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Best Luxury RV Brands for Each RV Class

With the popularity growing in RVing, the demand for luxury RVs that make you feel like you never left home is growing. I have been living in an RV myself for three years now, and let me tell you, it is worth the extra money to have a few luxury items while traveling. Being in a new place constantly is already stressful enough, so coming back to a place that makes you feel at home is a must in my book.

Everyone has preferences on what they need while traveling, whether it’s enough space to sleep for a large family or the ability to live comfortably off-grid. Below you will find the best luxury RV brands for each class of RV, making it easier to find the best in what you need or want. These brands include luxury features that are unique and make it feel like you are bringing home with you on vacation.

My Top Picks At a Glance

  1. Best Class A Prevost – This company makes some of the most durable class A motorhomes on the market. With five different luxury RV converters under Prevost, you are sure to get one in your style with your specific wants and needs.
  2. Best Class B Winnebago – Winnebago is a name that most people have heard if they know anything about RVs. They make a wide range of different luxury mobile homes, including a wide variety of sought-after camper vans.
  3. Best Class C Entrega – This brand is notable for its comfortable ride. On top of that, the interior of these motorhomes is very homey.
  4. Best Travel Trailer BowlusWith a history stretching back nearly 100 years, these iconic luxury travel trailers are incredibly innovative and elegantly designed. These RVs are so durable, that it’s not uncommon to see a fifty-year-old Bowlus that’s still in mint condition.
  5. Best Truck Camper Host – If you are looking for a truck camper with all of the pizazz of a normal motorhome, Host is the brand to go with. Each one is custom-made to your needs, and you won’t believe how spacious these things are.
  6. Best Expedition Vehicle EarthRoamer – Any traveler interested in off-grid RVing has most likely heard of the Earth Roamer. These monsters are made to get down and dirty, but you would not be able to tell from the luxurious interior.

Things to Consider

how to choose rv luxury brand

Gas vs Diesel

The top-of-the-line RVs are almost always going to be diesel because they are stronger engines and save you money on fuel. However, they are more expensive to maintain and repair than a gasoline motor.

Diesel motors can also be tied into a generator if that’s something you opt-in on, so you won’t need to worry about filling a separate fuel tank.

Want to know more about Gas vs Diesel RVs? Read our full Gas vs Diesel comparison.

Amount of People

Before deciding on what type of RV you want, you may consider how many people would be traveling with you. If you have a family of four, you may want to reconsider that cute, little camper van that’s so popular right now.

You may even like bringing friends along, which can get you up to six to eight people, and there are RVs with plenty of space for that many people.

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Off-Grid Capabilities

This is something that I always look for when purchasing an RV because I like to camp in the middle of nowhere with no electrical hookups or fresh water spigots.

RVs can be hooked up with solar panels, enormous water tanks, a generator, water filtration systems, and more to help you stay away from civilization for longer.

There are even RVs built for off-roading for those that like to be off-grid.


Any luxury RV you see today will have all of the everyday comforts of home built-in or available. This can include a washer/dryer, flat-screen TVs, and top-of-the-line appliances.

I’ve even seen some RV features that would shame my house, such as heated floors, recessed ceilings, and electric blinds.

Most luxury RVs also have automatic leveling systems, so you don’t have to fidget around with that every time you stop for camp.

luxury rv camper brands

Selection Criteria

Easy to Drive

There are many things that a luxury RV brand can add to their products to make them easier and safer to drive, including blind-spot assist, backup cameras, air breaks, and so much more that becomes too technical for the general public.

You’ll also see brand names you know as reliable inside the motor and chassis, such as Mercedes Benz, Cummins, and Ford. No matter how big of an RV you decide to go with, you know these will be smooth on the road and easy to handle.

Top of the Line Amenities

Some amenities that you can find inside luxury RVs are laundry stations, home theatres, fireplaces, heated floors, and more. Most luxury RVs are entirely customizable so that you can add anything to your RV.

You will also find name-brand appliances inside these RVs that you have most likely heard of, such as Bosch and Sharp.

Technologically Advanced

Some of the technology they have come up with in these RVs blows my mind. There are options where you can turn your entire RV into a home theatre with the click of a button that closes the blinds, dims the lights, turns up the surround sound, and turns on your blue ray player for you. That is just one of many things you can have put in your RV nowadays.

Luxury Finishes

Standing in some of these RVs may confuse you into thinking you are in a luxury hotel. Every detail inside is considered when designing the interior and exterior of these things.

You will find recessed ceilings, hardwood floors, chrome exterior finishes, granite countertops, etc.


You can most likely point out a luxury RV by the price because they are reasonably more expensive than your standard RV. Some of the most luxurious RVs in the world can be priced up to three million dollars.

However, you will not find anything on this list that costs that much because I’m a realistic person. Yes, the RVs listed below are pricey, but the value you get is well worth it, in my opinion.


Best Luxury Class A

Class A motorhomes are the largest type of motorhome and look like a big bus. They can be anywhere from 26 feet to 45 feet long, but most luxury buses are on the longer side.

These motorhomes are about as close as you can get to an actual house and may not be for those just starting in the RV world because they can be challenging to drive and have a lot of components.


prevost luxury rv

Every time I see a Prevost, I may start drooling because these things are beautiful. The design of all of these is smooth and elegant, looking more like a luxury hotel than a motorhome.

One of the focal points of a Prevost is the frameless windows that line the entire outside, and when the slide-outs come out, turn into a 360-degree view.

Prevost uses five different motorhome converters to build out the interior, so you have a choice of designs. Prevost also has some of the most technologically advanced features in the RV world.

The liaison feature included in every Prevost is especially impressive, constantly checking all electronic systems to make sure they are working correctly and telling you when to get them serviced.

They also have a ” Prime ” system, which is a more sustainable way of charging the alternator while breaking. Even though these buses are huge, Prevost has included many features to make them easier to drive.

These include electronic stability to help you gain control in adverse conditions, an adaptive cruise that slows down and speeds up with traffic, and independent suspension for a smooth ride.

They are also built extremely well with a stainless steel structure, a Volvo D13 engine, and a patented Prevost structural beam for some of the best slide-out systems.


  • It uses many luxury RV converters
  • Built extremely well
  • Safe and easy to drive
  • Patented frameless windows
  • Gigantic garage storage (500 cubic feet)
  • Great customer service


  • Too big for the average person to drive
  • Many campgrounds can’t accomodate big rigs

Best Luxury Class B

This is the oh-so-popular camper van, usually built on Ram Promaster or Mercedes Benz Chassis. Camper vans are probably the easiest and most convenient type of motorhomes to have because anyone can drive them, they’re relatively small, and there isn’t any preparation needed for them to be ready to go. However, they are small, like suck it in to pass someone in the hallway small.


winnerbago vista

Winnebago has jumped into the camper van with full force, providing seven different models of camper vans that can cater to almost anyone.

My favorite model is the Revel with off-grid and off-road capabilities, tougher finishes that can take a beating, a bed that lifts and lowers to fit as much as a bike underneath, and extra hidden table space.

They also have models with handicap options, more sleeping areas, and more luxurious designs and amenities. It is seriously impressive what Winnebago can fit in a 24-foot-long van.

Everything in any other camper can be found in each of these vans, including a full bathroom, flat-screen TVs, refrigerator with a freezer, convection oven, dinette, and so much more.

If you’re looking for more luxurious finishes, look at the Winnebago Era with more elegant cabinetry and countertops, a touch screen monitor, and hardwood-looking floors.

You also choose what chassis you want with Winnebago Class B motorhomes. Depending on your model, you will either get a Mercedes Benz chassis with a turbo-diesel engine or a Ram Promaster chassis with a gas engine.

The Ram Promaster chassis are more affordable, but the Mercedes Benz chassis is more luxurious with Mercedes’ well-known smooth ride and extra driver safety features.


  • Has many RV models
  • Handicap accessible options
  • Has gas and diesel options
  • Includes everything in a camper van you would find in a standard RV
  • Choose between Ram Promaster or Mercedes Benz
  • Off-grid capabilities
  • Can sleep more than two in a camper van


  • Not as technologically advanced as other luxury RVs

Best Luxury Class C

Class C motorhomes are the in-between of a class B and class A. They feel spacious and homey like a class A RV but are still reasonably easy to drive, being on a standard truck chassis.

You can recognize these by the bed compartment that goes over the truck’s cab. Anyone comfortable driving a large truck can drive this, but they’re not the prettiest RV.

See how Winnebago compares to other brands:



The thing that makes the Entegra brand stand out is its remarkable ease of driving. Their trademarked E-Z drive system includes a computer-balanced driveshaft that keeps any possible steering shake away, air suspension, air breaks, and Sachs shocks.

You can be sure there is no swaying, harsh bumps, or difficult breaking while driving with all of these. Almost any other luxury RV is super customizable, with you being able to add any feature or amenity that you think you’ll need.

Entegra brand RVs are not super customizable, but this is because nearly everything that would typically be an add-on is included, like an electric fireplace, recessed LED lights, a residential refrigerator, and heated floors.

This could be a good thing for your pocketbook since you’re not paying for everything a la carte, but it takes away the ability to make it yours. Entegra makes their RVs easy to live in with homey designs and a touchscreen control panel that controls everything in the RV.

These RVs look modern yet homey to where they aren’t over the top like a Prevost may seem. They have also included a Smart Firefly screen, which controls everything in the RV, from the lights to checking your holding tanks.

If you’ve ever owned an RV, you know this feature is beneficial because you don’t have to search for different switches or monitors throughout the RV.


  • Homey interior designs
  • Comfortable driving experience
  • Nearly everything you need is included
  • 2-year limited warranty and 3-year structural warranty
  • Smart FireFly Screen


  • Not very customizable

Best Luxury Travel Trailer

Travel trailers are made to be pulled behind a truck and are another option that closely resembles a traditional home. One of the most significant advantages of having a travel trailer is you can detach from it and drive your vehicle anywhere you want to go, leaving your mobile home at camp.

These are best suited for those that like to stay in one spot for a long time, but if you like to move around a lot, it can be slightly inconvenient having to rehook up the trailer every time you want to go.


Bowlus Road Chief RV

I think the most remarkable thing about these travel trailers is their longevity. The company started nearly one hundred years ago and although the look of the Bowlus today is inspired by the original, the modern version of the Bowlus has been completely redesigned to be wider, taller, and longer than the original. It also features modern, industry-leading luxury amenities like endless hot water, AC off-grid, and heated floors. The modern design and construction are inspired by the original, but the tech is all-new. You can even find ones out there that are fifty to sixty years old and in perfect condition.

I love any brand that prioritizes sustainability, and Bowlus excels in this area – they’ve considered everything from the manufacturing process to how efficient the trailer is to tow. Materials, including the birch wood on the walls and the teak in the bathroom, are sustainably sourced, and every system from the top-of-the-line appliances to the HVAC is designed to be as energy and water efficient as possible.

Bowlus trailers are the lightest and most aerodynamic RVs on the market, which means they can be towed by many SUVs and even electric SUVs like the Tesla Model X. 

Bowlus luxury travel trailers also have many unique features that I haven’t seen in many other luxury RVs. This includes a pet station that slides out from under the couch, a HEPA air filtration system with UVC, and a best-in-class power management system.

You’ll find some of the largest lithium iron phosphate batteries onboard to power off-grid adventures for up to two weeks. They even offer solar panels to make sure you can head off-grid without a noisy generator.

Bowlus trailers also have a few unique features that I have not seen in many other luxury RVs. This includes a pet station that slides out from under the couch, air filters with UVC to kill any viruses, and GPS tracking for security and to help friends find you in the wilderness.

You will also find some of the largest lithium batteries onboard that can last up to 2 weeks off-grid, making it possible to be out in the wilderness with electricity without solar.


  • Extremely durable
  • Specializes in travel trailers
  • Vintage, elegant design
  • Technologically advanced
  • Made with sustainability in mind
  • Unique technologically advanced features
  • Off-grid capabilities
  • Lightweight and easy to tow


  • Not the largest travel trailer

How Does Bowlus compare to Other RV Brands?

Best Luxury Truck Camper

Truck campers are those tiny mobile homes that you can fit in the back of a truck bed. The benefit to these is, like a travel trailer, you can detach the camper from the truck using the jacks so you can drive your vehicle around. These are also much easier to drive than a travel trailer, but they are also not very spacious in comparison.


host rvs

If you thought there was no way a truck camper could be luxurious, think again. Host is a brand specializing in truck campers that are highly customizable and come with everything you can find in a larger RV.

You can have everything, including a fireplace, a washer/dryer, a large dry bath, and an outdoor entertainment center. One of the features that I found most shocking about Host track campers is how spacious they are.

Host truck campers come with slide-outs, which can make a substantial spatial difference, and their largest model has a whopping three slide-outs positioned around the RV.

Once you step into a Host RV, you may confuse it for a small villa with the amount of interior space and the interior design.

Since these RVs are so customizable, there are endless options that you can add to your truck camper to make them perfect for your needs. You can add to your Host truck camper an off-grid system, a jackknife sofa to sleep kids, a generator, and a convection microwave. It is also one of few truck campers with a dry bath but has one of the largest showers on the truck camper market.


  • Spacious for a truck camper
  • Each one is custom-built
  • Jackknife sofa option that could sleep small children
  • Homey interior design
  • Off-grid options
  • Dry bath


  • You need a significant truck to carry a Host

Best Luxury Expedition Vehicle

Expedition vehicles may be confused with class C motorhomes, but they are more than a class C made for off-road and off-grid adventures.

These are usually equipped with solar power, larger water tanks, four-wheel drive, and a lift kit. You can be out in the wilderness for as long as you have fuel in your gas tank.

Earth Roamer

earth roamer rv

I may be biased because this is my dream vehicle, but it has everything you could need if you like to adventure beyond the beaten path.

Earth Roamers are built to be 100 percent self-sufficient without the requirement of a generator. They have enough solar power to power everything in your RV, including the AC, and large enough freshwater holding tanks to last you months if needed.

These things are also nearly indestructible, being one of the first RVs ever to be made of carbon fiber, a super lightweight, strong material that can be molded into one complete body rather than multiple pieces put together.

Earth Roamers are also built to go off-road with four-wheel drive, a lifted body, and air suspension, so nothing stops you from hitting the backcountry. Once you step inside from your outdoor adventure, this RV makes you feel like you’ve just escaped to a luxurious backcountry cabin.

You will find every feature of any other luxury RV in this expedition vehicle, like heated floors, hardwood cabinetry, granite countertops, and even an outdoor living area. One of the most fun features in an Earth Roamer is a roof hatch over the bed to see the night sky.


  • Completely customizable
  • Built to go off-road
  • Self-sufficient off-grid
  • Has all of the luxury amenities
  • Luxurious backwoods cabin feel
  • Carbon Fiber body


  • Large for a backcountry vehicle


Question: What is a luxury RV?

Answer: Luxury RVs are RVs that more closely relate to a standard home than an RV regarding amenities, design, and features. Everyday things that you will find in a luxury RV are heated floors, hardwood cabinetry, residential appliances, a washer/dryer, etc. Luxury RVs also differ in how they drive, often being safer, smoother, and more fuel-efficient.

Question: How much does a luxury RV cost to buy?

Answer: Luxury RVs often cost significantly more than a standard RV, ranging from $150,000 to millions depending on what RV you are wanting. Luxury class A RVs are usually the most expensive, whereas truck campers will be on the lower end of the luxury spectrum. However, there are many in-between RVs, including camper vans, expedition vehicles, and travel trailers.

Question: Are luxury RVs a good investment?

Answer: The luxury RV market has been around for decades, and it’s not going anywhere soon. If anything, their demand is going up, with RV manufacturers struggling to build them fast enough and them flying off the second-hand market as soon as they are posted. I have a feeling that owning a luxury RV is going to become a household staple soon.

Final Thoughts

Purchasing a luxury RV is a large investment, so it only makes sense to have the best of the best. No matter what type of traveling you plan on doing, whether it’s a family vacation or an off-roading adventure, you never have to be out of your comfort zone with one of these luxury RV brands. You can bring all of the conveniences of home, if not more, on any RV trip that you could dream of.

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