How to Find the Best Small Camping Trailers with Bathrooms

How to Find the Best Small Camping Trailers with Bathrooms

A small camping trailer can make the perfect temporary home when the mountains are calling—but what about when nature calls?

More and more campers consider space-saving a top priority. That’s why the mini camper has become so famous in the world of RV rental.

But, does saving space in a small camper means you have to give up a full bathroom? No, and knowing how to find the best small camping trailers with bathrooms can make all the difference in your next adventure.

Bottomline Upfront

Decide whether or not you’re okay with a wet bathroom. If you’re okay with a wet bathroom, it is a lot easier to find a small RV with a bathroom. Once you know that, you can search with the maximum length and maximum price to start narrowing down the list of RVs to consider on websites like, even if you don’t plan on buying one of the RVs on the website so you can find the model you want. Once you do that, you need to choose whether you want to buy from a dealership or a private owner.

Why Smaller Travel

First off, you may be considering if a small camping trailer is the best option for you—especially when you find out not all of them even have bathrooms!

While going with a large Class A motorhome can be tempting, the versatility and freedom of a tiny travel trailer can make cutting down on extra space worth it. 

When trying to get in touch with nature, it can feel like less is more, and a big camping trailer can interfere with that.  Thankfully, going smaller does not mean you have to resort to using the great outdoors as your bathroom.

Some of the best small camping trailers with bathrooms can be towed by a small to a medium sized vehicle and can go wherever you find adventure waiting.

The words large and small are relative when it comes to RV rental. When we are talking about a “small camper trailer” in this article, we will be referring to campers that are 22’ and smaller.

small rv camping pros cons

Here are just a few reasons people are choosing smaller travel:

  • Lightweight—no need for a large tow vehicle
  • Easy towing
  • Budget-friendly
  • A gas saver
  • Often less to maintain
  • Easier storage
  • More campsite options
  • Extra cozy

Don’t all Camping Trailers have Bathrooms?

Short answer—No. When beginning your search for your next small camping trailer (or travel trailer), it may come as a shock that not all small camping trailers come with a bathroom. You may think that choosing a significant step up from a tent means the convince of a bathroom—but you may be wrong.

As pop-ups (popup camper) and teardrop trailer campers grow in popularity, many people are asking themselves if these types of smallest RV trailers will be able to accommodate what they feel are necessities. Typically large camping trailers will always have a bathroom. But, the search for the best small camping trailers with bathrooms can be challenging.

Camping trailers come in an overwhelming amount of shapes and sizes. It isn’t uncommon for a small travel trailer to offer travellers the ability to cook or even watch TV. Some of them come with good storage space and even a dining area perfect for families. But, the weary travellers still have to “go” outside.

It’s essential to know the types of trailers that are out there to make sure you get what fits your needs as a lightweight camper. It’s also important to note that many models may not come with a bathroom but have the option to add one.

When looking into any brand for a lightweight travel trailer, you will find campers with or without bathrooms or the option of an add-on. Beyond what some may think, it is possible to find pop-up campers and teardrop campers with bathrooms.

Types of Small Camping Trailer Bathrooms

Just like how camping trailers come in all different kinds, so do the bathrooms in them.

Some small camping trailer bathrooms may include a sink, shower, and toilet, while others may consist of just a shower and a toilet or just a toilet.

Understanding what types of bathrooms are in a small camper trailer and what their functionalities are, helps to determine the best small camping trailers with bathrooms.

Wet bathrooms

The most commonly found bathroom in a small camper trailer are the “wet” bathrooms. These bathrooms are fantastic space savers. However, one reason for their name is their inevitability to get everything in the bathroom wet when one takes a shower.

Wet bathrooms consist of a shower tray with a toilet pedestal inside of it and sometimes a sink inside as well. These bathrooms can be enclosed with walls, and a door or are blocked off from the rest of the camper with a curtain.

Newer campers come with very versatile option in their wet bathrooms. A hinged sink, for example, can be moved out of the way to take a shower. Or a toilet paper roll cover will keep the paper dry while the shower is being used.

RV Wet Bath


  • Great space saver
  • Versatile


  • The whole bathroom will be wet after a shower
  • Can make for a difficult cleanup

Dry bathrooms

“Dry” bathrooms are perfect for those who want a more traditional bathroom and are ok with giving up a little space or going with a slightly larger camper.

Although they may take up a little more space, many small campers still have dry bathrooms. With a dry bathroom, you won’t have to worry about wiping down the entire bathroom after each shower to dry the place either.

Dry bathrooms have a more traditional set up with a toilet that is separated from the shower in a small trailer. The shower, sink, and toilet are all in the same room, but they are not merged.

These bathrooms are less common to find than wet bathrooms. While you may need a little more space for these bathrooms, they will still be much smaller than bathrooms found in most large trailers or RV’s.

RV Dry Bathroom


  • A tradition layout with more space
  • You can keep toiletries or towels in the bathroom without them getting soaked


  • Less space in the other areas of the camper
  • The possibility of a larger camper

Inside toilet with outside shower

Another popular layout for small camper trailers with bathrooms is an inside toilet with an outside shower like the road shower. This option isn’t likely to have a sink in the bathroom with the toilet. But, the sink in the kitchen can always double as the sink for the bathroom.

An outside shower is a fantastic space saver and can put you even more in tune with nature. A simple outdoor shower curtain or even an outside bathroom tent can ensure privacy while taking a shower.

This option may come with a toilet built in or may come with a compartment where you can store a porta-potty for extra added space.

RV Outdoor Shower


  • Huge space saver
  • The ability to take a shower while looking at the stars or listening to the sounds of nature


What are Add-On Bathrooms?

Let’s say you fall in love with the perfect small camping trailer, one problem though—there’s no bathroom. While it is still possible to travel with a compost toilet or “porta-potty” for when you need to go, this isn’t practical for many people. An option that may be practical for you in this situation, is simply an add-on bathroom.

Many small trailer brands will have some trailers that do not have bathrooms but have the option of an add-on. This means it will be the same camper but slightly larger with an included bathroom. This can even be customized and ordered to fit your needs. While it will come at an added cost, an added bathroom may be the best way to “go”.

5 Best Small Camping Trailers with Bathrooms

1. 20’9 KZ Spree Escape Mini

20’9 KZ Spree Escape Mini

  • Weight: 2850 lbs
  • Length: 20’9
  • Width: 9’6″
  • Slide Outs: 1 (3 With Tent Bed Models)

The KZ Spree Escape Mini is the largest camping trailer on the list with the option of slide-outs to provide even more space. It is a simple and small camping trailer that comes in five different floor plans. Depending on the model you can choose of a wet bath or a dry bath with a separate toilet and shower.

2. 14’ iCamp Elite

14’ iCamp Elite

  • Dry Weight: 2890 lbs
  • Length: 14’
  • Width: 6’8
  • Slide Outs: 0

The iCamp Elite is a unique micro camper with features most micro campers lack. One of them being a built-in bathroom. The micro camper even comes with an oven and a fridge! The iCamp Elite has seemingly mastered space saving offering exceptional features while remaining incredibly small.

3. 13’ Scamp Deluxe

13’ Scamp Deluxe

  • Dry Weight: 1600 Ibs
  • Length: 13’
  • Width: 6’5
  • Slide Outs: 0

The Scamp Delux has also impressed many campers with how well it saves space. The Deluxe model of this Scamp trailer offers comforts sure to please any camper including a stove, sink, and refrigerator.

The biggest plus for the Scamp Deluxe is that it includes a built-in wet bath. Small enough to be towed by almost any car this tiny camper is a great space-saving option. You can find a quick walkthrough of the Scamp 13 here.

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4. 13’ The Happier Camper

13’ The Happier Camper,

  • Dry Weight: 1100 lbs
  • Length: 13’
  • Width: 6’1
  • Slide Outs: 0

The Happier Camper can be pulled by almost any car and can go almost anywhere. Happier Camper provides options as small as 11’. This cute little camper can give you the freedom you have always dreamed of.

While these camping trailers do not come with a built-in bathroom, you can add-on a dry-flush toilet and outside shower. You can view this commercial-like video about Happier Camper here.

5. 16’ Airstream Basecamp

16’ Airstream Basecamp

  • Dry Weight: 2500 Ibs
  • Length: 16’
  • Width: 6’
  • Slide Outs: 0

For nearly a century, Airstream has been producing top of the line camping trailers with campers in mind. The Airstream Basecamp shows off the sleek aluminum shine of the classic brand. Equipped with a wet bath, this camper is a large luxury in a small size. Check out this great video from Digital Trends about the Airstream Basecamp.

Airstream Basecamp |

There is ample counter space and storage along with a two-burner cook-top and single round bowl sink. You can keep your cold things cold in the 3 cu. ft. refrigerator, and add an optional microwave oven if you like.

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5 Best Choices Comparison

CamperDry WeightLenghtWidthSide Outs
20’9 KZ Spree Escape Mini2850 lbs20'99'61 (3 With Tent Bed Models)
14’ iCamp Elite2890 lbs14’6'80
13’ Scamp Deluxe1600 lbs13’6'50
13’ The Happier Camper1100 lbs13’6'10
16’ Airstream Basecamp2500 Ibs16’6’0

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use the bathroom in an RV while driving?

Yes. It is not only possible, but it is also legal to use the bathroom while the RV is in motion. Keep in mind that in a small RV, or small travel trailer if you take a shower while moving, can end up in a wet bathroom., or if you are too tall, even banging your head in the shower head.

How long can you shower in an RV?

The time you can spend on a trailer shower depends on the settings, or if its a full bathroom or not. Generally, the recommended time with a Longtime boondocking is between 2 and 3 minutes. If your recreational vehicle shower is hooked up but no tankless, you can spend even 10 minutes.

How often do I have to sanitize my RV fresh water tank?

Regardless of the frequency with which the trailer water tank is used, your recreational vehicule water tank must be cleaned at least every 6 months.

Final Thoughts

There are camping options for every camper out there, from those who want a large class A to those who prefer something compact. As you can see the industry provides plenty of options when it comes to the best small camping trailers with bathrooms. If you want to spend more time outdoors, just a few small luxuries can go a long way.

Always be sure to consider your perfect adventure and make sure the trailer you consider will fit all of your needs—why settle? Whether you are looking for luxury or adventure, there is a perfect small camping trailer out there for you. Start off your next adventure right with one of the best small camping trailers with a bathroom.

Here are a few final tips to help you keep your new bathroom fresh and maintained:

  • Always use RV toilet chemicals to help neutralize odors and break down waste
  • Always use RV toilet paper to avoid clogs and odors
  • Don’t forget to dump your tank regularly
  • Always clean your tank regularly and thoroughly
  • Never leave your sewer connection open

Happy camping!

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