Airstream vs Oliver Comparison: Which Is The Best?

More than 40 million Americans spend their vacations touring around the country, which goes to show you just how popular these vehicles are.

Deciding if you should opt for a Pop-Up camper, teardrop trailer, 5th wheel RV or a luxury travel trailer can be difficult since there are so many different options to choose from.

In our Airstream VS Oliver comparison, we are going to take a closer look at what these luxury travel trailer manufacturers have to offer and provide you with the information you need to decide which trailer is better for you.

Main differences between Airstream vs Oliver

The main differences between Airstream vs Oliver are:

  • Oliver trailers can have the maximum length of 23’6’’, whereas Airstream lengths vary from just 16’3’’ to 31’3’’.
  • Oliver trailers cannot accommodate more than three sleepers, whereas Airstream has capacity for up to eight people sleeping. 
  • Oliver travel trailers are available in two different floor plans, whereas Airstream offers travel trailers that can have up to eight different floor plans
  • Oliver trailers come with a 24’’ Flat Screen LCD TV, whereas some of the Airstream models ship with 60’’ HD Projection TV
  • Oliver only offers solar panels as an add-on option, whereas Airstream trailer models have a solar package with an interior monitor. 
  • Oliver trailers have a 7,000 lbs cast iron bulldog hitch, whereas Airstream models have a standard trailer hitch connection-
  • Oliver trailers only feature a suburban two-way self-igniting six-gallon water heater, whereas Airstream trailers have a continuous water heater.

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How many different travel trailer models do Airstream and Oliver brands offer? 

The list of features, layouts, and specifications Airstream and Oliver brands offer varies from one model to another. Furthermore, their weight, size, and length also vary, which is the reason why you must make sure that your vehicle has the capacity to tow an Airstream or Oliver travel trailer.

Currently, there are only two Oliver travel trailer models on the market and you can choose between:

Legacy Elite is the smaller of the two travel trailer models Oliver offers, as it has 3,700 lbs of dry weight, while its outside length is just 18’5’’. This means that you don’t need a car that has a huge towing capacity if you opt for a Legacy Elite model.

In addition, the manufacturer doesn’t offer different floor plan options for their Legacy Elite model, although they can be easily customized by adding different upgrades and add-ons.

Even though Legacy Elite II travel trailers can accommodate just three persons, just like Legacy Elite models, they are more spacious and they offer more standard features. You can choose between standard and twin bed floor plans, while you can also select the flooring, add-ons, or upholstery.

Unlike Oliver, Airstream offers a variety of trailer models that come in different sizes and have different sleep capacities. You can choose from the following Airstream travel trailer models:

The number of available floor plans depends on the model, although only the Basecamp model is available in just two floor plans. Smaller and lighter models like Bambi or Caravel can be easily towed with an SUV, while the Classic or Globetrotter models that are much heavier require a more powerful engine.

What’s more, most of the Airstream models have been on the market for a long while, as the Caravel model was first released in 1956. The list of appliances an Airstream travel trailer offers or their interior design depend on the model, while the manufacturer also offers the option to customize your trailer.

Oliver trailers have a contemporary look that is somewhat similar to the design of most travel trailers you can find on the market. Airstream models, on the other hand, combine a modern and luxurious interior with a classically designed exterior.

Airstream has more to offer to its customers than Oliver, as you can choose from a larger number of beautifully designed models that have all the features you are going to need while you are on the road.

Comparing Oliver’s and Airstream’s facets

Even though both Oliver and Airstream offer luxury travel trailers, their features are not identical. For instance, the body of an Oliver travel trailer is made out of four-piece molded fiberglass with insulation between shells, while the Airstream trailers are made out of two-piece molded fiberglass.

Furthermore, both manufacturers equip their trailers with Nev-R-Adjust® brakes that are capable of exceptional braking performances regardless of the weather conditions.

A freshwater tank, heating, and air conditioning systems or retractable awning are just a few among numerous standard features both Oliver and Airstream trailers have, although the exact AC model or the capacity of the water tank may vary from model to model.

Both Oliver and Airstream travel trailers can be connected to a solar panel, but you will have to look for an aftermarket solar panel unless you opt for one of the Airstream’s high-end models. An easy access propane port is also available on Oliver and Airstream trailers in case you don’t want to rely on renewable energy sources.

Oliver travel trailers don’t have the capacity to accommodate more than three sleepers or provide more than six seats. The number of sleeping spaces and seats in Airstream trailers depends on the model and how spacious the trailer is.

The Basecamp model for instance is designed for a maximum of two persons, while the Flying Cloud model that is advertised as a family-friendly model has enough room for eight sleepers. Furthermore, you will have plenty of storage space regardless of which Oliver or Airstream model you choose.

The entertainment systems of both Oliver and Airstream travel trailers is remarkable as it includes LCD TVs, DVD players, and excellent sound systems.

In addition, the travel trailers produced by Oliver and Airstream feature USB and 110 V charging outlets that enable you to use different appliances or recharge a Smartphone.

A brief look at the list of facets Oliver and Airstream travel trailers provide reveals that all of their models are equipped with a set of standard features that are essential for an enjoyable trip.

Even though there is no doubt that Oliver travel trailers have excellent features, similarly priced Airstream’s models provide you with more space and a greater variety of gadgets and appliances.

The price difference between Airstream and Oliver travel trailers 

On average, a new travel trailer can cost anywhere between $11.000 and $35.000. Even the least expensive Oliver and Airstream models cost more than an average travel trailer, as the cheapest Airstream Basecamp travel trailer can be purchased for $37,900.

Latest Airstream Prices: For the latest pricing on NEW and USED Airstream inventory, check out here.

The prices for Oliver’s Legacy Elite travel trailers start at $48,900, but they can easily balloon over $50,000 if you decide to get some of the available add-ons and upgrades.

The Airstream’s Nest model is a bit cheaper than Legacy Elite as its price starts at $42.900, while the Bambi model can be purchased for $49.600. The $700 price difference will get you an extra bunk, an exterior shower, and additional exterior storage.

The Legacy Elite II models are larger than Legacy Elite models, but they are also more expensive as their prices start at $55,900. However, the Legacy Elite II travel trailers have just 3 sleeps, which makes them a poor choice for large families that often enjoy outdoor activities together.

The price of the Airstream’s Caravel model starts at $61,900 for a 16-feet trailer that offers one sleeping space more than the Legacy Elite II model.

The starting prices of Airstream’s Flying Cloud, International Serenity, and Globetrotter models vary between $77,900 and $95,400, while the Classic model can be purchased for $156,400.

It is worth noting that the cost of Oliver and Airstream travel trailers depends on the floor plan, the number of upgrades and add-ons you choose, or the number of beds a trailer has. You can find some of the best RV financing companies here.

Oliver travel trailers don’t offer much more than the least expensive Airstream travel trailers, which is the reason why getting one of the Airstream’s models is a better investment if you are considering buying a luxury travel trailer.

Examining Oliver’s and Airstream’s Floor Plans

All Airstream’s travel trailers have four or more floor plans, except the Basecamp model, which enables you to choose the floor plan that best fits your needs. For instance, there are four available floor plans for the Nest model, as you can choose from 16FB, 16FB Premiere, 16U, and 16U Premiere options.

Even though the exterior length of each of these floor plans is identical, there are slight variations, because the 16FB Premiere floor plan doesn’t include a 30 AMP Service Single A/C with Heat Strip or a 3.2 cu. Ft. DC/AC 2-Way Electric Refrigerator like all other floor plans.

Furthermore, the Convertible Lounge and Sleeping Accommodation features are only available within the 16U and 16U Premiere floor plans, while the Turf and Needle Adaptive Foam Mattress is only included in 16FB and 6FB Premiere floor plans. Find out more about the best mattress for your RV.

The Oliver Legacy Elite is available in just one floor plan that includes a 74’’x52’’ bed and a fully equipped bathroom. Although this Oliver’s travel trailer is slightly larger than the Airstream’s Basecamp model it is still a more affordable option that offers almost all the features Oliver Legacy Elite does, at a lower price.

If you are considering an Oliver Legacy Elite II travel trailer, you will be able to choose between Standard and Twin Bed floor plans. The Standard floor plan includes a rear table area for five people that can be converted to a 75’’x79’’ bed.

The Twin Bed floor plan includes two beds, SeeLevel II tank monitoring system MaxxFan Deluxe Remote Control Ventilator system and LED floor light. However, the exterior length of both floor plans is the same, and you won’t gain additional space if you opt for the Twin Bed floor plan.

Airstream gives you more versatility as there are multiple floor plans available for each of their models.

A closer look at the appliances Airstream and Oliver offer

Airstream and Oliver travel trailers can be customized in accordance with your needs as the manufacturers let you choose the awning colors, upholstery, and flooring options.

In addition, each of their travel trailer models comes with a standard set of features that includes kitchen appliances, electronic devices, or a variety of safety features. For instance, all Airstream and Oliver travel trailers have burner cooktops but the number of burners and BTUs vary from model to model.

A microwave, movable tabletops, retractable awning, or LCD TVs are just a few among countless standard features Oliver and Airstream travel trailers offer. In addition, each model has DVD players, sound systems, or satellite TV connections, but WiFi or 4G Cell Phone boosters are not included in the standard packages.

We encourage you to check through the entire list of appliances before you choose an Oliver or Airstream travel trailer and make sure that the model you are interested in comes with all devices you need during a road trip.

The Airstream and Oliver models in the same price range feature a similar set of standard appliances, but travel trailers like Airstream Classic or Airstream Globetrotter are furnished with a broader range of advanced home appliances. You can find our ultimate guide to RV maintenance at this link.

In case you are looking for a luxury travel trailer that is equipped with a variety of appliances, Airstream is a better although more expensive option.

Pros and Cons 

Oliver Pros 

  • The trailer’s body is made from four-piece molded fiberglass with insulation between shells
  • Lightweight and easily towable
  • Features a monitoring system for batteries and water tanks
  • Excellent safety features

Oliver Cons

  • Limited sleeping capacity
  • Only two available floor plan options

Airstream Pros

  • The recognizable classic exterior design of all travel trailers
  • Available in different sizes
  • Airstream travel trailers can accommodate between 2 and 8 sleepers
  • 3 year 24/7 Coach-Net® roadside assistance

Airstream Cons

Frequently Asked Questions about Airstream vs Oliver luxury travel trailers

Do Airstream travel trailers have a guarantee? 

Yes, they do. You will receive a limited transferable 3-year Airstream warranty regardless of the model you choose.

Can I have WiFi in my Airstream travel trailer? 

All Airstream’s models feature Airstream Smart Control and Airstream Connected systems that utilize Peplink BR1 mini mobile router that has a throughput of 72 Mbps at 20 MHz.

Which vehicle should I use to tow an Oliver travel trailer? 

The Gross Vehicle Weight Rating for the Oliver Elite II model is 7000 lbs, while the DVWR for the Elite model is 5000 lbs. So, as long as your vehicle has the towing capacity of 5000 lbs or more, towing either of these models should be safe.

How many water tanks does an Oliver travel trailer have? 

Oliver travel trailers have three water tanks. The freshwater tank has the usable capacity of 30 gallons, the Gray tank’s usable capacity is approximately 32 gallons and the Black tank has the 18.5-gallon capacity.

Conclusion: Is Oliver or Airstream?

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Spending extended periods of time traveling around the country can often be very uncomfortable, as you don’t have access to your kitchen or your bathroom.

Oliver and Airstream luxury travel trailers enable you to bring the comfort of your home with you to all your journeys, by providing you with a comfortable place where you can prepare your meals or rest.

Which luxury travel trailer are you going to choose? Leave a comment and let us know.

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