Cirrus 920 Review

The Only Cirrus 920 Review and Guide You Need to Read

Are you excited to learn more about nuCamps’ high-quality truck campers? If you’ve been looking for a reliable Cirrus 920 review, you’ve come to the right place.

I break down everything you need to know about this camper, from its build, design, capacity, compatibility, to its pricing and how it compares to similar builds.

I understand it can be challenging for new or even experienced RV drivers to do in-depth research about every new model on the market. As an RV pioneer myself, there’s nothing more satisfying than reviewing the latest range of campers to benefit those who are looking to buy a new one.

With this guide, I let you in on everything I observed, learned, and experienced while reviewing the cirrus 920 truck camper.

Are you ready to figure out if this model from nuCamp suits your tastes? Let’s get right to it!

Bottom Line Up Front: My overall impression of the Cirrus 920 is that it is a luxury, heavyweight, 4-season Cirrus truck camper that will tick all your requirements. That said, if you need a lighter, budget option, check the alternatives I’ve listed in this article.

Truck Camper Decision Making Tips

Here are some quick tips to help you make the best decision when purchasing a truck camper.

  • Think through why you want or need to buy a truck camper
  • Determine whether your camper of choice is compatible with your truck
  • Set a budget before you go shopping
  • Make a list of features or requirements you will not compromise on
  • Ask around for the resale price of the model you choose
  • Consider buying a used model

If you need more tips to help you shop for your next camper, then check out this truck camper shopping guide!

Cirrus 920: In-Depth Review

Cirrus 920

nuCamp was founded in 2005, and it is now a very well-known manufacturer of recreational vehicles. The Cirrus 920 is their latest truck camper, released in 2017.

The Cirrus 920 is a clear upgrade from their 820 model, but I won’t compare them. Instead, I’ll discuss all the features of the 920 and discuss their advantages.

Let’s start with the camper’s specifications.

Cirrus 920 Specifications

For starters, you can use this truck camper for all seasons. It is a hard-side, non-slide truck camper that fits into a 1-ton pickup truck on an 8-foot bed. It is also suitable for towing.

I think it’s spacious enough for a solo camper and might feel a little snug for couples. The height is industry average but does feel too low when you stand inside. If height clearance is a concern for you, I suggest you keep an eye out for other campers in the same range.

It does tip on the side of heavyweight truck campers. If weight is a priority, I’d say go for something else.

Standard Battery Bank

The Cirrus 920 comes with two 6-volt AGM batteries with 220-amp hours, but you can switch them out for other sealed AGMs.

The default batteries are more than enough for recreational use, but it’s best to look for upgrades if you need more power to spend weeks or months at a time entirely removed from external electricity sources.


Cirrus 920

The Cirrus 920’s body is built of all aluminum and composite. It is wood-free and fully laminated.

Because it’s a 4-season model, the water lines are all covered to prevent the pipes from freezing. It also includes the Alde heating system and an air conditioner to keep you cozy regardless of the weather outdoors.

If one feature will convince you to buy this truck camper, it’s the Alde. Check out how the system works with this comprehensive Alde system guide.

The floor is heated, and all the windows are insulated, so you can easily stay warm during the winter months.

Other features include one 38-gallon freshwater tank, one 32-gallon gray water tank, and one 18-gallon black tank. That is along with two 20-pound propane tanks.

This is an industry average holding capacity—the freshwater should last for about four days of daily showers. And, of course, you can bring as many additional water containers as you want.

The center of gravity on this camper is marked on the side—it is 43 inches from the front wall.

Lastly, the floor’s woven vinyl is stain-resistant and antimicrobial. This is a huge step up, in my opinion. Other campers have carpeted floors that get dirty very easily and require frequent cleaning.

Exterior Features

On the exterior, you get features such as:

  • A fold-up roof access ladder
  • Pull-out entry steps
  • LED patio lights
  • External speakers
  • Rieco Titan electric jacks
  • FIAMMA-powered 8-foot side awning
  • Keyless entry
  • Insulated slide-out tray compartment for propane tanks
  • Rear docking station

The central plumbing system is located in the bumper on the driver’s side, along with an external shower.

Interior Features

Cirrus 920


Here you’ll find LED lighting throughout the camper covering all the main interior areas. I found the brightness to be perfectly adequate, even pleasant.

There are plenty of insulated double-pane windows that are excellent at blocking sounds from the outside. They also have tilt-out functions if you want to capture some sunshine and breeze.


The Cirrus 920’s built-in cabinetry consists of a slide-out pantry, multiple drawers, and a deep storage area. I haven’t found many other truck campers that provide this range of storage.

The slide-out pantry is one feature I especially love, and you likely will, too. It is situated behind the refrigerator and has a top shelf accessible from the kitchen and cabover. There is also netted protection for canned goods storage.


nucamp cirrus 920 kitchen

The kitchen includes a Thetford 2-burner cooktop made of cast iron, a stainless steel flush-mounted sink with a lid, and a HighPoint convection microwave oven. You can opt between an oven or two pull-out drawers.

The Alde touchscreen controller is located between the sink and stove top.

The Thetford N3141 refrigerator is the first of its kind in the U.S., and it meets all industry standards. It is fantastic for space optimization, and it’s a step up from the refrigerators in other campers. It is a three-way model that operates on AC, DC, or LP with an automatic power source switch feature.


Your options here are a Lagun table system or a full-size table—you can choose based on your size preference and who you often travel with. Consider the fact that counter space is a bit lacking in the truck camper—a dinette can be very multifunctional.

There’s also a 24-inch TV for much-needed entertainment in the dining area. It is visible from the rear-facing dinette seat and the bedroom when extended on its swing-out arm.


The exterior features an optional built-in Cummins Onan QG 2500 LP generator. Of course, you can replace it with something that has a larger capacity for extended trips.

Floor Plan

Cirrus 920 Floor Plan

The Cirrus 920’s floor plan is very practical. The dinette and wet bath are on the driver’s side, and the storage, refrigerator, generator, and cooktop are on the passenger side.

The overhead cabinetry across the galley can also be converted into a bunk bed that can fit a teenager. It may not be spacious enough for adults or safe enough for children.

The Rieco-Titan jack activation is strategically located inside the door and on a lower level. All I have to say about the Rieco-Titan quality is that it’ll make your camper raising and lowering a smooth and quick process.

There is also a sticker with weight instructions for camper and truck matching calculations inside the closet door. It’ll make packing faster and much more practical.


The cabover includes a queen-sized bed with a FROLI system mattress and base. If, like me, you want to avoid moisture accumulation below the mattress, then this is the truck camper you’re looking for.

The cabover is packed with storage options on both sides of the bed, with a bit of space overhead and along the headboard. If you want entertainment from the bed, the cabover comes pre-wired for a 19-inch TV. There are LED reading lights on both sides of the bed and 110-volt AC and 12-volt DC outlets on the headboard.

What I love about the cabover area is its stargazer window. You’ll be able to spend so many nights enjoying the unparalleled experience that is a clear, star-studded sky.

If you check under the cabover step, then you’ll find the water pump within easy access, along with the solar panel controller and display. If this layout isn’t practical for you, consider another camper.

Wet Bath

The wet bath consists of Cirrus’s award-winning fold-down, fully functional sink that leaves plenty of open space. The sink is lightweight plastic and can hold six toothbrushes and two soaps. Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of counter space.

One of my favorite features in this part of the campers is the waterproof storage compartment inside the wet bath. It can easily hold most of the items I could think of putting inside a bath closet. There is also the pull-down towel rack and storage pockets on the right wall.

The stainless steel shower head is removable, adjustable, and comes with separate shower controls. It is a surprisingly luxurious feature in this very practical and no-nonsense truck camper.

If you look above, you’ll find a skylight and a Fantastic Fan for much-needed ventilation.

The wet bath is much more cramped than I would like, and I’ve seen much more spacious areas in other truck campers of the same range. But if you’re all good with limited bathroom space, the one in the Cirrus 920 should be perfectly adequate for you.


Cirrus 920

The truck camper comes with a 1-year warranty. The individual components come with separate warranties.

The vinyl infinity flooring comes with a 10-year limited UV fade warranty.


The Cirrus 920 ranges between $37,000 and $59,000, depending on the optional features you choose to include.

The price is about standard for a truck camper this size with these amenities. There are truck campers for this price and weight on the market that are lacking in some way or another.

If these specifications and other features fit your requirements perfectly, then the Cirrus 920 is undoubtedly the best choice for this price range.

If you find the price too high but have fallen for the 920, you can shop around for used models at a significantly reduced price. This truck camper was first introduced in 2017, so you should be able to find a good aftermarket deal even today.


Before looking at the Cirrus 920 I had the chance to talk to a couple that owned one and had been using it for about a year. They seemed pretty happy with their camper—their only complaint was a couple of handles breaking down over time or loose screws.

When I saw the truck camper myself, I thought the quality of the hardware was excellent. Though, of course, certain pieces of hardware will break down over time.

Cirrus 920

Cirrus 920: Key Features

  • Hard-side, non-slide
  • Alde radiant heating system
  • Interior height: 6 feet 6 inches
  • Exterior height: 7 feet 7 inches
  • Overall height: 9 feet 2 inches
  • Overall length: 18 feet 11 inches
  • Cabin length: 18 feet
  • Dry weight: 3,530 pounds

Optional Features

  • Roof rack
  • Thetford XR17200 oven
  • TORKLIFT aluminum lockable GlowSteps
  • 19-inch cabover TV
  • 6-foot rear awning
  • Large dinette table
  • Solar kit
  • Wireless rear camera
  • Cummins Onan QG 2500 LP generator
  • Pass-thru window

These are the basic features, dimensions, and optional features you must know. I didn’t list all the features here since nuCamp provides a specification document with all those details. You can check it out here.


  • All-season truck camper
  • Lots of storage options
  • Well-lit interiors
  • Stain-resistant and antimicrobial woven vinyl infinity flooring
  • 1-year warranty
  • Rieco-Titan electric jacks
  • Fold-down sink
  • Additional bunk bed for teenager
  • No worries about under-mattress moisture
  • Multiple optional features


  • Heavyweight
  • Campers with full optional features are a bit more expensive

Alternatives to Consider

Arctic Fox 865

Arctic Fox 865

Do you need a quality truck camper with a different floor plan and loads of storage?

Try the cold weather Arctic Fox 865 from Northwood Manufacturing.

Lance 650

Lance 650

The only things I have to say about the Lance 650 are that it’s half the price of the Cirrus 920 and half the weight too!

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How Much Time Does it Take for the Alde Heating System to Heat the Camper?

Answer: The Alde heating system takes up to 4 hours to reach the set temperature. However, you can start feeling the heat in about 30 to 60 minutes of turning it on.

Question: Is There a Right Way to Store the Camper Unit?

Answer: nuCamp suggests units that are not in use for extended periods should be stored under a roof or draped with a cover.

We also have a guide on storing your truck camper the right way.

Question: Do you Get an Extended Warranty on the Cirrus 920?

Answer: nuCamp offers a 1-year warranty on the Cirrus 920. You can also find dealers offering after-market extended warranties on this camper.

The Bottom Line

The Cirrus 920 is a mix of adventure and luxury wherein you can travel off-road all year long.

It is significantly heavier than most other truck campers on the market. It has all the basic functionality of a truck camper in this price range, with tons of additional features you can choose from.

Not sure if a truck camper is the right option for you? This comparison guide of Truck Camper vs Travel Trailer might help you figure it out!

Choosing to live your life on the road and out of a teardrop trailer is not a decision you should make lightly. Why not put all your research and effort into studying the vehicle you’re buying?

I hope you use this guide to better arm yourself with truck camper know-how and make the best decision for your needs and preferences. Happy camping!

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