How to Find the Best RV Water Filters

You love getting out on the road in your RV, visiting beautiful locations and spending time with family and friends. However, you know that you need to have every aspect of your RV in good shape before you head out for vacation. One of the most important features of the RV and one that people sometimes overlook is the water filter. Having the best RV water filters for your RV is essential.

Why Do You Need a Great Water Filter for the RV?

Without a good water filter, there is always the chance of sediment or odor making its way into your water, which is the last thing you want. Sediment tends to be made from minerals that are found in the water naturally. They can cause the water to look dirty and cloudy, and it will likely have small particulates in it. Not only could this cause the water to look, taste, and smell funny, but having sediment that gets into the system could even cause it to wear out prematurely. Having a quality RV inline filter helps to prevent this from occurring.

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One of the other issues that occur with water that is typically brought into your RV through campgrounds is the presence of chlorine. Many campgrounds that provide water hookups will have chlorine in the water to help treat various contaminants. However, it does not treat all pollution that could get into the water. In addition, chlorine tends to have an odor and taste that is unpleasant. A quality carbon filter will help to remove this taste and odor, along with other contaminants.

Minerals, along with bacteria and other contaminants, can be kept out of your water with the right filter, as well.

How Much Water Do You Plan to Filter?

Of course, before you can determine which filter you may want to choose, you must also consider just how much water you will want to filter. For example, you could choose to filter all of the water that comes into your RV, or you might only want to filter the drinking water. Different options are available depending on how much you want to filter.

Those who want to filter all of the water for the RV will need to have one that attaches to a hose and that will filter all of the water as it is brought into the RV. One option for this is known as an inline water filter.

With this type of filter, it means that your drinking water will be filtered, as will the water that is used for showering, flushing, etc. One of the benefits of filtering in this manner is that you will not have to worry about the scent or chlorine while you are taking a shower.

Inline filters can do a lot, but they do have some potential drawbacks. While they can help to remove bad tastes and odors, they are not as efficient when it comes to removing sediment. This could cause the water, including your drinking water, to still have some sediment in it, and it might have a somewhat cloudy appearance. Another issue is that these filters tend to be small and they have a somewhat limited flow rate. Additionally, because they are small, it means that they will need to be replaced more often. You will want to follow the guidelines on the filter for replacement times.

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An inline filter might work well for those who do not utilize their RV too often, but those who spend a lot of time out in the RV might want to choose a different filter, such as a water filter canister. They are good entry level filters, but eventually, you may want to switch to the canister discussed below.

The water filter canister is fitted to the RV at the point where the water flows into it. Some also call this a point of entry water filter. These tend to have advantages over the inline filters in a range of ways and are considered the superior choice.

They last longer, they are better are filtering sediment, and they have a better flow. These filters also come in multiple sizes. Additionally, you could opt for a single, dual, or triple canister setup. There are two things you need to consider before choosing the right option. How much you will need to use the filter, and how you water you’ll be using in them.

With the dual and triple canisters, it is possible to set up each of the canisters to take on a different role. One could work to help remove sediments and another to help improve the taste of the water, for example. You will find many ways to set up these types of systems. A dual system may have a filter for blocking sediment and a filter that will help to improve taste and remove odor, while a triple system may have two sediment filters and a carbon block water filter for taste and odor improvement.

For those who are only worried about filtering a portion of the water that comes into the RV, there are other options available. These are a point of use water filters, and they will filter the water at the location where you plan to use that water. You may have an under the sink filter, for example, that will filter the water in the kitchen area. You might also have another one of these in the bathroom sink.

What to Look for in a Great RV Water Filter

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Before we discuss some of the different types of filters, it is important to understand some basic terminology, which will help you when you are making your choice. Understanding these terms will provide you with important information when you are passing through the various water filter options available.

  • Microns – All filters will be rated in microns, which indicate the size of the particles they can remove. The larger the number the larger the particles that will be able to flow through it. For example, a 5-micron filter will allow larger particles through than a 2-micron filter.
  • Flow Rate – As water passes through a filter, it slows down as it is being cleaned. The flow rate lets you know how many gallons per minute will still be able to flow through the filter.
  • Life – The life of the filter is simply how long it can last before it will need to be replaced. Keep in mind that the life of the filter is an estimate of how long it will last under normal conditions. It may last for less or more time based on how often you are using it and the water that is being filtered.
  • NSF Ratings – The NSF ratings will let you know how much of the chlorine will be removed from the water as it passes through the filter. A Class I filter will remove between 75% and 100% of the chlorine, where a Class II will remove 50% to 75% of the chlorine. A Class III will remove 50% of the chlorine.
  • Material – This will indicate the type of filter medium or material that is being used with the filter, such as carbon.

Now that you have a better idea of some of the main factors to consider when you are comparing various models of RV water filters, here are a few more simple tips for you to follow.

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First, always make sure that the water filter you are considering is capable of providing you with the type of filtration that you desire. If you are only looking to improve the quality of your drinking water, for example, then a point of use filter that goes under the sink might be all that you need. However, you may find that having a system that provides you with filtered water for all of your uses is more in line with what you want and need.

Once you know what you need from your filter, it becomes easier to narrow down your choices. At that point, it is a matter of looking at some of the various brands and models that are on the market. Check their features and options, and always be sure to check the reviews from other people who have actually used the system in their RV setup. This will provide you with a better indication of what you can expect when you use the system in your own RV.

Top Options for RV Water Filters

Below, we will be looking at some of the best options for RV water filters on the market today. Keep in mind that these are just some of the choices out there. You can use these as a jumping off point to find the perfect water filter for your RV if you don’t find one below that works for you. There are plenty from which you can choose.

Camco EVO 40631 Premium RV/Marine Water Filter

Camco EVO 40631 Premium RV Marine Water Filter

Camco is one of the top names in the field, and their products tend to have stellar reviews from users. This filter is certainly no different.

The Camco EVO Premium Water Filter system is nice and easy to add to the supply line of your RV, providing you with clean water that tastes good and that should not have too much sediment in it. In addition to providing you with a better taste, this filter’s activated charcoal will also help to remove any chemicals, bacteria, and microorganisms that might be in the water, meaning that it will be safe to drink. You can purchase the Camco EVO Premium Water Filter on Amazon where it’s currently listed for $30.

Camco 40043 TastePURE Water Filter

Camco tastepure filter

The Camco TastePURE Water Filter is another option from Camco. One of the best features of this water filter is the size. This high-quality in-line filter is large enough that it can last most people through an entire RV season without needing to be replaced. The filter features a 20-micron filter with high-flow sediment, along with a carbon filter. This helps to reduce bacteria growth. The design of the system is what offers a high flow rate. Thanks to the carbon, you can be sure it will provide you with safe water to drink.

In addition to providing safe water without sediment, chlorine, or a bad taste, it also helps to remove any odors that you might expect. You can purchase a 4-pack filter of the Camco TastePURE Water Filter on Amazon where it’s currently listed for $44.

Culligan RV-800 Exterior Pre-tank RV Water Filter

Culligan RV-800 Exterior Pre-tank RV Filter

Culligan is a known and trusted brand, and the RV-800 Exterior Pre-tank RV Water Filter could be a great choice for RV enthusiasts looking for a quality water filter that is fast and simple to install. It features a 12” flexible hose for easy connections and a relatively slender design, so it does not take up a lot of space. The cartridge can help to reduce the taste and odor of chlorine, and it can help remove bacteria and sediments.

Additionally, this model can last for 2,000 gallons. You can purchase the Culligan RV-800 on Amazon where it’s currently listed for $30.

Watts 520022 RV/Boat Duo Exterior Water Filter

Watts 520022 RV Boat Duo Exterior Filter

One of the best features of the Watts 520022 RV/Boat Duo Exterior Water Filter is the safety that it can offer. According to Watts, it is capable of removing up to 99.9% of Giardia cysts and cryptosporidium that could be in the drinking water. It can also provide 2.5 gallons per minute water flow, while still keeping out a substantial amount of sediment. This unit is very popular with RV owners, boat owners, and campers alike.

Of course, these are just some of the many options out there. Everyone uses their RV differently. Some might only use it for a few weekends or a few weeks out of the year. Others travel in their RV constantly. The type of filter you choose, and how often you will need replacements, is going to vary based on your usage.

When it comes to choosing a water filter for your RV, there are quite a few things that you need to consider. For example, countless brands and models from which you can choose. With the information presented above, though, it should help you make sense of your different options and have a better idea of what you should be looking for in your RV’s filter. You can purchase the RV/Boat Duo Exterior Water Filter on Amazon where it’s currently listed for $105.

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