Comprehensive List of RV Recalls You Should Look Out For

If you’re someone who enjoys an excellent road trip or camping out in nature, chances are you’ll be doing so in an RV. The main reason for this is that RVs provide a level of protection and comfort that you simply won’t get with other types of a mobile home or travel trailer options currently available on the market. Vehicles are known for malfunctioning and breaking down from time to time, and however, when serious issues affect a large number of the same vehicle, RV recalls must be issued.

Regardless of how you decide to embark on your travels, the most crucial factor to consider at all times is safety. Recalls are essential service calls that are sent out by car manufacturers who have found a defect in a particular model or make of their line of vehicles.

Recalls can happen at any moment from the time of an official commercial production release. Often times recalls they are issued once a manufacturer defect or malfunction has already severely impacted the life of someone who owned the vehicle. This can cause many vehicle manufacturers to hesitate on issuing a recall due to fear of their brand image and reputation being affected negatively.

When these sorts of issues impact RVs, the results can be a lot more disastrous due to the size and all of the various components included in their designs. Whether you’re buying a new RV or a used one, you need to know whether or not your selected vehicle model and make has experienced a recall in recent years. This will allow you to make an educated decision about which RV model is safe and outfitted with all of the essential features that you need access to.

Winnebago Industries Recall 

Since there have been so many RV recalls in recent years, it can be difficult trying to find out if your RV has been affected by one. If your someone who needs to find out if you’re RV has been affected by a recall lately, you’ve come to the right place.

In this guide, we’re going to cover all of the most important features and aspects that you need to consider when purchasing an RV to ensure that you’re not getting a vehicle with an outstanding recall.

To begin, let’s look at some of the most common causes for recalls and why they occur often.

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Why do RV Recalls happen, and what causes them?

Recalls can happen for a wide variety of different reasons, and often times it is due to a manufacturer defect which causes issues in how well the vehicle operates. Recalls come in various different threat levels also, while most recalls are serious issues relating to engine components or other vital parts of the vehicle that are required to function, some recalls are issued due to smaller issues such as malfunctioning window motors, faulty trunk operation, and more.

In the following section, we’re going to cover some of the most common malfunctions and faults that exist in RVs which can lead to a recall being issued. Make sure that you read this entire section in full to make sure you know everything you need to know about what causes RV recalls and how you can spot potential problems with your vehicle before they become a serious threat to your safety.

Battery Malfunctions

Like with all vehicles, every RV comes with a pre-installed battery which allows its core components to operate properly. Your battery plays a huge factor in driving power to your ignition, headlights, alarm system, and much more. In rare instances, some manufacturers experience defects or faults with their batteries right off of the production line.

These types of manufacturing defects can lead to serious issues such as random volatile combustion happening near the engine, a decline in overall vehicle performance and efficiency, and even complete loss of power in some instances.

Given that most batteries are not integrated into the design of the RV itself yet connected by way of a system, faults with it can oftentimes go unnoticed for quite long periods of time. This can lead to serious issues suddenly appearing when and where they haven’t before. If your vehicle has a recall on its pre-installed battery, you should head the warning as soon as possible.

Plumbing Defects RV Recall

Plumbing Defects

Solid plumbing infrastructure is absolutely vital when it comes to RVs and on the road life. Some common issues that you see with integrated plumbing systems is that of clogs, leaks, and backflows in the system which can severely ruin the interior of your camper if not solved in an adequate amount of time.

Plumbing system defects and malfunctions are often times very easy to spot and identify which means that if a recall is issued for your trailers plumbing system, you can be pretty confident that the issue will get resolved fairly quickly.

Air Conditioning Defects

Staying cool and having access to proper ventilation is also very important, camper HVAC systems are one of the leading causes for recalls. If your air conditioning unit isn’t working correctly and you just purchased a new RV, chances are it’s an issue on the part of the manufacturer. While AC malfunctions typically don’t pose an immediate threat, they can lead to more serious issues down the line if not solved in time.

Another thing that you’ll commonly see in relation to AC defects is that they are either caused or amplified by a faulty electrical system also. If this is the case for your vehicle, you will want to respond to any recall issue immediately to ensure that you avoid severe problems in the future.

Electrical Faults

RVs run on electricity in terms of facilitating the “normal” living experience that you expect when using them. There are several different connections and intricate wires strung all throughout your camper, which is what allows you to carry out tasks such as cooking, taking a shower, watching TV, and more.

If there are any faults with your trailer’s electrical system, there are some very dangerous issues which have the potential to impact the overall quality inside of your camper or even destroy it completely in some instances.

There could be a number of factors which lead to a combustible electrical problem in your vehicle. Things such as faulty wires, voltage inconsistencies, bad connections, and more can impact the safety of your vehicle in a very fast manner. If your vehicle is experiencing an electrical recall, you’ll want to take action as soon as possible to avoid major damage.

Keystone Montana Safety Recall

Functionality Defects

Every RV comes with different design features and capabilities which must operate in tandem with the overall infrastructure of your vehicle. These sorts of extensions oftentimes include pull-outs, outdoor kitchens, awnings, and more.

If for whatever reason, there is a discrepancy during the production process of your RV, your extra capabilities and features can begin to malfunction. Often times, this will lead to the manufacturer issuing a recall for the particular part or extension.

While these issues oftentimes don’t pose a health or safety risk, they can impact the overall functionality and accessibility of your vehicle. Because of this, you will want to make sure that you head any recalls from your camper manufacturer so that you can experience all that your model has to offer.

Driving Mechanism Failures

Brakes and the gas pedals are the most important elements to safety when it comes to operating your trailer. Manufacturer defects in your gas pedal and brake system can ruin the overall safety and reliability of your vehicle indefinitely. These are some of the most severe issues that you can face and oftentimes, recalls for these sorts of defects and faults are issued quite quickly.

If you become aware that your RV has an outstanding recall on it related to brakes and gas pedals, you will want to try to resolve the problem as soon as possible. Letting a faulty brake pedal or gas pedal go unnoticed in your vehicle can lead to some very dangerous situations in the future.

Engine Malfunctions

Possibly the most severe recall that can be issued is one that affects the engine of your RV model and makes. Engine faults can be caused by a wide array of different things such as bad fuel injectors, improper temperature regulation, cycling discrepancies, and much more.

Engine faults and discrepancies usually don’t take that long to diagnose or become apparent due to their critical nature in terms of how important they are to your RVs system in general.

If you get an alert that your vehicle is affected by an engine recall notice, you should find a solution as soon as possible to avoid any issues. Letting an engine recall on your vehicle go unresolved for too long can lead to serious implications as they relate to your safety and health.

Now that we’ve gone over some of the most common issues that lead to recalls on RVs, it’s time to look at a comprehensive list that details all of the most recent recall that has been issued from a variety of different manufacturers.

List of RV Recalls

RV Recall List: What You Need to Know

Regardless if it comes as a surprise or not, there have been multiple instances of RV manufacturers recalling particular models and makes in their lineup. Many of these recalls have happened within the past year alone, which may scare some people at the thought of having to purchase one anytime in the near future.

The good news is that while there have been many recalls issued within the past year or so, many manufacturers have not been affected by them, so there are plenty of trustworthy and reliable camper options for you to choose from out on the market.

To help you stay clear of those models and manufacturers who have been dealing with recalls recently, this section is going to detail some of the major recalls that have been issued for recreational vehicles. We’re going to cover in detail which model was affected, exactly what the recall was issued for, and how you can get the right repair service needed if your vehicle happens to be affected by one.

Make sure that you read this entire section in full so that you will know all of the latest information about recalls that have impacted RVs in recent time.

Winnebago Industries Recall

Winnebago Industries recently issued a recall on all Winnebago ERA recreational vehicles from the year 2012-2018. The recall was issued due to a fault that was found in the cabinet compartment of the vehicle, which was found to be improperly connected at certain critical points.

This defect can cause the face of the cabinet to become detached from its connectors and fall into the cab area of your vehicle. While not life-threatening, this manufacturing defect can still pose issues for those that have young children or people with disabilities inside of their motorhome.

Heartland RV Recall

Heartland RV Recall 

Heartland RVs and recreational vehicles have been dealing with several recalls as of late. The most notable one being a recall that was issued on about 300 of their 2019 Prowler and Trailer Runner models.

This recall relates to the labeling that was placed on the vehicles after production was finished. The Federal Certification Label was found to contain inaccurate information related to the load range, tire pressure, and tire size of the vehicle.

Because of this issue, the vehicles fail to meet the requirement of the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard. Another recall facing 2019 Heartland Trailer Runner and Prowler models relates to certain vehicles being outfitted with the incorrect tire configuration. The recreational vehicles were equipped with load range D tires as opposed to the load range E tires that they should be equipped with.

Keystone RV Recall

Keystone Montana 2019 Recall

Keystone RV Company has to recall specific vehicles from their line of 2019 Montana trailers, in particular, the model 3855BR version and the 3854BR version. This recall is due to an incorrect sizing that affects the adjustment bolt for the kitchen slide inside of the vehicle.

The bolt is too long, which can cause it to interfere with the functionality of your tires while in motion. This is a very serious recall that if ignored, can lead to serious accidents or even worse when driving.

Forest River Recall

Forest River Recall 

Forest River is experiencing multiple recall notices as well; the main recall is for 11 of the 2019 Glaval Entourage trailer models and 2017-2018 Berkshire Coach Ultra models. These models use a ford chassis and also come with an integrated engine block heater which are the two main components listed in the recall notice.

The issues with these parts are that in certain instances, contaminated water and other forms of debris can get inside of the block heater cable which causes the splice connector to corrode.

This can lead to severe damage to the connector resulting in electrical shortages that will impact other areas of your recreational vehicle. The other Forest River recall that is currently in effect is for seven different makes of the 2918 XLR trailer, specifically the XLT26HFS model, the XLT26HFS-W model, and the XLT27KW model.

These models lack the proper liquid propane detection systems to keep you protected from leaks, which may impact your health at a very rapid rate.

Jayco Recall

Jayco RV Recalls

Jayco currently has an open recall on specific 2019-2020 models of their White Hawk recreational trailers. The problem relates to a faulty breakaway switch which was not installed correctly by the manufacturer. This issue can cause your brake system not to function properly in case the trailer becomes separated from the tow vehicle during transport. J

Jayco is offering owners of these models service by a wide variety of different dealerships who will thoroughly inspect your breakaway switch to ensure that it is wired correctly in the vehicle.

TMC Recall

TMC Challenger 2019 Recall

TMC also is known as Thor Motor Coach has issued a recall on particular 2019-2020 makes of their Challenger, Magnitude, Miramar, Omni, Palazzo, and Outlaw model trailer vehicles.

The recall revolves around the control system for the vehicle is faulty, which can cause your slid-out to become unhitched unexpectedly. TMC is offering owners of these vehicles to update their control system software for free, so you will be able to get assistance for the problem with no charge.

Newmar Recall

Newmar Ventana 2019 Recall

Newmar has issued a recall for their line of 2016-2019 Ventana LE and the 2017-2019 Essex, Dutch Star, London Aire, Ventana, Mountain Aire, and the 2018-2019 New Aire recreational vehicles. These models come with a Daimler truck chassis and a rear-mounted power distribution module that is the main cause of the recall.

The PDM module on the vehicle is suspected of having been damaged during the production process of the vehicle. This resulted in certain functions like brake lights, rear marker lights, and turn signals not functioning properly.

Newmar is offering owners of these vehicles free replacements for their PDM system, and it will not cost you anything to get the service.

Entegra Recall

2020 Entegra Cornerstone Recall

Entegra has issued a recall for their line of 2020 model Cornerstone and Anthem trailers. The recall revolved around the steering shaft being insecurely fastened to its connector. This can lead to serious issues when it comes to steering your vehicle property and other accidents due to not being able to guide your vehicle in the right direction.

Entegra is offering free repair and replacement of the steering shaft bolt for all current owners of the vehicle, which means that you’ll be able to get premium service assistance at no cost to you.

Airstream Recall

Airstream Basecamp 2020 Recall

Airstream is experiencing a recall on their line of 2017-2020 Basecamp RVs due to insufficient tire placard information being present on the vehicle’s labeling. The spare tire label is missing on some models, which means that the vehicle overall does not meet the standards of the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard.

Airstream is offering owners of these vehicles a free sticker upgrade so that you don’t have to worry about paying for anything.

Livin Lite Recall

Livin Lite Camplite Trailer

Livin Lite has issued a recall on a variety of their 2013-2017 Camplite vehicle models and their line of 2014-2017 Bearcat campers. The issue that caused the recall relates to an exit window defect which causes the door to be blocked by the awning arm on the vehicle.

This can pose a serious threat in the event that you must exit your vehicle due to an emergency while on the road. Livin Lite is offering owners free removal of the exit label and adjustments to the fit of the window levers completely free so that you can experience all of the features your trailer has to offer.

These are some of the most recent and up to date recalls that have currently been issued. If you own a vehicle that has been impacted by any of these recalls, the good news is that all of the manufacturers listed above are offering free service repair and assistance so you can get the help you need without paying a single cent extra.

Now that we’ve gone over all of the most current recalls affecting RVs of all types and makes, it’s time to look at how you can tell whether or not your recreational vehicle has a recall on it without waiting for the manufacturer to issue a public alert.

How can I check for recalls on my RV?

As you can see from the list above, sometimes it can take years for a recall to be issued on behalf of the production company who made a select vehicle model. That’s why it’s so important for you to stay updated and informed about how you regularly check on the safety and reliability of your vehicle independent of any manufacturer recall issues.

In the following section, we’re going to take a look at how you can identify if your RV has been affected by a recall that may have gone underneath your radar.

How To Spot A Recall

A standard RV recall will be issued oftentimes by the manufacturer; however, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is the main entity in charge of reporting and monitoring production defects or faults. Not all defects are identified on a large scale, which means that your recreational vehicle may have issues that are unknown to you.

Another issue that is common when dealing with recalls is the fact that while manufacturers try their best to reach out to all vehicle owners, it’s not always possible due to changes in address and other related variables.

How To Spot RV Recall

That means that it’s up to you to scout and become educated about potential recalls which may be impacting your vehicle regardless if a public notice has been issued or not. The good news is that there are several great resources online that you can use to identify if your vehicle is the subject of a current recall.

The NHTSA website hosts regular updates to recall information related to a wide range of different vehicle classes and models. This is one of the best ways to find out if your recreational vehicle has a recall on it or not; however, there are also other great ways to accomplish the same results.

You can also try to contact local RV dealers in your area as they will be able to provide you with up to date information about any existing recalls on your specific make or RV model.

You can even check the official website of your vehicle’s manufacturer to see if they have any updates posted about recalls affecting their line of vehicles. One of the last and most definitive ways to identify if a recall has been issued on your RV is by looking up your VIN number.

All of these ways are great methods that you can use on your own to identify if recalls are affecting your vehicle.


Now that we’ve gone over all of the most recent RV recalls and how to identify them even when not announced, it’s time to answer some of the most commonly asked questions that people have about RV recalls.

Question: How do I get service for my recall?

Answer: if your vehicle has been affected by a recall, you will need to contact the manufacturer in order to assess how you should approach getting the service assistance you need.

Question: What if there is no recall issued, but I’m experiencing problems with my vehicle?

Answer: if no recall has been issued for your vehicle, but you know for a fact you’re experiencing production defects or faults, contact the manufacturer as soon as possible.

Question: How often do recalls occur?

Answer: there is no average for how often recalls occur as they happen on an individual basis depending on the production quality of the vehicle in question.


Use this guide to safeguard yourself and family from having to deal with the consequences of defects or issues caused by the production team during the build phase of your RV.

By properly assessing and identifying potential recalls and ones that have already been issued, you will be able to ensure that you remain safe while exploring the road how you choose to. Remember all of the tips and information we’ve included throughout this guide so that you’re well equipped to handle any recall issue that may be thrown your direction.

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