10 Best RV Queen Sheets For Your Best Sleep

Finding the best RV queen sheets might not always be really high up on your list of items for your RV. However, putting some careful thought into this is pretty vital.

You may put more effort into finding a great RV mattress, but the sheets you use are just as crucial for a good night’s sleep.

We’re going to show you the top queen sheets for RVs that you can buy.

Before we do that, let’s have a quick look at things you should think about before you go and make a purchase.

My Top Picks

In case you want to get right into the RV queen sheets recommendations, we put this section here so you can get that must-have information.

  • SGI bedding Queen Sheets Luxury Soft 100% Egyptian Cotton
  • Nestl Bedding Soft Sheets
  • Rajlinen Luxury 600-Thread-Count Sateen RV/Camper

Things to consider when buying RV queen sheets

There can be quite a lot to think about when buying queen sheets. You might think that it is a straightforward purpose. However, doing some research first can make all the difference.


OK, so we’re looking at queen sheets; however, that doesn’t necessarily mean that queen sheets for a ‘normal’ bed in your home are the same size.

The beds that you find in many RV models tend to be a few inches shorter and narrower than what you would have at home. This is down to the compact space that most motorhomes have.

It is just something to keep in mind because picking up a random set of queen sheets might mean that they are too big. It is advisable to buy queen sheets that are made for an RV bed.

In most cases, the dimensions you need for an RV queen bed are 60″ x 80″ although some may also be 60″ x 75″ if the mattress is shorter.

Thread count

Thread count can be confusing because many people think that the higher the thread count means the better quality of the sheets.

This is true to an extent, but it isn’t the only thing that you should focus on. Thread count is essentially the total number of yarns per square inch of the fabric. Just because some RV sheets have a high thread count doesn’t mean that they are necessarily better.

Usually, getting a thread count between 300 – 500 is sufficient for comfort. So, while thread count is important, you need to consider it alongside the actual material and not just on its own.


Best RV Queen Sheets

RV bed sheets can be found in different materials.

You can find RV sheets in about nine different materials such as:

  • Microfiber
  • Egyptian cotton
  • Cotton blend
  • Jersey knit
  • Flannel
  • Polyester
  • Linen
  • Silk
  • Bamboo

You might even find that you need different materials for different times of the year.

For example, RVs can get pretty hot in the warmer months, and sleeping can often be a bit challenging especially if you have heavy bedsheets. For those months, go with something like Microfiber as it is lightweight, whereas, in the colder months, a material like flannel is better.

Your skin type can also determine the material you go for. Bamboo, for example, is hypoallergenic and antimicrobial, so it is ideal for sensitive skin. It is also very eco-friendly as well.

Egyptian Cotton is a good all-rounder. Its design means it will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.


This links in with the material that you choose.

You want your RV sheets to be durable against stains if you spill something and so that the color and comfort don’t fade after a few washes.

Some RV sheets will be much more durable and long-lasting than others.

Bamboo, Polyester, Cotton Blend, and Microfiber are all pretty durable materials. Egyptian Cotton is another material known for its durability but it can cost more than other bedsheets.

10 Best RV Queen Sheets

Now that you have a better idea of what to look for with RV queen sheets let’s get right into the top ones that you can buy.

SGI bedding Queen Sheets Luxury Soft 100% Egyptian Cotton

These Egyptian Cotton queen sheets are available in different sizes and you can get both queen size and short queen size.

They also come in a variety of different colors (23 in fact!), so you have plenty of variety to choose from to suit the style of your RV interior. These sheets have a 600 thread count, and the Egyptian Cotton material is a great all-rounder throughout the year. They’ll keep you cool in the summer while maintaining heat in the cooler months.

These queen sheets are durable and easy to clean as well. Overall, there isn’t a lot wrong with these Egyptian queen sheets. OK, they are a little bit expensive, but you get high quality, durability, and comfort in a range of sizes and colors for the money.


  • High-quality Egyptian queen sheets with many sizes
  • Available in a large number of colors
  • Soft and comfortable for a good night’s sleep
  • Durable and easy to clean


  • Are a little bit expensive compared to other sheets

Nestl Bedding Soft Sheets

Nestl is a well-known bedding brand, and these Nestl Bedding Soft Sheets are ideal for RV living.

They are available in both queen and short queen sizes so you’ll find sheets to fit your RV mattress. These sheets are also available in a huge range of colors so you won’t have any problems finding a shade to match the design of your RV.

They are made from microfiber and cotton. This means they are great for the summer months and they should have good durability as well. There have been some reports of poor durability; however, it doesn’t seem to be widespread. With a pretty high thread count and soft design, they offer a comfortable night’s sleep too.


  • Microfiber and cotton design to keep you cool during the warmer months
  • Available in many different colors and sizes
  • High thread count and soft design
  • Very budget-friendly


  • Some reports of durability issues

Rajlinen Luxury 600-Thread-Count Sateen RV/Camper

The Rajlinen Luxury 600-Thread-Count Sateen Sheets are specifically designed for RV and camper vans.

They are made from ultra-soft Egyptian cotton and are ideal for those warmer summer nights as they will keep you cool. If you have sensitive skin, the hypoallergenic nature of these sheets is another big bonus.

One downside is that they are quite expensive compared to other RV sheets but they are of very high quality. You shouldn’t have any problems with the sizes for these sheets because they are made with RV and camper vans in mind. They come in a wide variety of colors and styles too so you have plenty of options.

Some people have found that these sheets are very thin (almost too thin) which is another potential drawback. Overall though, these Egyptian cotton sheets are a good purchase for your RV, even if they are a bit on the pricey side.


  • Made from Egyptian cotton with a high thread count
  • Comfortable and breathable
  • Available in a large number of colors


  • Are quite expensive
  • Might be too thin for some people

1500 Supreme Collection Extra Soft RV Queen Sheets Set

Next up are these RV queen sheets that are made from microfiber.

The breathable nature of these sheets makes them great for summer trips in your RV or camper van. As they are designed with motorhome living in mind, sizes are easy to get for your bed. These sheets come in an extensive range of colors and styles, so you’ll be able to find one that you like.

Like the queen sheets above, they are a bit thin, which can be off-putting to some people. It really depends on your preference and how hot/cold you get during the night.


  • Comfortable queen sheets made for RVs
  • Have a breathable microfiber design
  • Pretty affordable bed sheets


  • Are relatively thin so they might not suit you

RV Short Queen Sheet Set for Motorhomes & Campers

These RV Short Queen Sheet Set for Motorhomes & Campers are good if you want some decent quality sheets for a budget price.

They are made from microfiber sheets that are quite thick. This helps with keeping you cool but also offers a good degree of warmth as well. They are hypoallergenic and resistant to bacteria as well.

These sheets could perhaps be a bit more comfortable. They aren’t exactly uncomfortable but they could be a bit better. That being said, if you want a decent set of queen or short queen sheets for your RV at a reasonable price, they are an ideal purchase.


  • Affordable price and offer a good night’s sleep
  • Hypoallergenic and resistant to bacteria
  • Available in several colors and styles
  • Made especially for RVs and Campers


  • Could do with being a bit more comfortable

California Design Den RV Short Queen Sheets

The California Design Den RV Short Queen Sheets have a 400 thread count and are 100% cotton.

They are pretty soft for an RV sheet, so offer a good level of comfort while they are durable as well. Some people have said that they are prone to excessive wrinkling after a few washes, so that is something to keep in mind.

That being said, we like the colors and variety of styles that you find with these sheets. They are another model that is designed for RV and motorhome living so sizes shouldn’t be an issue.

All in all, a good set of RV queen sheets that are fairly reasonably priced, although do come with a few downsides.


  • Designed for RVs and motorhomes
  • Made from 100% cotton
  • Available in many different colors


  • Can suffer excessive wrinkling after a few washes

Pure Bamboo Sheets Short Queen Size

Pure Bamboo Sheets Short Queen Size

The Pure Bamboo Sheets Short Queen Size is great if you want an eco-friendly and durable option for your RV mattress sheets.

These sheets have a 300 thread count and come in a good range of colors although it is a bit more limited than some other sheets. Bamboo is great for sensitive skin as it is both hypoallergenic and antimicrobial.

One thing to note about these sheets is that they are pretty expensive. In fact, they are the most expensive model on our list. It might put you off but for the money, you are getting a high-quality sheet for your RV that is environmentally friendly, durable, and comfortable.


  • Eco-friendly and durable queen sheet for RVs
  • Comes in various colors and styles
  • Comfortable and soft


  • Very expensive so might be out of your budget

Short Queen Sheets for RV Camper

Short Queen Sheets for RV Camper

These pretty basic but functional Short Queen Sheets for RV Camper will suit those on a budget but still want a high degree of comfort.

They are made from cotton and are available in both queen and short queen sizes and are great RV bedding. There isn’t a great color and style variety, but they are available in white, charcoal, ivory, or sage.

With a 400 thread count, they will offer comfort for your RV bedroom setup. If you are just looking for some basic sheets for your RV or motorhome and don’t want to spend too much money, these sheets are pretty spot on.


  • Attractive price for your RV queen bed
  • Comfortable and easy to wash
  • Available in different sizes


  • Color and style options are very limited

Mayfield RV Bed Sheets Set

Mayfield RV Bed Sheets Set

Most of the sheets we have listed so far are good in those warmer summer months, but what happens when you are staying in your RV in winter? What is the best RV sheet for the winter months?

The Mayfield RV Bed Sheets Set is made from flannel. This is a great material to add extra warmth if you’re out in your RV during the colder spells of the year. They come in various sizes that are specifically for RV mattresses, so getting the right dimensions shouldn’t be an issue.

These sheets are also very soft, so they offer comfort as well as warmth. Color and styles are somewhat limited compared to other RV sheets. You can find them in sage, chocolate, burgundy, camel, and navy colors, though.

You can pick these up at a reasonable price too. There are some questions around the durability after a few washes, which is a bit disappointing, but if you need warm sheets for winter, they are a decent choice.


  • It will keep you warm during the winter months
  • Soft and comfortable for a good night’s sleep
  • Available in different RV mattress sizes


  • Issues around their durability after a few washes
  • Not available in many colors or styles

Stretch Queen Fitted Sheet

If you are really after a budget option for your RV or motorhome, these Stretch Queen Fitted Sheets are the best sheet option for you.

They are very reasonably priced, so they aren’t going to cost much to buy. These sheets are made from microfiber and spandex and are super stretchy, so they won’t move during the night.

You will find them in the correct dimensions for a short RV queen mattress. They are available in several light and dark colors, although they are a bit limited to blacks, browns, and whites.

Overall, these are definitely an option for the budget-conscious. You’ll find more comfortable sheets on the market however, for the price; they are a decent choice that offers durability and an OK level of comfort in your RV.


  • Very cheap, so will suit a small budget
  • Microfiber and spandex construction
  • Super stretchy so won’t move or shift during the night


  • A bit limited in terms of colors and shades
  • Aren’t the most comfortable sheets on the market

Frequently Asked Questions about RV Queen Sheets

Question: Do I really need specific RV sheets?

Answer: Yes. RV beds aren’t always the same dimensions as the bed you have at home. RV sheets will come in the right sizes for your RV bed, so it is better to buy sheets that are specifically made for this purpose.

Question: How do I clean RV queen sheets?

Answer: Always read the instructions with the sheets before cleaning them. Most can be washed and dried the same as any other sheets but make sure to read the instructions first.

Question: What is the best material for RV queen sheets?

Answer: It depends. Some materials are softer than others, and some others fate better in summer or winter. If you get boiling during the night, materials such as Egyptian Cotton and microfiber and best, whereas for winter, go for flannel.

Question: Are these sheets easy to put on?

Answer: Yes, there shouldn’t be any issues getting these sheets onto your RV mattress. You might have less room to maneuver inside your RV compared to at home, but generally, these sheets are straightforward to put on.

Question: Are RV Queen sheets expensive?

Answer: They can be. You can find budget and affordable queen sheets for an RV, but some sheets will carry a higher price tag especially if they are made from Egyptian cotton.

Question: Is thread count important for RV queen sheets?

Answer: Sort of. The thread count is often a good indicator of how comfortable sheets will be, but you shouldn’t base your decision on this alone. Think about the thread count as well as the material used before you make a purchase.

Question: What are the dimensions of an RV queen bed?

Answer: A standard RV mattress is usually 60” x 75” although on some larger RVs, it might be as big as 60″ x 80″.

Which are the best RV queen sheets?

Getting the best RV queen sheets is vital, so you are comfortable and have a good night’s sleep in your motorhome.

It might not be the first thing that comes to your mind when kitting out your RV, but there is quite a lot to think about. So, what RV queen sheets are the best to get?

We recommend going with the SGI Bedding Queen Sheets Luxury Soft 100% Egyptian Cotton Sheets. There isn’t much to dislike about these sheets. One thing to note is that they aren’t particularly cheap so you will need to spend a bit more than you’d like.

Aside from that, these are high-quality Egyptian cotton sheets for your RV. The material means that they can be used all year round, so they are great for the warm summer months and colder winter spells. You will find these sheets in various colors and styles, giving you great choice to match your RV’s interior.

These sheets also have good durability and are easy to clean.

If you are on a budget, then you could opt for the Stretch Queen Fitted Sheets if money is particularly tight.

However, if you want comfort, durability, and a great all-rounder queen sheet for RVs, go for the SGI bedding.

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