Best RV Mail Forwarding Service Options Out There!

“Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.”
~The Motto Of The U.S. Postal Service

Did you know that RV Campers have the ability to get their mail forwarded to them, at their destination anytime, anywhere with affordable Mail Forwarding Services?

What is an RV Mail Forwarding Services?

It is a service you hire, that collects your mail, bundles it, and redirects the mail to your RV destination. If preferred, some offer mail viewing online, scanning, filter out the junk, and even shredding unwanted mail. Think about the convenience of mail delivery to your RV destination and rest assured that your mail can follow you where ever you travel to next.

Sure you have likely signed up with your credit card institutes, among others to obtain mail Online, but there are other pieces of mail that require delivery the old fashion ‘snail mail’ way, and many folks prefer physical mail rather than Online mail anyways.

Many RVers enjoy this service, so much so, that there are now so many RV Mail Forwarding service providers available to choose from.

If you don’t mind waiting until you return home, you can always have a family member or neighbor collect the mail for you.  You can also pay the post office to hold your mail between specific time periods too. But, if you’d rather receive physical mail instead, or be able to read ALL your incoming mail Online, then an RV Mail Forwarding Service will be a great option.

In the States, there is Florida, South Dakota, and Texas that provide mail forwarding addresses for you which accommodate “domicile” state requirements. See FAQ’s at bottom of this article for more information.

So how can you get mail delivery when you are in your RV and living away from home for a long period-of-time?

Here’s a list of RV Mail Forwarding Services and an overview of each to choose from:

Escapees RV Club

escapees rv club

Escapees RV Club is Licensed by USPS, to provide full-time and part-time RVers to receive their mail where ever they are in North America. For Escapees Members only.

Headquarters: Livingston, TX
Business Started: 1978
Not Accredited with BBB
BBB Rating: A+
Mail forwarding since 1985

Pricing: Escapees RV Club offers 3 Pricing Package Categories.

Category A B C
Type All mail Selected Mail Custom Sorting
Cost / Year  $      95  $              115  $                 135
Postage Deposit  $      50  $                50  $                   50
Enrollment Fee  $      50  $                50  $                   50
Total Initial Fee  $   195  $              215  $                 235
Personal Mail Box Yes Yes Yes
Personal Service Yes Yes Yes
Address for Domicile Yes Yes Yes
Mail Review by Phone Yes Yes Yes
Forwarding on Request Yes Yes Yes
Forwarding on Custom Schedule Yes Yes Yes
Receive & Forward UPS & FedEx Yes Yes Yes
Receive & Forward Packages Yes Yes Yes
Online Account Manager Yes Yes Yes
Scanning Available No Yes Yes
Forward Only Specific Mail Types No Yes Yes
Fully Customized Sorting & Forwarding No No Yes

Plus a Mail Scanning Option View Mail Envelope, Contents Online, and Destroy Mail Online $10.00 / month

For full-time RVers, they provide a physical mailing address in Florida, South Dakota, or Texas, for *Domicile purposes.

Every other Wednesday,  Escapees holds a Facebook Live Events to discuss hot topics that are important for RVers and their members.

Customer Reviews (

“Great mail service and great friendly campground” ~L.Jowdy

“…We’ve been fulltime for over ten years now and Escapees has been great and served us well…” ~Chiefneon

Good Sam Mail Service

good sam mail service

Good Sam Mail Service utilizes MyRVMail as their service provider.

MyRVMail Headquarters: Crestview, FL
Business Started: 2009
Accredited with BBB since 2012
BBB Rating: A+
No Star Review with BBB

Good Sam’s Club Headquarters: Englewood, CO
Business Started: 1993
Accredited since 2010
BBB Rating: A+
1-star review with BBB
Good Sam Mail Service/MyRVMail Started: 2012

Pricing: Prices vary.

If you are a Good Sam Club Member, then they provide *Discounted pricing for you. Membership prices vary too. Three-year membership: $79, Two-year membership: $50 and a One-year membership is $29.

  Mail Service
Standard Pricing
  Basic Premium
1 Month  $   27.60  $     36.80
3 Months  $   72.00  $     96.00
6 Months  $ 114.00  $   150.00
12 Months  $ 144.00  $   216.00
  *Discount Pricing
  Basic Premium
1 Month  $   24.85  $     33.15
3 Months  $   64.80  $     86.40
6 Months  $ 102.60  $   135.00
12 Months  $ 108.00  $   194.40

Physical street address in Florida, valid for Florida residency (if you want to become a resident)

Yes Yes
Share your mailbox with the whole family Yes Yes

State-of-the-art account management tools

Yes Yes
Shred and recycle unwanted mail Yes Yes

Turn your account off and on as needed

Yes Yes
Automatically refill postage balance as needed Yes Yes
Access your account with our Android or iOS App Yes Yes

Review mail by phone with a live person

Yes Yes
Ship your mail on your time, just when you need it or on a custom schedule * Yes Yes
Change your forwarding address as often as you need Yes Yes

No limits on mail, no fees for incoming packages, and no storage fees

Yes Yes

Automatic email summaries for new mail received each day

Yes Yes

Automatic email alerts for jury summons, court summons, or certified mail

Yes Yes
Automatic email notifications for outgoing shipments with tracking information Yes Yes

View front face of envelopes, packages, and magazines

No Yes
Included FREE envelope content scans per month ($2.50/ea above monthly limit) No N0

Initiate check deposits

No  $      4.95

In addition, Good Sam Mail Forwarding has a free iPhone App!  

Customer Views (Good Sam’s Website):

“… your terrific staff provided me with quick, reliable, and secure mail service throughout my travels, no matter where I was in the country…”~ Chuck Colley

“I would like to thank Good Sam Mail Service for being such a fantastic service…”~Dawn Spinney 

St. Brendan’s Isle (SBI)

st.brendan's isle

St. Brendan’s Isle provides an RV Mail Forwarding service for the United States of America and Canada, for full-time and part-time RVers.

Headquarters: Green Cove Springs, FL
Business Started: 1988
Not Accredited with BBB
no BBB Rating
no Star Review with BBB

Pricing: The Travelers Special has a flat monthly fee:  $11.99 / month + $100 deposit.

Services Include:

  • Flexibility to handle RV location changes
  • 24/7 access to your Online Account
  • Same-day shipments when requested by noon, Eastern Time
  • Provides tracking numbers via email
  • All shipments counted, numbered and logged
  • Emergency locator service
  • Sort Junk and Shredding
  • Assist with Florida Residency, and Voter, Vehicle, Florida License

The cost of mailing charges and monthly service fees will be deducted from your account.

Extra Charges apply for mailing charges + handling, storage fees held beyond 30 days, and mail scan pro packages…so be sure to read through their pricing plans.

Customer Reviews (Facebook):

“St. Brendan’s Isle did an outstanding job in guiding my husband and myself in establishing domicile in Florida…”~ Elizabeth DeBeaux 

“Great and reasonable service. Always fast to respond.” ~ Thomas McAnally 

Traveling Mailbox

traveling mailbox

Traveling Mailbox provides an Online Post Mailbox for you to review scanned envelopes and parcels.

Headquarters:  Sanford, NC
Business Started: 2011
Accredited with BBB since 2012
BBB Rating: A+
5 Star Review with BBB
Mail forwarding since 1988

Pricing: Traveling Mailbox provides 3 service plans to choose from.

  Basic Plan Extended Plan Small Business Plan
Monthly Cost  $          15  $                25  $                         55
Incoming Envelopes / Month             40                  100                           200
Page Scans / Month             35                    80                           180
Mailbox Recipients               3                      5                             10
Mail Shredding  Free  Free  Free
Discount NA NA NA

In addition, Travelling Mailbox has a free APP to download on your iPhone.

Services Include: 

  • Online Postal Mailbox
  • Mail Scanning
  • Mail forwarding anywhere in the world
  • Sends your cheque to the bank for deposit
  • Shreds junk mail for free
  • You decide to have them open and scan the contents to review online, read to you, or shred
  • Integrated with Evernote,, Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox

Customer Reviews (Twitter):

@MichaelHyatt just listened to Evernote cast. Another good use is to have all your physical mail forwarded to @TravMailbox! “~ Ben Belchak @BenBelchak

“After much research, I chose @TravMailbox for my virtual mailbox. 2 years later and I couldn’t be more pleased. Highly recommended.”~Stephen Johnston @sdbj 


dakota post

DakotaPost offers traditional and virtual mail forwarding to RVers who camp on a short term or long term basis.

Headquarters: Sioux Falls, SD
Business Started: 1989
Accredited with BBB since 2014
BBB Rating: A+
2-1/4 Star Review with BBB

Pricing:  DakotaPost offers a variety of pricing package options for both Traditional & Virtual Mail.

Traditional Mail Forwarding- Long Term
Frequency  Cost / Year  Activation Fee  Postage Deposit
 Monthly  $                155  $                 25  $                   100
 BiWeekly  $                185  $                 25  $                   100
 Weekly  $                210  $                 25  $                   100
 Daily  $                235  $                 25  $                   100
Traditional Mail Forwarding- Short Term
Frequency  Cost / Month  Activation Fee  Postage Deposit
 Monthly  $                  18  $                 25  $                   100
 BiWeekly  $                  22  $                 25  $                   100
 Weekly  $                  25  $                 25  $                   100
 Daily  $                  28  $                 25  $                   100

Virtual Mailbox Service Pricing:

  • Long Term $239 / Year
  • Short Term $32 / Month

Services Include:

  • online portal view mail
  • junk mail filtered out
  • gives you access 24/7 to read, save, and delete mail
  • mail forwarding worldwide at the frequency you require, via UPS, DHL, and FedEx

Additional fees are applicable, so be sure you read up on them.

Discounts are available at 10% off all ‘new’ yearly subscriptions purchased online.

Customer Reviews (DakotaPost Website):

I’m incredibly impressed with how helpful and friendly the entire Dakota Post staff are.”~Frank C

Courteous and competent staff. Very attentive to customer needs.”~Ernie S



Their services include mail receiving, forwarding, scanning, among others.

Headquarters: Houston, TX
Business Started: 2005
Accredited 2006
BBB Rating: A+
5 Star Review with BBB

Pricing: USA2Me provides 4 Pricing Plans.

  Basic Standard Premium Ultimate
  No Monthly Fee! Includes Free Discard! Includes Free Shipment! Includes Free Shipment!
  Pay for what you use! Low Shipping Rates! Lower Shipping Rates! Lowest Shipping Rates!
Monthly Fee Free $10.00 $35.00 $60.00
Setup Fee (one time) $23.00 $15.00 $15.00 $15.00
Get an Address in the USA        
Discard Junk Mail for Free   Free Free Free
Free Shipments per Month Included None None 1 up to $30.00 1 up to $60.00
Manage your Mail Online        
Free Consolidation        
Storage Free Period 30 days 45 days 60 days 90 days
Shipping Rates Click Here for our Shipping Rates      
+ See Optional Services and Rates        
Scanning – Per Letter $3.00 for 6 pages $3.00 for 6 pages $3.00 for 6 pages $3.00 for 6 pages
Scanning – Extra Page $0.50 $0.50 $0.50 $0.50
Fax Reception $3.00 $3.00 $3.00 $3.00
Shipment Insurance $2.00 per each $ 100 $2.00 per each $ 100 $2.00 per each $ 100 $2.00 per each $ 100
Storage (after Free Period) $1.00 per lb/mo $1.00 per lb/mo $1.00 per lb/mo $1.00 per lb/mo
Repacking Fee (Shared Option) 50% of Savings 50% of Savings 50% of Savings 50% of Savings
Repacking Fee (Flat Fee Option) $5.00 per Box $5.00 per Box $5.00 per Box $5.00 per Box
Additional Names $5.00 per month $5.00 per month $5.00 per month $5.00 per month

Services Include:

  • Your mail and packages are sent to US2Me via any courier
  • Items are photographed and logged into your USA2Me mailbox
  • You then log into your mailbox and request each item to be shipped, opened and scanned, or discarded
  • Consolidation & repacking at your frequency of choice via FedEx, DHL, and UPS

USA2Me is on Facebook!

Customer Reviews (USA2Me Website):

“…the best mail forwarder I’ve used and has made things significantly easier for me…”~ Manuel OrtizSr.VP GE Transportation

“Please allow me to Compliment you on a Fantastic Service….”~ Francisco TinocoGuadalajara, Mexico

Earth Class Mail

earth class mail

They scan your mail & deposit your checks instantly.

Headquarters: Beaverton, OR
Business Started: 2004
Not Accredited with BBB
BBB Rating: A+
1 Star Review with BBB

Pricing: Earth Class provide 3 Mailbox Plans & Mail Room Plans.

  MailBox Plans
  Personal Shared Premium
Cost / Month  $           19  $           29  $           79
Who it’s for? Expats & Remote Professionals Family or Groups of Travelers sharing mailbox Small Organization and offices
Number of recipients 1 5 20

They also have a MailRoom Plan for businesses and enterprises.

Please note that Pricing Costs/month will increase if you need additional addresses or recipients added to your plan and if incoming mail or content scans exceed your plan’s limits.

Service Include:

  • Earth Class Mail receives your physical mail, logs, organizes, and stores your mail.
  • You are given mail account to review .pdf scanned copies (in searchable format) of each piece of mail (front and back)
  • Then choose what is done with the mail: trash, deposit cheques, download, forward to others, store, and shred.
  • You can review your mail account on your Smart Phone and Computer.
  • This service is also integrated with Quickbooks Online, Dropbox, Xero,, and Google Drive

In addition, Earth Class Mail has a free APP to download on your iPhone.

Customer Review:

“Just the greatest service since I started life on the road!”~Richard Allen, Earth Class Mail customer since 2011 (ECM Website)

“…With this service, you manage your mail all online! They can scan it, recycle, shred, archive and even forward the things you actually need…” ~Traveling427 (iRV2 Forum)

US Global Mail

us global mail

Their mail forwarding service consists of a Virtual Mailbox which allows you to read, shred, ship, save your mail in a digital Smart Mailbox.

Headquarters: Houston, TX
Business Started: 2003
Accredited with BBB since:2004
BBB Rating: A+
5 Star Review with BBB

Pricing: US Global Mail offers 2 types of pricing plans.

   Basic   Plus 
Cost / Month Biennially  $                   10.00  $                   15.00
Billed Monthly  $                   15.00  $                   20.00
# of names on the account                             1  Multiple
Free Cheque Deposit  Yes  Yes
Free Mail Storage  90 days  180 days
Shipping Rates Discount  No  80% off

Exterior Mail Scans

 unlimited  Unlimited
Add Family Members  No  Unlimited

Digital Mail Storage

 90 days free  180 days free
Physical Mail Storage  90 days free  180 days free

Physical Box Storage

 30 days free  30 days free
Storage after free days expire  $0.25/letter/month; $1.00/lb/box/month  $0.25/letter/month; $1.00/lb/box/month
Interior Mail Scans  $3+.50/ pg  $3+.50/ pg

Mail Scanning Time

 Within 4-6 hrs  Within 2-4 hrs

Check Deposit

 Free  Free

Pre Sort Junk Mail

 Yes  Yes

Packages include:

  • Shipping physical mail, check deposits, same-day shipping but each varies depending on when the request was placed.
  • Additional costs are applicable, so be sure to understand the extra costs.

Customer Reviews (US Global Website): 

“Highly recommended…”~ Ali Bushahri

“Been with them two years, had nothing but great service.”~John Spilane

eSnail Mail


They are an automated mail system for people on the road, businesses, and corporations.

Headquarters: Vancouver, BC
Business Started: 2009
Not Accredited with BBB
No BBB Rating
No Star Review with BBB

Pricing: eSnail Mail provides plans for 3 Canadian Home Towns: Vancouver, Edmonton, and Toronto.


  Personal Business Corporate
Monthly Cost  $30  $45  $65
…or Yearly Cost  $330  $495  $715
Scan envelopes and contents each month 10 or 100 100 or 500 200 or 1,000
Number of names allowed on the plan 3 5 7



  Basic Personal Family Business Backpacker
Monthly Cost $25  $30  $35  $55  $20
…or Yearly Cost  $275  $300  $330  $500  $200
Scan envelopes and contents each month 20 20 or 80 pages 100 200 5
Number of names allowed on the plan 2 3 6 250 1



  Downtown TO TO Business
Monthly Cost  $25  $55
…or Yearly Cost  $275  $600
Scan envelopes and contents each month 10 or 60 pages 200 or 300 pages
Number of names allowed on the plan 2 10

Extra charges apply if you exceed the limit, and for package/document forwarding, scanning and forwarding magazines

Services Include:

  • Storage of  physical mail (up to three months)
  • Automatic secure shredding of old mail
  • Unlimited Archiving of all your eLetters on our server
  • Searchable PDFs
  • Daily, weekly or up to the minute email digests updating you on when mail arrives in your eLetter box
  • Automatic mail forwarding to multiple destinations
  • Forwarding of cheques at no charge
  • Full-Color Scanning
  • Shipping Calculators
  • Free scanning of all received mail

Customer Reviews (eSnail Website): 

“Had I not signed up for eSnail before I went for a holiday, I would have missed the arrival of the concert tickets I ordered for my nephew. Luckily I saw them in my inbox and he was able to pick them up before the concert!”~Michael Doe

“I’ve been using eSnail for the past 6 months in order to get my Cosmopolitan subscription in pdf format and I love it!” ~Sophie Devereaux



RV Mail Forwarding Service providing on-demand mail and package forwarding.

Headquarters: Montebello, NY
Business Started: 2015
Accredited with BBB since: 2019
BBB Rating: A+
5 Star Review with BBB

Pricing: iPostal1 provides 4 types of Pricing Packages.

  Green Blue Silver Gold
Cost / Month  $      9.99  $   14.99  $   24.99  $   39.99
…or Cost / Year  $   99.00  $ 149.00  $ 249.00  $ 399.00
Number of Mail / Month 30 60 120 240
  • Extra charges apply if you exceed the limit, and for package/document forwarding, scanning and forwarding magazines

Plans Include:

  • A street address
  • Flexible shipment scheduling
  • Personal Digital Mailbox
  • Your choice of carriers, ship dates and service level
  • Shipping to unlimited addresses, $100 insurance (UPS, FedEx, DHL)
  • 24/7 digital access to all your mail items, 2 GB secure cloud storage
  • 30-day storage: all mail & letter packs; boxes under 1,728 cu inches (= 12x12x12 size box)
  • See a picture of the outside of every mail item
  • 10-day storage: boxes 1,728 to 4,895 cu inches
  • Sender information for every item clearly visible
  • 5-day storage: boxes at/over 4,896 cu inches (= 24x17x12 size box)
  • Automatic email alert for new items received
  • Discard mail items service
  • For business, up to 4 recipient names, plus 1 company name per address
  • Consolidation of letters into one package for forwarding
  • For personal use, up to 5 recipient names per address
  • Preparation of commercial invoice (for international shipments)

In addition, iPostal1 has a free APP to download on your iPhone.

Customer Reviews (Trustpilot):

“I love Ipostal! Simple and affordable and easy to use. What I needed for my online business!”~ Tamara

“Great experience so far. Had a few questions as the online interface is a little dated, but was able to easily call and get some guidance.”~ Devani


What is a USPS 1583 and why do I need one?

A USPS is known as “U.S. Postal Service”. They require commercial Mail Receiving Services to obtain a USPS 1583 for any client that requires them to receive, open, scan, ship, and dispose of their mail as per their request. A USPS 1583 needs to be notarized by the client (you). The Notary seal approves that you are authorizing the Mail Forwarding Service of your choice to receive your mail 

What is BBB?

BBB is an acronym for Better Business Bureau. Its a non-profit organization to build trust between customers and the businesses to adhere to codes of conduct (service, pricing, problem-solving, satisfaction)

What does *Domicile mean?

Full-time RVers that live in their RVs and travel like nomads across the country face a challenge than those who have a home rooted in one spot. The legal system ‘requires’ you to have a fixed location with a legal address in order to obtain legal documents such as driver’s license and a passport, insurances, financial institutes, paying taxes, voting, as so on. Therefore, full-time RVers need to appoint a Domicile as a permanent residence.
For legal advice on domicile and estate planning contact an association that specializes in this and be sure they provide a free consultation.

Final Thoughts:

RV traveling is a liberating experience especially when you are not tied down to mail concerns.  Having your mail delivered to you in a traditional manner or electronically helps you keep abreast of anything you need to be aware of or need…such as bill payments, driver’s license renewals, insurance, government cheques, or other cheques that expire by a certain date if not deposited, jury duty, a wedding invitation, a letter from family or friend, or package deliveries like your medications, or an item bought on Amazon.

As you can see, there are so many Mail Forwarding Services available which makes it difficult to make the right choice. Pricing is important but you need to weigh in other factors to be sure you will be completely satisfied.  All the above provide at least two options.

They deliver mail online and courier to you where ever you are. They each provide various packages within these options. Therefore, it is best to do your due diligence and weigh out each option to see what fits your needs.

Pricing is not always the best decision too so you want to look at reviews because customer satisfaction is important also. Some have Facebook, Twitter, Online Forums, and BBB available for review…or ask your RV neighbors.

Personally, I like the features of Online mail review so I can decide what I really need to be mailed. I like the option to bulk ship and to choose the frequency and the ability to change my forwarding address at will.  Some services above offer check deposits which are a great perk.

One thing to be careful of is the extra charges. If they hold your physical mail for a length of time, it may be costly. You will have to monitor this unless you give them an immediate disposition to shred any unwanted mail after scanning. Again, each service is different, so be sure to ask questions in order to be completely aware and to avoid unwanted costs.

I suggest that you review the various services and their plans. Highlight what you like about each. They all have contact information and FAQs on their websites too. Make a list of questions you have and if you don’t find the answers then call or email them.

Having an RV Mail Forwarding Service is a great option to have, especially when you are on the road for a long period of time!

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