Cirrus 820 Review

Cirrus 820 Review and Guide

Are you searching for the best truck camper that matches your needs? NuCamp Cirrus 820 truck camper is here! This camper can take you anywhere, no matter the road or weather conditions.

In this guide, you will learn about Cirrus 820’s key features, specifications, pros and cons, tips from owners, as well as the answers to frequently asked questions. If you are considering this camper, I present to you this detailed Cirrus 820 review and buyer’s guide to help you make your decision.

Read on to find out what the NuCamp Cirrus 820 offers and the edge it has over other truck campers in the market.

Bottom Line Upfront

The NuCamp Cirrus 820 is a perfect choice if aesthetics and modern luxuries are your priority. With its ample storage space, spacious sleeping area, multipurpose dining set, advanced kitchen technology, solar kit, and water system, the Cirrus 820 is made to impress.

Key Features of Cirrus 820

All Cirrus Truck campers provide a luxurious travel experience, from convenient dining to restful sleeping, but the Cirrus 820 offers the following key features:

Specifications of Cirrus 820

Cirrus 820

Aside from the key features, here are the other specifications incorporated in the camper:


The exterior of Cirrus 820 is 116 inches in height, 209 inches in length, and 99 inches in width. The interior measures 84 inches in height.

Design, Style, and Color

The interior of the truck camper embodies a modern style with a European touch. The solid color of the cabinetry appears to be very sleek. Interior color options are available for graphic accents (burgundy, black, silver, and white) and also for the exterior base (white and silver). The cushion is pebble-colored.


The rounded-top door has multiple plastic pockets sculpted into the interior. When someone knocks at the door, you can catch a glimpse of the outside through the tall, thin window.

Two open pockets are located at the top of the door, and another one is located at the bottom with a lid that resembles a garbage can, which I’m sure you can use for whatever you want!

Though the doors are not insulated, SeaFlo designed them to withstand water intrusion and extreme weather. ABS plastic, which is UV resistant, is used to reinforce the doors. The door is lightweight but sturdy and long-lasting.

Safety, Security, and Privacy

A fire extinguisher is mounted on the lower part of the door. If you are camping outside your truck camper but want to leave the door open, there is a sliding screen to prevent insects from entering while you still have a view of the inside of your camper.

Aside from the door, windows are also equipped with these screens, plus adjustable window covers for privacy!

Sleeping Space

Cirrus 820

This camper has a 60-inch by 78-inch mattress, which is only 2 inches shorter than a queen-sized bed! It has a series of spring squares that the mattress rests on top of to give it more flex while also allowing airflow underneath to minimize condensation, which is a concern with truck campers.

Storage Space

You’ll find plenty of storage for your belongings both inside and out, so you don’t have to worry much about the things that you need to pack and bring with you! The cabinets have wooden doors with marine-style mechanical latches to keep them from flying open while you’re on the road.

Dining Set

Cirrus 820

The adjustable Lagun table glides around in different heights and angles, allowing it to alter its position to adapt to different uses.

You can also either put it on the side close to the wall for a spacious dining area or even extend it out to the other side near the kitchen area so you can use it as an extra surface when handling the food preparations.

There’s more! The dining couches can be folded such that it turns into a daybed for an additional lounging or sleeping area!

Kitchen Area

For all of your cooking needs, the kitchen amenities include a refrigerator, stove, and sink. The refrigerator is three-way and has a separate compartment inside for your ice trays. The stove features a double range, and the convection microwave oven is already built-in, which helps make your meal preps easier and faster.

Lighting and Ambience

LED accent strips also run the length of the rather sized kitchen and the dining area. Over each of these, there are also lights that are brighter but still soft, giving the inside of the truck camper a sleek, luxurious atmosphere.

Motion-activated LED lights are installed inside the cabinets, which automatically turn on when the cabinet is opened.

This motion-sensor technology makes doing your daily chores a little easier, although you can turn the technology on and off depending on whether you want it activated or not. LED lighting is also found outside of the truck camper.

Imagine having motion-sensored lights just everywhere! It makes it somehow simpler to complete any chore, like cooking indoors or washing your hiking boots in the outdoor shower, any time of the day!


You can swing out a high-end 19-inch television set located behind the refrigerator for convenient viewing from the cabover or the dining area. The TV has AM, FM, and BlueTooth features.


Cirrus 820

A one-handed fan and light system hangs along the truck camper’s ceiling, allowing you to easily reach up and turn on both the light and/or the fan!

SmartCamp is a new system from nuCamp that allows you to operate several of the truck camper’s operations from your smartphone or tablet. One of these smart systems is constantly consuming a small amount of electricity, but nuCamp has decided to install a switch that simply turns off this capability.

Another tech is the Nautilus P3 system. Do you know what this does for you? You can fill fresh water, connect to city water, flush the black tank, sanitize the fresh tank, connect an outside shower, and even connect to the coax cable television—all from this single panel!


Cirrus 820

You’ll appreciate the convenience of having your own onboard wet bath to keep everyone clean and fresh. However, there isn’t much more you can do in this size.

The showerhead is mounted on a height-adjustable swivel arm. There is a sink that you can fold up or down to make the bathroom a little bit more spacious when you are taking your bath.

You’ll also love the spacious cabover bed space, which has plenty of storage space all the way around including a folding handle to hold your bath towel.

Electrical Energy

The inverter and space for two batteries are located in a cabinet at the front of the camper. Electric jacks are also included in the truck campers, making demounting your Cirrus a snap!

Water System

This truck camper uses the heating water system for your hot water needs in the kitchen and in the bathroom. It has a two-part plumbing system: fresh water and wastewater, as well as wastewater. The freshwater system consists of the following:

Freshwater system components:

  • Freshwater Holding Tank
  • Water Pump & Filter
  • Alde Boiler
  • Alde Flow
  • Sink Faucets
  • Shower Head
  • Exterior Wash Station
  • Water Fill Inlet
  • Piping & Connections

Wastewater system components:

  • Fill Level Monitor Screen
  • Gray (waste) Water Holding Tank
  • Black (sewage) Water Holding Tank
  • Drains
  • Toilet
  • Piping & Connecti

Bonus Tips from Cirrus 820 Owners

By this time, it can be safe to say that there is no “one size that fits all” for truck campers or travel trailers or perhaps for any vehicle. Just like in a house, I can customize it according to my specific needs to make daily living more efficient or more personalized—making it truly my home.

Upon further research, I have gathered these suggestions from Cirrus 820 owners and users. You might want to look into these for your future purchase:

  • Set a realistic budget
  • Check if the camper fits your truck
  • List your non-negotiable requirements
  • List the basic features that you need daily
  • Avoid having too much stuff and master organization skills
  • Discard non-essential items to keep things tidy in a limited space
  • Invest in baskets, bins, and hooks if the built-in storage won’t be enough for you
  • Aside from the built-in fire extinguisher, invest in added safety with these items—first aid kit, flares, road triangles, jumper cables, truck jack, tire pressure gauge, and any other tools that might help in case of road accidents or emergencies

Consider these tips and thoroughly think about them before making that purchase.

Pros and Cons of Cirrus 820

Cirrus 820

Every product in the market has its own benefits and disadvantages. Let’s look at the pros and cons of the NuCamp Cirrus 820 as compared to other truck campers.


  • Improved structural integrity
  • Better water surface runoff on the roof
  • Adjusted arc on the underside of cabover to avoid delamination
  • Taller basement height to accommodate all late model full-size
  • Relocated batteries forward and low to maximize center of gravity
  • Recaptured basement space to accommodate batteries and inverter
  • Upgraded technology and appliances with the first-ever version of SmartCamp
  • Latest European trends: updated exterior graphics package and all-new interior and standard features


  • Torklift system not available on a standard build
  • The new two-step system leaves a little more distance to the ground

Decision Making Tips When Buying a Truck Camper

Here are the factors that our Cirrus 820 owners considered and a few tips you might want to also check out.

Color and Design

Because interior colors are so subjective, this is something that may factor in depending on the vibe you look for in a camper.

Most truck campers still have the gloomy, traditional interiors that make the camper look like it was straight out of the 1980s. Cirrus seems to be the only truck camper maker to embrace modern interior design, at least for truck campers.

If you are into modern European design, this Cirrus 820 is perfect! If not, but you already want it because of its features, you can choose the colors then, later on, modify some storage to fit your needs or decorate the interiors to match your style.


If you want something larger than a van but smaller than a Class A or even a Class C camper, this is a good choice for you. Make sure your owned vehicle is a 4×4 pickup truck to ensure compatibility, and check it out with your dealer prior to purchase.

Weather Conditions

If you are planning to be always on the move and are expecting to be on the road all year-round or during different seasons, don’t worry! The NuCamp Cirrus 820 is a start for all seasons!

Whether you have electricity or you need to go off-the-grid, you will not get interrupted because of its two batteries, two 20-pound propane tanks, and the factory-installed solar panel option!

Alternatives To Consider Other than Cirrus 820

NuCamp offers more products including three teardrop models, a clamshell camper, and a full-sized travel trailer. The AVIA travel trailer is the largest version, which earned the “RV of the Year” award in 2020!

If you want to look at NuCamp’s other truck campers, you might also want to check out these other models—Cirrus 720, Cirrus 920, and Cirrus 620.

Cirrus 720

Cirrus 720

The Cirrus 720 truck camper is luxuriously designed with its modern residential style. The 720 stands out because of its aluminum and Coosa frame technology.

Check out our complete Cirrus 720 Review.

Cirrus 920

Cirrus 920

The Cirrus 920 is a four-season truck camper for the outdoor adventurer. With its keyless entry and glass-top sink and stove, and an 8-foot bed, the 920 sure feels luxurious and roomy but is still compatible with a 1-ton pick-up truck.

Interested? Here’s our complete Cirrus 920 Review.

Cirrus 620

Cirrus 620

The Cirrus 620 is a four-season camper that fits into a half-ton truck. The 620 is known for its lightweight form yet still packed with amenities such as a cassette toilet and key features like the Bose Bluetooth speaker.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: How Much Does the Cirrus 820 Cost?

Answer: The new, updated, and latest Cirrus 820 costs below half a hundred dollars.

Question: What are the Available Colors?

Answer: Exterior colors are available in burgundy, black, white, and silver.

Question: What is the Sleeping Capacity of the Camper?

Answer: Cirrus 820 allows a maximum of three people.

Question: How to Store the Truck Camper?

Answer: Store your truck camper under a roof or draped with a cover, especially when not in use for a long time.

The Bottom Line

If you’re ready to take your love for the great outdoors to the next level, then the Cirrus 820 truck camper is a great choice!

If you’re new to truck camping, don’t worry. NuCamp products are complemented by an owner’s manual (2021 and 2022). Before you take a comfy seat in your newly purchased camper, read your owner’s manual thoroughly.

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