Geico RV Insurance Review and Guide

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When the time comes to buy an RV (motor home or camper van), one of your first thoughts might be about how to insure it. In this Geico RV Insurance Review, we’ll look at the number of different types of coverage they offer, including basic liability, full-coverage collision and comprehensive, reduced-coverage collision and comprehensive, and medical payments.

If you own a home, an umbrella policy might be appropriate. You should also consider your current financial situation to understand what you can afford in the way of insurance premiums.

Bottom Line Up Front: Geico offers affordable RV insurance, but their policies are somewhat limited. While they don’t require a lot of driving experience, their coverage isn’t as expansive as other companies.

General Information

Geico is one of the best-known auto insurance companies, with a number of subsidiaries that cater to other types of vehicles and drivers. Their RV plan focuses on personal liability coverage, which is mandated for drivers by most states, and on damage to your RV as well as the loss of personal belongings.

The company does not offer comprehensive or collision insurance. Most insurers will expect you to carry both medical payments insurance and full coverage on the value of the vehicle itself, so those who own an older camper can usually save some money by dropping their comprehensive and collision coverage.

Geico’s RV insurance is available in every state except New York and Hawaii. The company also offers renters and mobile home insurance, so if you live in one of these dwellings, Geico might be a good choice.

If you own your land but not the home on it, however, you should check with your homeowners’ insurance company first. You may find you are covered by their plan, or it might be more cost-effective to purchase an additional policy from Geico.

Products and Services

Geico RV Insurance

Geico offers multiple levels of RV coverage, including options for renters who need only the minimum amount of protection. The base product is called “RV Basic,” which comes in three packages:

  • RV 50, for RVs worth up to $32,000
  • RV 75, for RVs worth between $33,001 and $59,000
  • RV 100, for RVs between $60,001 and the full insured value

Geico’s “RV Plus” package comes with a more comprehensive policy, covering almost everything but damage to your own person. It costs more, however, and includes a deductible of $500.

The most expensive option is “RV Max,” which also has a $500 deductible and covers a few things that “RV Plus” does not. If you use the vehicle for your business, you will have to pay extra for the “RVs plus Business Use” option.

RV Basic Policy Explained

Liability is the only kind of coverage that Geico offers for their RV Basic customers, and in some states, it is illegal not to carry it. Geico’s policy covers both damage to another person’s property and injury to other people, but does not cover any damage done by your own vehicle (if you do take this option). Medical coverage for your own injuries is also not included.

The liability option for Geico’s RV Basic plan covers damage done by the vehicle itself or its contents to other people, their property, and their pets. It does not cover accidents that occur while you are backing up, however; any collision at such a time will be covered only if you have taken the collision coverage option.

The policy covers $100,000 of damage to other people’s property and unlimited liability for bodily injury or death. This means that if you kill someone while driving your RV, you will be held responsible for whatever amount of money the court decides is appropriate in damages.

It also means that anyone hurt in an accident while riding in your vehicle will have to be paid a maximum of $100,000 for their injuries.

Geico’s RV liability policy includes the company’s “Invisible Man” clause, which means that you are insured when driving other people’s vehicles as well as your own. The same limits apply: if you cause an accident while someone else is driving your RV, you will have to pay for any damage or injuries that occur.

Geico’s liability policy doesn’t cover any damage done by floods, earthquakes, or volcanic eruptions. It also does not include medical coverage if anyone gets hurt while riding in the vehicle. If you need these additional forms of insurance as well as liability coverage, you will have to buy one of their other packages.

RV Plus Policy Explained

Geico RV Insurance

The RV Plus policy is designed to be comprehensive for almost any driver. It provides most of the same protections as the Basic plan, with a few additional features thrown in.

Geico still offers only liability insurance, but it covers damage done not just by you but also your passengers. Additionally, they cover damage caused by floods and earthquakes if you take the optional comprehensive coverage.

Comprehensive is the only kind of insurance Geico offers for RV Plus, although they do make it mandatory in some states. Geico will cover damage done to your own vehicle by events such as floods and earthquakes should you opt to add the option to your policy. You cannot add this clause to a Basic or Plus policy.

RV Max Policy Explained

Geico’s RV Max policy is the most comprehensive of their three options. It covers damage to your own vehicle as well as injuries or damages caused to any passengers riding in it, no matter who was driving at the time. This comprehensive insurance option also includes coverage for earthquakes and floods.

Comprehensive is mandatory with this package, but you can also opt for collision as well if you want to cover the damage done to your vehicle in a collision with another vehicle or object. If you choose this additional coverage, Geico will only pay up to the value of your RV.

Geico’s RV Max policy includes $1 million in liability insurance and medical coverage for any passengers riding in the vehicle. This coverage applies to any accidents, even if they are your fault. You are also covered for injuries you sustain while backing the vehicle up or if the vehicle tips over while it is being towed.

The RV Max policy covers all damages except those that result from war or nuclear disaster, intentional acts by an insured party, and vehicles made before 1932. It will only pay the current market value of your vehicle if it is destroyed, not what you originally paid for it.

Features and Coverage

Geico's RV insurance

While Geico’s RV insurance provides good coverage for most drivers, it has a few problems. The first is that it does not cover damage caused by floods, earthquakes, or volcanic eruptions.

The second is that it does not provide medical coverage in the event of an accident. In an RV, especially a large one, just one person could be riding in several different places at once.

Because it does not cover injuries to any of these individuals, Geico’s policy would become invalid in a major collision in which there were multiple passengers in the vehicle.

Geico’s RV insurance is available for purchase online or by phone. The company provides an interactive tool that lets you determine your coverage needs without any obligation to purchase the policy.

Who is Covered?

Geico covers Class A, B, and C motorhomes as well as fifth wheels and travel trailers. Anyone who owns one of these types of RVs can qualify for coverage as long as they have a valid driver’s license and have not been convicted of driving under the influence within the past five years.

Geico RV insurance policies do not cover any loans on your vehicle. If you financed the purchase, you must pay off your loan before Geico will issue a policy for that vehicle. You cannot drop collision or comprehensive coverage once you have financed a vehicle – Geico will only insure if you include these clauses.

How to Apply for Geico RV Insurance

Geico RV Insurance

To apply for Geico RV insurance, call 1-800-861-8380. You must have a driver’s license in good standing, although you don’t need to own your vehicle when you apply. If you do not have any infractions against your driving record within the last five years, there is no surcharge on your premiums.

Other Important Information

Geico’s RV insurance policies are designed with RVs in mind. Their coverage options are limited compared to standard auto coverage but provide more comprehensive protection for your vehicle than some other companies offer.

You can’t get gap insurance from Geico but you can add it on from other companies if you want to protect yourself in the event that your RV is totaled.

As a result of all their policy options, Geico has one of the most affordable RV insurance packages on the market. As long as you’re willing to accept Liability coverage only for your vehicle and comprehensive coverage for it only if you pay for collision coverage as well, Geico’s rates are affordable.

Additionally, many states have specific laws that allow RVs to be driven on the roads with fewer restrictions than other vehicles, making this type of insurance more affordable.

For example, Florida does not require RV owners to obtain a separate driver’s license just because the vehicle is large. Instead, you can use your regular license with no restrictions.


There are a lot of insurance companies out there, so Geico isn’t the only option. You may want to check into some of these other alternatives before committing to a policy.


Progressive RV Insurance

Progressive is another company that has affordable rates for RV insurance. They’re a lot like Geico in that they don’t offer as many options as some other companies, but for someone who just wants to insure their vehicle and doesn’t care about extras like rental coverage or accident forgiveness, Progressive is a great company.

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USAA RV Insurance

USAA specializes in insuring members of the military and their families and has discounts for its members that it offers on top of the already affordable rates it charges for RV insurance. They also have higher liability limits than many other companies, so you can get more coverage for your money with USAA.


Farmer's RV Insurance

Farmer’s goes through a third-party called Foremost to offer their RV insurance. It’s one of the most comprehensive policies you’ll find on the market. They offer a great value because they have a lot of coverage for an affordable price.

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If you’re shopping for RV insurance, these frequently asked questions may help you understand your policy better.

Question: How Much Does Geico RV Insurance Cost?

Answer: The rates depend on what type of vehicle you own and where it is registered. Geico doesn’t offer as many options for RVs as some other companies do, but they’re still a fairly affordable choice for someone who just wants liability coverage.

Question: Why Would I Pay for Collision Coverage if I don’t Own My RV?

Answer: You may choose to buy collision coverage from Geico even if you don’t have a loan on your vehicle. This covers damage done to your RV by other vehicles as well as collisions with stationary objects, such as trees or rocks. It’s an affordable way of making sure your RV is kept safe even if you don’t have a loan on it.

Question: Would I Get a Discount if Someone in My Household Also Owns an RV?

Answer: Some insurance companies, like USAA, may offer discounts for owning two RVs. Geico does not directly offer this type of discount but instead has an incentive program that gives you special rates based on your loyalty to the company over time.

Question: What’s the Difference Between Geico’s RV Insurance and Discover’s?

Answer: There are a lot of differences between these two companies. For example, Geico charges different rates based on where the vehicle is registered. Discover doesn’t do this, so you’ll have to look at their policy options to see if they’re right for you. Also, Geico has a much better reputation.

Question: Is Geico a National Company or a Regional One?

Answer: Geico is a national insurance company, so it operates in every state and D.C. However, they don’t offer RV insurance in all 50 states. You’ll have to look at a few different companies if you want the widest variety of options.

Question: How Much Does Geico Charge for Extra Passengers?

Answer: Geico charges different rates for an additional driver depending on the state where you live, so it may be less expensive in some places than in others. You can use their quote engine to get an estimate of what your policy will cost with an extra driver added to it.

Question: How Many Years of Driving Experience Do I Need?

Answer: Most insurance companies in this industry want you to have at least three years of driving experience, but Geico only wants one year. If you’re a new driver, you may want to look for another company that will give you a discount for that reason.

Final Thoughts

Geico’s RV policies are attractive because of the low rates they offer most customers willing to purchase their Liability coverage package by itself. Unless you have a lot of assets to protect or need more comprehensive insurance than Geco will offer, this company may be all you need.

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