Liberty Mutual RV Insurance Review: Is This The Right Service For You?

While we normally review the latest RVs or the best accessories to get for your motorhome, in our Liberty Mutual RV insurance review we’re going to look at something a little bit different.

Hitting the open road and going on wonderful adventures with your RV is a great way to explore the country but what happens when something goes wrong?

You no doubt have home insurance to cover unforeseen circumstances in the future so does it not make sense to insure your RV as well?

We’re going to look at whether you actually need RV insurance, the types of insurance available and also review Liberty Mutual RV insurance to find out if it is a worthwhile policy and provider to choose.

do you need rv insurance

Do you need RV insurance?

This can be a bit of a complicated subject because not every RV necessarily needs to be insured even though it is highly recommended that you do take out insurance.

In some cases your automobile insurance will extend to your RV however let’s look at some cases when you definitely need RV insurance.

You have a motorhome

Class A motorhomes and Class B camper vans need to have their own insurance. This is because they are one vehicle as opposed to being a truck camper that you tow. They require their own insurance so you’ll definitely need a separate policy from your standard auto insurance.

You have finance on your RV

If you don’t own your RV outright and you are paying it off via finance then you’ll also need to have a dedicated RV insurance policy. The lender requires that these RVs are insured because you don’t own it outright and they need to protect their investment.

It is a rental

if you are just renting an RV then you will probably need to have insurance too. Your auto insurance might extend to rental RVs so it is also a good idea to check your policy.

Types of RV insurance coverage

There are many different parts to an RV insurance policy and if you aren’t sure about some of the terms and what we mean, we’ve broken them down for you.

Full replacement cost

In the unfortunate event that your motorhome is stolen or damaged beyond repair, a full replacement cost option will ensure that you get back what you actually paid for the RV. This shouldn’t be the depreciated value but rather the full amount you initially paid.

Emergency expenses

This coverage option will help you claim for emergency expenses such as a hotel stay or a rental car if you have an accident in your RV and are unable to stay in it or drive it anywhere. There is often a minimum distance from your home that you need to be for this to apply.

Personal items

This part of your RV insurance policy will cover any personal effects that you have inside the RV if they become damaged or stolen.

Roadside assistance

If your RV breaks down and doesn’t have a separate roadside policy you can have this added onto your RV insurance. It will provide roadside assistance in the event of a breakdown and it usually has a minimum number of miles you need to be from your home.

Personal Injury

If you have an accident in your RV or motorhome, this part of your policy will cover things such as medical bills, a loss of wages if you can’t work for a while as well as some other damages.

Personal Liability

This will cover the expenses if you are at fault for an accident while you are driving your RV or motorhome. This can include costs associated with an injury to the other person or their property.

types of rv insurance

Things to consider with RV insurance

Your mileage allowance

Similar to when you insure a vehicle, you’ll be asked how many miles you do on your motorhome over the year that the policy will be active. It is important that you are as accurate as possible with this as underestimating wildly can end up invalidating any claim you make.

Motorhomes and RVs might not be used as often as the main vehicle that you use to commute to work however if you are traveling across the country you’ll likely rack up a lot of miles. Consider the distances you do care so you can put an accurate amount down when getting an insurance quote.

Adding on Roadside assistance

Sometimes this is included on your motorhome insurance policy as standard however in many cases you need to purchase an addon. It is something that is worthwhile getting if you don’t already have any roadside assistance policies from another provider which will cover your motorhome.

Breaking down in the middle of nowhere or even on the side of a busy highway isn’t ideal and it can be very expensive to get a motorhome towed if you don’t have a policy in place. In fact, it can cost up to three times as much as towing an ordinary car.

Does your policy cover storage?

It is all well and good having your RV covered by an insurance claim while you are out on the road and at a campsite but what about when it is in storage and not being used? You would think that your insurance policy would extend to your motorhome while in storage but it isn’t always the case.

Make sure and check the policy that you are taking out to ensure that it does cover your RV while it is in storage. You don’t want anything to happen to it while it is stored away only to find out that this isn’t part of your policy.

Camping clubs can sometimes get you discount

As motorhome insurance is a specialized service, sometimes the insurance companies link with camping clubs and other organizations to offer discounts to members. This can be particularly useful in the case of an RV as there are many clubs for RV owners out there.

It is a good idea to do some research to see if you can join any camping clubs and also if they have any agreements with insurance providers to offer discounts to members and other benefits as well.

Liberty Mutual RV Insurance

Let’s get into the whole point of this review – to look at RV insurance from Liberty Mutual.

In case you have never heard of Liberty Mutual before they are the third largest insurer in the USA and a Fortune 100 company. They were originally founded (under a different name) away back in 1912 so they have been around for a long, long time and they offer a wide range of different insurance products from vehicle insurance, home insurance, workers compensation and motorhome insurance.

I’m going to look at their tiers of RV insurance and also what they are like to deal with.

It is recommended that you contact Liberty Mutual to get an accurate quote for your motorhome and also note that their insurance may not be available in your state.

Different types of RV insurance from Liberty Mutual

The best way to know exactly what you are getting from your insurance quote from Liberty Mutual is to get in contact with them however they generally have three tiers for their motorhome insurance.

Peace of Mind

This is their top tier insurance cover for motorhomes and RVs. It includes up to $1 million in liability insurance (if you are at cause for an accident or any damage to your RV), $500,000 in physical damage protection and it includes some handy extras as well such as:

  • Roadside assistance
  • Concierge services
  • Windshield damage protection

You will also get access to their 24/7 customer support (I’m going to have a look at that a bit more in-depth below) in addition to lowered deductibles.

Essentially this is the best insurance tier you can get for your RV from Liberty Mutual. Although it will cost the most, it covers pretty much everything you need for your motorhome – hence the name!


A tier down from the peace of mind insurance is their essential plan which basically covers the essentials of what most people need from their RV insurance.

This includes a minimum amount of liability insurance depending on what state you live in (as some states have lower or high minimum amounts) and $100,000 in physical damage protection. You do get some extras with this policy as well such as:

  • Roadside assistance
  • 24/7 customer support

It is a significant step down from their highest tier but that also means it’ll be cheaper as a result although you’ll need to weigh up if paying the extra money for a better policy is worth it.

Risk taker

As the name suggests, this is the lowest amount of RV insurance that you can get from Liberty Mutual and that means the policy is going to cost the least as well.

You don’t get a whole lot of cover with this policy tier. Basically you are covered for the state minimum for liability insurance and $15,000 in physical damage which isn’t a lot even if you only have a small or an old motorhome. You’ll also get their 24/7 customer support line as well the same with every policy from Liberty Mutual.

Even though this policy is available and isn’t going to cost a lot of money, you are taking a risk as it really doesn’t cover very much however it will give you some level of protection if you are on a very tight budget.

Customer Support

Hopefully, you never need to actually contact Liberty Mutual for your insurance policy beyond actually getting a quote and taking your policy out. However, if you do need to get in contact with them to make a claim it is good to know what their customer support is actually like.

To get an insurance quote for your RV you can contact a local Liberty Mutual office and speak to an agent there or they have a 1-800 number as well. This 1-800 is also used for any customer support queries relating to your claim and I’ve found that they answer quickly and I’ve never really had any issues getting answers to any questions that I have.

When you sign up to a Liberty Mutual RV insurance policy you also get a customer login so you can access everything you need on their website via your portal.

They have a dedicated line for roadside assistance as well so you can get in touch with someone quickly if you need to have your motorhome towed or fixed by the road.

Overall I would say their customer support is very accessible and you should be able to contact someone if you need without any problems.

Pros and Cons

Pros of Liberty Mutual RV Insurance

  • Offer specialized RV insurance in case of accidents or damage
  • Have different tiers of RV insurance depending on your budget
  • Provide roadside assistance and other handy extras
  • Customer support is very good and accessible

Cons of Liberty Mutual RV Insurance

  • Isn’t available in all states so make sure to check this first
  • Canceling your policy if you find another renewal quote isn’t always easy

libert mutual rv insurance review

Alternatives to Liberty Mutual RV Insurance

Good Sam RV Insurance

Good Sam Insurance is one of the most well known providers for RV cover. They offer all the usual coverage options such as collision, personal liability and personal injury protection while they also provide other protections like full replacement cost coverage and emergency expenses.

good sam club

Their Storage Policy is handy as it means you can suspend parts of your RV insurance when your motorhome isn’t in use. They have a pretty comprehensive roadside assistance coverage too which is a very affordable policy if your RV breaks down.

National General

National General is another good alternative to Liberrty Mutual and they provide specialised RV insurance which will keep you covered against the unknown. This includes cover for accidents, personal belongings damage, general liability and you can also turn some parts of your policy off when your motorhome is in storage.

National General

They provide coverage if you are taking your RV to Mexico and their full replacement cost coverage is a great addon to have as well.


Do I need to take out RV insurance?

It depends on your vehicle. If it is a Class A or B motorhome (basically one that isn’t towed on your existing vehicle) then you will need insurance or if you have the RV on finance or it is a rental. It is always a good idea to have insurance to cover what your auto insurance might not extend to.

Can I get Liberty Mutual RV insurance in my state?

The Motorhome and RV insurance provider by Liberty Mutual is available in many states but not all of them so it is a good idea to check first to ensure that you can take out a policy. Some states will also not let you claim for certain parts of your policy – first claim forgiveness policy for example.

What level of insurance do I need for my RV?

Liberty Mutual – like many motorhome insurers – offer different levels of insurance. What one you choose depends on the cover you need and your budget however keep in mind that the more insurance you have the better equipped you will be to deal with accidents, breakdowns or damages.

Do all RV insurance policies cover storage?

No. While motorhome insurance will insure your RV when it is on the road or at a campsite it might not cover it if it is in storage and not in use. Make sure you check this with your insurance provider.

Do I really need to pay for roadside assistance?

Sometimes this is included in your policy as standard but it is always a good idea to take it out because towing an RV can cost up to three times as much as a normal vehicle.

Conclusion – Liberty Mutual offer competitive RV insurance at different tiers

It is important that you have your motorhome insured as this is required by law (depending on the RV type you have) and it also means you are covered for any accidents, damages and possibly breakdowns too.

Liberty Mutual is one of the biggest insurance providers in America and they offer several tiers of RV insurance.

You need to contact them for a direct quote but they offer competitive prices and their tiered structure is good so you can get a level of cover which suits you.

We’d always recommend taking out more insurance than you think you need so you are covered for whatever comes your way and make sure you have roadside assistance as well. I’ve always found their customer support easy to deal with and it isn’t hard to get in contact with them.

Overall Liberty Mutual are a very good insurer for your RV and their policies are ideal for covering your motorhome and its contents against damage.

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