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How to Find the Best Trailer Wheel Lock: Reviews and Examples

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With trailer theft being one of the most common types of theft, it is good to know how to find the best trailer wheel lock. Trailer wheel locks come in many different types, but they all work the same to prevent the wheels from being moved on your trailer. 

As an expert in Rving, we know that trailer wheel locks are also used as a visual deterrent to keep thieves away and can almost act as a security system for your trailer or RV. In addition to being used on trailers, wheel locks can also be used on RVs, UVs, boats, travel trailers, construction equipment, golf carts, trucks, and cars. 

Bottom Line Up Front 

Wheel locks are essential in helping to prevent theft of your trailer, RV, or another vehicle. They not only prevent theft, but they keep your trailer safely in place, immobilizing the wheels.

It is good to choose trailer wheel locks that are durable, reliable, easy to use, and bright in color so they stand out and help your trailer stay safe. 

Our favorite trailer wheel lock is the Trimax TWL100 Ultra Max adjustable wheel lock because it is easy to install, covers up lug nuts, is affordable, and is bright in color.

Our next favorites are the Goplus heavy-duty trailer lock, OxGord trailer wheel lock, Hurbo wheel lock clamp, and the Zento Deals two-pack security tire clamp. We decided to choose these locks because they are:

  • Secure
  • Easy to install
  • Made out of suitable materials
  • Wide dimensions
  • Vibrant in color
  • Sturdy

What Is a Trailer Wheel Lock? 

A trailer wheel lock is a device you can use to lock up your trailer or heavy-duty vehicles. There are so many types of trailer locks available that it might be challenging to select one that provides maximum security for your trailer or vehicle. 

Types of Trailer Wheel Locks

There are many types of trailer wheel locks to choose from that function effectively. 


Clamps are the most common type of lock available. You can buy a special clamp, or you can buy them as a pair, and their locks come with two sets of keys.

A trailer wheel clamp has a carrying handle considered a preventive measure, so the vehicle or trailer does not roll away.


If you have ever seen a parking boot before, you will have an idea of these. A boot has pincers, similar to clamp locks, and has a circular arm. A boot covers the whole center of the outward wheel face and might feel heavier than a clamp. 

Wheel Chocks

A wheel chock is shaped similar to a clamp lock. What makes a wheel chock different is that it has small plates that brace on the ground with sharp teeth.

Wheel chocks are incredibly effective for locking a heavy-duty trailer or vehicle into place. Wheel chocks are especially good for keeping your vehicle or RV in place during extremely windy conditions.


Braces are typically designed to work with dual steps, where the wheels are together. A brace lock is usually shaped like an X and is placed between the wheels. If one wheel starts to move, the other wheel will push it back because of the brace.

Why Use a Trailer Wheel Lock?

When discovering how to find the best trailer wheel lock, it is essential to keep these qualities in mind before purchasing. There are many reasons why using a trailer wheel lock is effective and efficient for controlling your trailer in place.

More Security

Good trailer wheel locks will provide high levels of security to your trailer or vehicle. They prevent tire theft and trailer theft. A trailer wheel lock that is uniquely designed will make it difficult for people to damage or access your trailer.

Keep the RV From Rolling 

A good trailer wheel lock will prevent your trailer or RV from rolling away because of bad brakes. Sometimes, trailers are so old that the breaks aren’t substantial anymore. Locking the trailer down will prevent it from moving out, especially if parked on a hill.

Better for Offseason Storage 

It can be stressful to leave your trailer or vehicle parked for extended periods when not being used. If you have a physical device like a trailer wheel lock, your vehicle will not be able to be driven away. 

Most wheel locks are weatherproof to ensure your RV stays safe during bad weather conditions or the winter. In addition, trailer wheel locks are good to use when keeping your RV in storage during the offseason.

How to Choose the Best Trailer Wheel Lock?

There are a few factors to be aware of when choosing the best trailer wheel lock for your vehicle.


The material should be heavy-duty, but the type of material will vary based on which type of wheel lock you purchase. Materials are often heavy gauge steel disc, steel,  and powder-coated steel.


The dimensions of the trailer wheel lock need to line up with your vehicle’s tires to ensure it is the right fit. The wheel lock will specify if it fits 7” to 11” tires, or it might say that it fits up to 10” tires.

If you purchase a trailer wheel lock that is not the correct dimensions for your vehicle, it will not ensure that its tires will be properly locked.


A trailer wheel lock that is vibrant in color will help keep thieves away from your vehicle. A wheel lock that is a bright color will prevent someone from coming up to your vehicle if they see that there are brightly colored wheel locks in place. 

Easy to Install

The trailer wheel locks should be easy for you to install. The wheel locks should be easy to operate and install, so there is no confusion when setting them up.


Your trailer wheel locks should be sturdy and made of durable material. The sturdier the wheel lock is, the more difficult it will be for your vehicle to roll away or become stolen.

Some Examples of Trailer Wheel Locks 

Here are some of the best examples of trailer wheel locks.

Goplus Heavy Duty Trailer Lock Wheel Clamp


  • It completely immobilizes your wheels from turning
  • Highly visible because of the vibrant orange and yellow colors
  • Made out of high-quality material, but is lightweight
  • Easy to install


  • The manufacturer provided no replacement keys

This heavy-duty trailer wheel lock locks the tires of your truck, car, trailer, RV, or golf cart in place, and it keeps the vehicle in one place after parking. This wheel clamp will ensure your vehicle does not rotate or turn. 

It has vibrant colors to keep thieves from coming too close to your vehicle. You can also use it to lock wheels on boat trailers. The surface of the wheel clamp is soft coated and won’t damage the rims of your wheels.

Unfortunately, there are no replacement keys provided by the manufacturer, so it is important to keep track of where you keep the keys.

Trimax TWL100 Ultra Max Adjustable Wheel Lock


  • A lifetime warranty is offered
  • An excellent choice for wheels up to 18” wide
  • Easy to operate and install
  • Covers up lug nuts to help prevent tire removal


  • Tubular keys

There are currently two different versions of the Trimax Ultra Max – TWL100 and TWL400. The two models are mainly different because the TWL400 offers a padlock, and the TWL100 does not.

However, it doesn’t need to come with a padlock. The TWL100 uses tubular locks, which are much easier to pick, and the TWL400  is more difficult to fit on larger tires. 

This wheel lock efficiently covers up your lugs, making it more difficult for thieves to remove your tires. The TWl100 might be more expensive than the TWL400, but there is a reason for that.

The lock on the TWL400 is cheaper and inferior when compared to this model. It is compatible with tires up to 18” and is an excellent choice for large trucks and trailers.  

OxGord Trailer Wheel Lock


  • High-quality manufacturing
  • Vibrant colors 
  • Protective coating to prevent scratches and dents
  • Lightweight


  • Only has 10.5 inches of clearance for tire width
  • More expensive than a similar model 

This trailer wheel lock is durable and long-lasting because of the high-quality manufacturing put into creating the product. The wheel lock is painted yellow and red so it can be easily seen from a distance, preventing thieves from approaching your vehicle.

There is a red protective coating on the wheel lock to prevent any scratches or dents on the exterior surface of your vehicle. 

It is lightweight, weighing about five pounds, and is easy to install. This clamp-style wheel lock can fit tires up to 10.5 inches wide and has a one-year warranty.

Since it only fits tires up to 10.5 inches wide, it can be an issue for off-road vehicles or pick-up trucks. 

Hurbo Wheel Lock Clamp 

The Hurbo wheel lock clamp is reliable, durable, and brightly colored to prevent thieves from getting close in proximity to your vehicle.

This wheel lock is made using heavy-duty materials with a rust-resistant finish, allowing it to withstand many weather conditions. 

There are heavy gauge steel disks that cover up the lug nuts to keep thieves from stealing your tires. It is easy to install and use and will fit most cars, trailers, RVs, ATVs, and SUVs with tires that are less than 14 inches wide.

A disadvantage of using this wheel lock is that the barrel lock could have better quality, but it is still good enough to keep a thief from messing with the tire. 


  • Reliable and durable
  • Weather-resistant
  • Visible from a distance


  • Barrel lock isn’t great quality

Zento Deals 2 Pack Security Tire Clamp

Zento Deals Security Tire Clamp

The Zento Deals 2 pack dexterity tire clamp is double the security. It includes two wheel locks and two pairs of matching keys that you can use on almost any type of vehicle.

The pincer arms of the wheel locks are covered in a weatherproof, anti-rust material to prevent rust from forming. They are not heavy and will fit most tires up to 11 inches wide.

The only thing that could be an issue when using this tire clamp is that these clamps might be challenging to use on off-road tires that are found on RV campers.


  • Rust resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Fits most tires up to 11 inches wide


  • Might be challenging to use on off-road tires 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding trailer wheel locks.

Question: How do I stop someone from stealing my trailer? 

Answer: The best way to stop someone from stealing your trailer is by using trailer wheel locks. Doing this will ensure the wheels stay locked so they can’t be moved.

Question: Can I use wheel locks on a boat? 

Answer: Yes, you can use wheel locks on a boat to ensure the wheels cannot be moved. 

Question: What is the most secure trailer lock? 

Answer: Most trailer wheel locks are secure, but the Trimax TWL100 is the most secure. This adjustable wheel lock is easy to install and will prevent the wheels from turning.

Question: Are trailers easy to steal? 

Answer: Yes, trailers are easy to steal if there are not any wheel locks installed on the trailer. Trailer theft is one of the most common types of theft. If you are worried about your trailer or RV being stolen, you should consider getting insurance for your vehicle, like State Farm

Question: How many chocks do you need for a trailer?

Answer: OSHA standard 39CFR 1910.78 requires that vehicle operators set their trailer and truck brakes and block the wheels to prevent any movement. The chocks should be placed underneath the rear wheels, meaning two chocks should be used. Chocking only one wheel is not enough.

Question: What do thieves do with stolen trailers?

Answer: The reason thieves like to steal trailers is that they can easily and quickly get cash from them. They will usually sell your trailer in states that do not require a title at the same time of the sale. They also tend to sell any tools from your trailer at a pawn shop. 

Question: Are wheel clamps effective?

Answer: Yes, wheel clamps are very effective because they provide excellent security. They physically immobilize the wheels of your vehicle and are a highly visible deterrent. If a thief sees a wheel clamp attached to your trailer, they will typically move on.

Final Thoughts

It can be difficult to know how to find the best trailer wheel lock, especially if you have never used them before. Trailer wheel locks are a great way to ensure your trailer stays in place without rolling away and wheel locks will help prevent theft. 

The Trimax TWL100 Ultra Max adjustable wheel lock is the best wheel lock to choose from when compared to the other four. It is affordable, durable, colorful, and will ensure your trailer or RV stays in place.

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