Progressive RV Insurance Review: Pros and Cons

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RV insurance is a critical component of RV ownership, whether you travel frequently or only a few times every year. All insurance companies offer different coverage options, and some even go through third parties to provide everything you need because they can’t underwrite the policies in-house.

Progressive offers RV insurance policies at a reasonable price, but you may find some of the other aspects of their service a bit lacking. If you already have Progressive auto insurance, it may be worth it for the multiple vehicle discounts. Otherwise, think hard about whether you want these insurance policies for your recreational vehicle.

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Progressive RV Insurance Review

Coverage and Benefits

Progressive offers a couple of different insurance plans, but because they tailor their plans for auto coverage, you’ll find more of what you need in the RV specific coverage rather than the basic or full coverage plans. However, if those are the options you decide to choose, Progressive will still cover your recreational vehicle.

Basic coverage

Basic coverage includes the things you’ll typically find in an auto plan like liability insurance, bodily injury, and property damage. This is the minimum you can get without adding any special features like collision, uninsured or underinsured options, and comprehensive coverage.

Full coverage

Progressive’s full coverage plans include everything in the basic plan, but you can add a number of other emergency event coverage options to make you feel more confident in the insurance you have.

You can choose from comprehensive, collision, uninsured/underinsured bodily injury, uninsured/underinsured motorist property damage, and medical payments.

Many people will choose to add comprehensive and collision onto their basic plan, but you can mix and match any coverage you want to suit your needs. They also have extra services like rental car reimbursement and roadside assistance.

RV-specific coverage

Progressive’s recreational vehicle coverage is similar to their auto coverage. They have comprehensive, collision, and liability for your RV in case it gets damaged in a natural disaster or accident. However, it goes further.

Extra coverage options are tailored to travelers and come in handy for those who are on the road away from home. These options help to protect the exterior of your RV plus passengers and property on the inside.

You can choose from roadside assistance, total loss replacement, personal effects, vacation liability, and pet injury coverage.

These options are comparable to Good Sam, but not all options are standard like Good Sam offers, making it tough to know what to choose to compare pricing. For instance, while Good Sam offers roadside assistance standard, Progressive does not.

Covered RVs

Even though Progressive doesn’t offer some of their features standard, they still cover a wide range of recreational vehicles, so no matter what type of RV you need to have insured, they’ll likely offer options. On par with Good Sam, they offer coverage for travel trailers, horse trailers, Class A, B, and C motorhomes, fifth-wheels, pop-up campers, utility trailers, and truck campers.

Progressive makes it easy to get a free quote for any of these RVs online. Just enter the type of coverage you need along with your zip code, and it will generate some numbers for you.

rv insurance benefits

Cost and Discounts

Even though Progressive doesn’t offer a lot of their features standard, they do still have ways for you to save a bit of money. They offer several discounts, but it’s also important to know what you might pay if you don’t qualify for a discount.

Progressive RV insurance starts out at just $125 per year, but what you’ll find is that it doesn’t include most of the things you’ll need. It’s really only for the basic coverage that won’t do a lot for your travel trailer.

It’s nearly impossible to estimate the cost of your coverage because it depends on so many different factors like make, model, age, and RV class. Your driving history will also make a difference in your rates.

As with most insurance companies, your zip code will also affect your rates because it’s more difficult to insure vehicles in certain areas. You also need to consider where you plan to travel and whether or not they’ll cover you in those places.

As a rough estimate, you can expect to pay anywhere from $2000-4000 per year to insure your RV.

Ways to get discounts

Like many other insurance companies, you can get a pretty big discount for bundling your home, auto, and RV insurance. They’ll also give you a discount for a clean driving record free of tickets or accidents.

However, Progressive offers some pretty cool incentives that you won’t find in other places. For instance, they will give you a discount simply for being the original RV owners of the travel trailer.

You can get a discount just for asking for a free quote. If you get a free quote online at least a day in advance of signing up, they’ll give you a discount for that.

You may also be able to get a discount if you pay for the entire year in full, upfront. Paying for your bill on time every month will also afford you a discount. Just remember that if you’re ever late on your payment, they may take that discount away.

If you stick with Progressive for long enough to renew your policy for a second year, and you spent your entire previous year without a claim, you’ll get a discount on your policy going forward.

Other ways to get discounts include being a homeowner, having homeowner insurance prior to signing up with Progressive, or going paperless.

Every discount is different, and you may qualify for more than one. These are great ways to lower your rate and get a better deal on your RV insurance.

Progressive RV Insurance

Customer Support

It’s important that if something happens, you have RV insurance companies on your side who is there to help you, walk you through the claim process, and take care of you in your time of need. Being in an accident or having something happen to your RV is stressful enough.

Luckily, Progressive offers 24/7 customer support, and their representatives are available anytime. That may give you a bit of peace of mind, but unfortunately, for a lot of people, their experience didn’t live up to their expectations.

Some Progressive clients report that their customer support throughout the claims process was outstanding and that filing a claim was easy, fast, and straightforward. They were treated with respect, and the representative they spoke with was understanding and friendly.

However, others reported that Progressive fell far short of where they thought they should be. Some customers report that they offer poor customer service with claims help wasn’t what they needed, the person they talked to was unprofessional, and their representatives were not knowledgeable about the coverage or policies.

The expression “one bad apple spoils the bunch” fits well here because no one should be having a bad experience when it comes to needing to file a claim. Unless there’s nearly 100% satisfaction, it’s hard to trust an RV insurance company to cover your most valuable assets.

Other Offers

Above and beyond discounts, Progressive also offers other ways that their RV policies will work for you. You can get small accident forgiveness that won’t raise your rates as long as your claim is under $500.

Large accident forgiveness will do the same thing for you, but you have to be a customer for at least four years and be claim-free for at least three. With this offer, your rates won’t increase, no matter how much your claim is.

Disappearing deductibles are available through a lot of insurance providers. Progressive will reduce your deductible by 25% every year you go without a claim. After four years without a claim, you’ll have a $0 deductible, no matter what kind of claim you have to file.

With these offers, it’s important to remember that your insurance rates will likely rise every year, much like your auto or home insurance. But they should protect you from skyrocketing rates due to an accident.


There are a lot of companies that offer RV insurance. Progressive isn’t the only one with good deals, but it depends on what you’re looking for. Here are some other companies you may want to consider when shopping around.

progressive rv insurance alternatives

Good Sam

Good Sam is known far and wide for their incredible incentives for RVers. They offer plenty of things like discounts on campgrounds, partner programs with fueling stations, roadside assistance plans, and insurance for your RV.

good sam club

One of the cool things about the insurance coverage Good Sam insurance agency offers is that they will insure your RV and your towing vehicle under the same policy. The benefit to this is that if you’re ever in an accident, you file one claim and pay one deductible for both vehicles.

If you’re looking into RVing more seriously, give Good Sam a shout. Not only do they have awesome plans, but their customer service is incredible. The only downside to Good Sam is that they’re a specialty company and tend to charge a bit more.

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Companies like Farmers are household names. State Farm and Nationwide also come to mind here. They’ve been offering insurance for decades and have really great options for home and auto.

What you might not know is that they also offer RV insurance. Farmers, in particular, is a company that prides itself on excellent customer service. They’re very easy to work with, and your local agent’s office should be able to get you very accurate information on pricing and coverage.

The only downside is that their RV insurance is underwritten by a third party. However, you can manage your policy and file your claims directly through your Farmers agent, despite the fact that it’s underwritten by someone else.

National General

This is a company that many people have never heard of, but they’ve been around since 1960. They offer a wide variety of coverage options for many different RVs. They will also cover you whether you RV full-time or just do it occasionally.

National General

You can get coverage for specialized equipment, personal belongings, add-ons, and full replacement cost. They also offer discounts for those who complete RV driving classes. With search assistance, they’ll help you find your RV if it’s been stolen.

However, the coolest thing they do is allow you to suspend your coverage while your RV is in storage, without a penalty. Just beware that if anything happened to your RV while it was in storage, you wouldn’t be able to file a claim.


If you’re looking for the best RV insurance policy for you, these frequently asked questions may help you make a better decision.

Do you need insurance on an RV?

Your car insurance will not cover your RV. If you plan to travel in an RV and you want it to be covered, it needs its own separate insurance policy. Most, if not all, states require your RV to be insured before they will register it, and without this registration, it is not street legal.

Is RV insurance cheaper than car insurance?

Insurance for RVs is generally a bit less expensive than for a car. Despite the fact that an RV is larger than a vehicle, insurance companies have determined that their risk is much less, so they will insure it for cheaper.

Does RV insurance cover water damage?

RV insurance does not necessarily ensure water damage by itself. While you may be able to obtain insurance for water, fire, or hail damage, you’ll want to check with your provider to see what’s covered or what you’re able to add on.

Final Thoughts

When shopping around for RV insurance, make sure you choose a company that will offer what you need. There are a lot of companies that offer RV insurance coverage, and they all do it differently. From coverage options to discounts and cost to customer service, it’s important you do your research.

Progressive is a great option for those who already have Progressive policies and are familiar with the company. If you’ve been with Progressive for a long time and enjoy working with them, don’t switch on account of your RV.

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Save 50%
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

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