorhome that offers a good level of comfort combined with a compact space that is easy to move around, the Lazy Daze 24 Front Dinette certainly provides this. As a preowned option, you’ll obviously save some money compared to buying new and it’s durability means they last for years as long as they’ve been looked after properly.


  • Can sleep up to five people even with its compact nature
  • Easy to move around and park up for the night
  • Has good facilities and a sturdy design
  • Ideal for weekend adventures around the country


  • Not the biggest but would suit couples and small families

Northern Lite 8-11EX

This Truck Camper model is perfect as a preowned option that is built to last.

It offers a wide range of features including a comfortable seating area, LED lighting, 100w solar panel, and a 10’ side awning with 7in power rear awning. The Northern Lite 8-11EX is manufactured with many high-quality materials so durability shouldn’t be an issue with this truck camper which is ideal if you are buying preowned and want something to last for a good few years.

It sleeps up to four people comfortably as the dinette transforms into another bed and can be loaded onto Ford, Dodge, and Chevy full-size trucks.


  • Has many great features including a 100w solar panel
  • Comfortable and ideal for short breaks on the road
  • Made from durable materials so will last for years


  • Isn’t suitable for large families or if you desire a lot of space

Mercedes Benz Sprinter Camper Vans

The good thing about buying a preowned camper van is that you’ll likely get a more unique design and features than other standard RV models.

Camper vans are renowned for having quirky features added which can be great if you are buying second hand. Mercedes Benz Sprinter vehicles that have been adapted into camper vans are consistently rated among the best you can buy as they offer reliability and longevity too.

The Sprinter has capacity for up to 5000 pounds so it is ideal as a camper van and it is why many people use this vehicle as a base for conversion. If you want a luxury road vehicle with great camper van potential coupled with the unique preowned designs on the market, it is hard to go wrong.


  • Reliable Mercedes Benz vehicle for durability’
  • Perfect for road trips and overnight stays
  • Preowned camper vans often come with unique features


  • Isn’t suitable if you need a lot of space and luxury features


How long do RVs last for?

There is a lot of variation in how long an RV will last and remain functional. As a general guide, 20 years or 200,000 miles is the average lifespan of an RV but some can last longer with regular maintenance.

Is the cost the main advantage of buying a pre-owned RV?

The lower price tag is generally the big advantage of buying preowned rather than new however you may also get some useful upgrades and perks that the previous owner has installed too.

Should I worry about the mileage?

Yes and no. A lot of people get caught up on how many miles a preowned RV has done however sometimes the high mileage RVs are more reliable as they may have been maintained better over the years. Low mileage RVs that are many years old might have remained stationary for long periods of time.

Do I need insurance with my RV?

Yes. An RV is like any other vehicle and you’ll need insurance however you’ll also want to have the contents insured too which means you need to get specialized RV insurance.

Are motorhomes easy to drive?

Some models such as camper vans are small and compact so you won’t notice much difference when on the road from a normal vehicle. Class A Motorhomes in particular can take a bit of getting used to due to their size.

Which is the best-preowned RV which is built to last?

Owning a motorhome gives you unlimited potential for traveling around the country. Whether it is a quick overnight stay at a beauty spot just a couple of hours away or a week-long (or even longer) trip with all the family, they offer a convenient and easy way to hit the road and not have to worry about booking into hotels or an Airbnb.

The type of RV that you choose is going to depend on your needs and your budget. Buying a preowned RV means that you’ll save money and you may also get some really cool additional features that the previous owner has added in.

Best Class A Motorhome – Winnebago Grand Tour

Best Class C Motorhome – Lazy Daze 24 Front Dinette

Best Truck Camper – Northern Lite 8-11EX

Best Camper Van – Mercedes Benz Sprinter Camper Van conversion

These motorhomes can be found for sale and they represent the best in each category.

Whether you are after a huge home away from home with the Winnebago Grand Tour or simply something a bit more compact for a couple of nights away in the great outdoors like the Northern Lite 8-11EX, they’ll be built to last so you can enjoy the RV life for years to come.

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