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Progressive RV Insurance Review: Pros and Cons

RV insurance is a critical component of RV ownership, whether you travel frequently or only a few times every year. All insurance companies offer different coverage options, and some even go through third parties to provide everything you need because they can’t underwrite the policies in-house.

Progressive offers RV insurance policies at a reasonable price, but you may find some of the other aspects of their service a bit lacking. If you already have Progressive auto insurance, it may be worth it for the multiple vehicle discounts. Otherwise, think hard about whether you want these insurance policies for your RV.

Progressive RV Insurance Review

Coverage and Benefits

Progressive offers a couple of different insurance plans, but because they tailor their plans for auto coverage, you’ll find more of w

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Allstate RV Insurance Review: Is it Any Good?

“Allstate. Your in Good Hands®”

Hitting the open road with an RV gives you the freedom to travel in comfort. They can provide power and water, off the ground shelter, multiple storage spaces, beds, living quarters, air conditioning, room to accommodate a small group of friends and family, to full bathrooms and island kitchens!

Like your automobile, RV’s also require a certain amount of Insurance coverage in case the inevitable happens.

Allstate is an Insurance Company that is on the New York Stock Exchange [NYSE: ALL]. They were founded in 1931 and their headquarters are located in Northfield Township, Illinois, and provide coverage on three continents.

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State Farm RV Insurance Review: Is It Worth It?

Gather any group of RVers, whether in an online forum or around a campfire in a campground, and often the conversation will turn to RV insurance. Why? Because an RV is an investment and having the right insurance is important – and complicated. Why is RV insurance so confusing?

One reason for the confusion is that there are so many individual factors that affect the type of coverage you need for your RV. Is your rig drivable or towable? What level of coverage is required by your state or residence? How often do you use it and where do you prefer to park it? Do you own your RV outright or are you still making payments? Answering these questions is just the beginning of determining what type of insurance you need.

The next decision is which insurance company can best meet your RV insurance needs. Most companies that provide auto insurance will also have RV coverage options.

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Roadside Assistance for RVers: Better World Club vs AAA

Roadside assistance is one of those things that we buy and then hope we never need. Yet we all know that breakdowns can happen when we least expect them. When they do, having the right roadside assistance can mean the difference between being back on the road quickly and an expensive, time-consuming disaster. 

There are many roadside assistance companies to choose from, and they all make a lot of promises to try to attract your business.

The American Automobile Association (better known as AAA) is a household name. “Call AAA” has become almost synonymous with calling for help on the road. Many people join AAA without even considering any of the other options.

Better World

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Farmers RV Insurance Review: All You Need To Know

An RV is a big purchase, and much like your home or your car, you’re going to want to insure it. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of options out there.

However, just because your RV might seem like a home on wheels, an insurance policy for homes won’t do the trick, and neither will one intended for a motor vehicle. You need the best of both worlds to get the job done.

It’s a unique offering that not everyone provides.

You can opt for your current homeowners or auto insurance provider if you want some multiple policy discounts, or you can choose a company that specializes in RV insurance to get some additional benefits you won’t find anywhere else.

Since my family lives in our RV full-time, I’ve done a lot of research into these options and for us, it made the most sense to stick with our current provider, Farmers.

While it may not be the best option for you, I’ve never had anything but good luck with my Farmers agent, for several reasons, so I thought this

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Liberty Mutual RV Insurance Review: Is This The Right Service For You?

While we normally review the latest RVs or the best accessories to get for your motorhome, in our Liberty Mutual RV insurance review we’re going to look at something a little bit different.

Hitting the open road and going on wonderful adventures with your RV is a great way to explore the country but what happens when something goes wrong?

You no doubt have home insurance to cover unforeseen circumstances in the future so does it not make sense to insure your RV as well?

We’re going to look at whether you actually need RV insurance, the types of insurance available and also review Liberty Mutual RV insurance to find out if it is a worthwhile policy and provider to choose.


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